Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2020 [Top Rated]

Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are made according to the nature of the court. Some basketball shoes are only for indoors, some are for outdoors and some are for both courts.

Outdoor basketball shoes differ in some of their features. The common difference between both shoes lies in the toughness of the rubber sole.

The rubber sole used in outdoor basketball shoes is harder as compared to that used other basketball shoes.

The size and pattern of the tread are the factors that create a major difference between outdoor and indoor basketball shoes. Outdoor basketball shoes have a larger tread pattern and are going to all over the bottom of the shoe.

Outdoor basketball shoes have good patterns and tend to give you benefits depending on the style you choose to play with. After spending lots of hours researching different outdoor basketball shoes, we have shortlisted only the best ones for you! 🙂

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For 2020

Adidas Dame 4

Adidas Dame 4 stands first in our top picks and it has all aspects that are needed to boost the performance while playing outdoor. These shoes are made with modified mesh that, in the back area, is coupled with a well-padded neoprene compression collar to give a snug ride.

Now,  from midfoot forward,  there has been observed coupling of layers of mesh with the TPU-thread layer. Such a construction adds flexibility and also makes these shoes highly comfortable.

These shoes show snug-fitting, are true to your size and the lockdown of Dame 4 is quite impressive. The lockdown assures that you will not face any hindrance in motion and your shoes will move perfectly with your feet and enhancing your overall performance.

Under Armour Curry 4

Under Armour curry 4 is a very high-performance shoe when you use it outdoors and it has splendid traction, support, cushioning, and many other brilliant aspects. It nails the third position in our top picks for best outdoor basketball shoes.

UA Curry 4 has introduced with a simplistic upper which is constructed with knitted material that is then complemented by the synthetic leather overlay.

This kind of upper is effective in making these shoes durable and it feels like that the shoes also molds around your foot shape once the knitted material breaks-in.

Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoes

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is one of the most demanding outdoor basketball shoes and has exceptional cushioning, energy, performance and comfort that possesses large market value.

Poor cushioning, poor game! Good cushioning, good game! This shoe has an outstanding boost cushioning system which gives you additional bounce and comfort. It  not only guards your feet from injuries on impact but also makes you jump more safely

It works well on a clean court making it appropriate for outdoor courts. If you use it on a dusty court then you may need a couple of wipes making it unsuitable for outdoor games.

Nike Kyrie 5

Nike kyrie is one of the most demanding outdoor basketball shoes in the market. It offers good cushioning, traction, breathability, support and stability to its users. Breathability is a key factor in playing a comfortable game.

This shoe is made breathable by using an engineered mesh which enhances air circulation in the shoe and keeps the feet of the players dry and sweat-free so that one could play the game more comfortably.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5 basketball shoes

Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5 comforts you with reasonable cushioning, traction, support and protection.

You are in the loss if you neglect breathability property in any basketball shoe because playing with sweaty feet has serious negative effects on your game.

An ETC anti-friction top cloth is utilized in these shoes which keeps your feet dry resulting in fantastic breathability of these shoes.

Nike Air Versitile NUBUK

This pair of shoes is well suited for outdoor basketball courts and is a complete package of versatility as indicated by its name.

This shoe has an upper composition of Nubuk and a mesh material that regulates the temperature inside the shoes It prevents your feet from sweating and keeps them cool and also enhances the comfort level of these shoes.

Nike Men’s Lebron IX

The Nike Men’s Lebrun Soldier IX is a complete package of all desirable features which include cushioning traction, breathability, high performance, and stability. Exceptional cushioning is a feature that appeals to many users.

Lunarlon cushioning strategy is used in these shoes to deliver you outstanding cushioning which allows you to play at any speed all around the court and guards you from injuries.

The exceptional durability and performance of these shoes make them even more appealing to users.

It has decoupled rubber pods that are responsible for the outstanding durability of these shoes and these pods also allow a great range of motion.

Under Armour Men’s UA Clutchfit Drive II

If you are longing for basketball shoes offering you everything in terms of traction, cushioning, comfort and support, you must use these shoes.

This shoe has made use of  UA ClutchFit technology which is very effective in providing you incredibly light weighted basketball shoes it also surrounds your foot a comfortable and supportive zone.


We have searched on different outdoor basketball shoes and have shortlisted top three basketball shoes among them. These selected shoes are places n three ranks according to their aspects and performance.

Adidas Dame 4 comes in the first position in our top three picks of best outdoor basketball shoes and is composed of modified mesh that adds to durability, flexibility, and comfort in these shoes.

These shoes show snug fitting and impressive lockdown. Adidas Bounce technology is used in these shoes that provide good bounces and pretty much protection from injuries.

The use of rubber outsole and wave-like traction pattern delivers outstanding grip on the court surface that makes you play more confidently with high stability.

We highly suggest you use these shoes if you are going to play outdoor, we assure you that you would never be disappointed by our selected pair of shoes and would love to use them during the game.

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