Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Jumping is a vital aspect and the basic demand of playing basketball. There is no relaxation in this trait whether you are a rookie or a professional.

The jumping must be impressive to make an impact on the game.

Jumping is used to launch an attack with the dunks and fly ups and it is also used to defend the aggression of the opponents.

The technique is imperative for high jumping in basketball, but the role of basketball shoes can never be undermined.

A basketball shoe with cozy and little firm sole, bouncy heel, reasonable breathability, maximum responsiveness and light in weight is the one you should look for high jumping.

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping (Top Picks)

Nike Men’s Kyrie 3:

When it comes to jumping, there is a requirement of protection to the feet from the impact and a perfect shoe to give a boost to the energy putting in for the jump.

Nike Men’s Kyrie 3 steals the best slot in our top picks for the best basketball shoes for jumping. The shoe is excellent for jumping and gaining the speed to launch for the dunk. The shoe has an excellent traction and provides the required grip on the surface.

The shoe is made up of the combination of the materials like TPU skin and engineered blend done by the hyper fuse development technology. This material gives excellent support and robustness to the player.

With the engineered technology, the material is very durable and adds the extra life to the shoes and respect the money of the buyer invested in these shoes.

Forefoot region of the shoe is composed of pylon froth. It is a lightweight material that provides responsiveness to the forefeet of the player.

Breathability is also good in Kyrie 3; the inner temperature is not allowed to rise above the threshold levels of heat.

Zoom Air technology is used in the cushioning of these shoes to give a bouncy response to the player.

Jumping required the bounce from the shoes to absorbs the impact and give responsiveness to the movements and this product is very good at it.

The outsole is something out of the box. There are a complete flow and ebb on the sole which gives proper control on the motion of feet without slipping them on any portion of the court.

A player can perform all the tricks and sharp cuts with ease and with no fear to slip or twist the feet. This shoe is a complete protection package to the lower feet injuries.

Appearance is also matching up against other traits of Kyrie 3. There are many colors to choose from. This really is an attractive and stylish shoe in the market.

What we liked
  • Infused Pylon froth is responsible for extra comfort.
  • Zoom Air technology makes Kyrie 3 bouncy.
  • Sole is very supportive and disallows the slipperiness.
  • They are stylish and durable.
  • Complete protection to the forefeet because of the coordinated forefeet band.
What we didn't like
  • They may feel heavy to some lean players.
  • Ankle protection can be enhanced in it with extra padding.

Nike Lebron 16:

Nike is one of the most famous brands in sports wears. The second place in the list of best basketball shoes for jumping is grabbed by Nike’s Lebron 16. It is one of the best shoes of the Lebron series.

The traction is excellent and provided in such a way to work on all sort of the surfaces. There is no issue to play with Lebron 16 on the dusty courts.

They are made to wipe out the dust without allowing the dust particles to stick in the sole.

Nike’s Battleknit 2.0 is used in the construction of the top of the shoes make them flexible and easy to adjust with the feet.

This is the premium knit used for Lebron 16, providing responsiveness and breathability to the feet. For the shoes to be fit for jumping, the cushioning needs to be in the equilibrium stiffness level.

The cushioning of Lebron 16 is up to the mark and provides energy to the player for swift actions on the court. The sole is made up of fine rubber with visible gaps in the front, mid and rear portions.

The bounce technology used in these shoes provides the extra energy to jump one or two inches higher than the normal.

The front sole is aided with the lining pattern to give proper control of the movements.

Synthetic leather is used in the heel region for giving protection to the heel. Shock are evenly distributed in the sole to protect the feet from potential injuries.

Laces are also up to the mark and keep the fit tight, but the players with slim feet may feel them a bit wider than the normal basketball shoes.

They are designed with the modern-day fashion and are available in various colors. They are truly attractive shoes in the market right now.

What we liked
  • Battleknit 2.0 makes Lebron 16 supportive and breathable.
  • Bouncing heel gives out the extra energy to jump.
  • Compressional impacts are absorbed and distributed evenly in the sole to protect feet.
  • Synthetic leather cushioning on the heel is an added protection.
  • Traction is something amazing as compared to the previous versions.
What we didn't like
  • The price tag is high.
  • Some users may feel rigidity in the inner cushioning.

Adidas Crazylight Boost Basketball Shoe:

Adidas Crazylight Boost is the first Adidas shoe in our top ten rankings for the best basketball shoes for jumping. They are lightweight and very attractive with the low cut.

Stability of these shoes is impressive. The attractive feature in these shoes is the use of 3-D Heel technology.

It enables the shoe to absorb and distribute the stress equally and gives the bouncy feedback to the player by efficiently boost up the kinetic energy supplied by the player.

The efficient boost of kinetic energy is the required trait for the shoes made for jumping.

There is a sense of freedom to the players having these shoes in feet to perform the tricks and sharp cuts during the game because of crazylight boost supportiveness and responsiveness.

Traction is fine, and they are not bulky as well. The sole is made up of rubber and provides a strong grip to the surface.

Injuries due to slipping ran out of the equation with this type of grip. They are low cut shoes and players having ankle issues may not opt them during the injury span.

This pair is available in different types of color combinations and is attractive as well.

Cushioning is also good. The inside of the sole is made with the use of foam to absorb the compressional effects during the game and is a little stiff. They are good with airflow and do not allow the feet to get hot.

What we liked
  • Cushioning is good with good breathability.
  • Shocks are absorbed by the forefeet cushioning and 3-D heel.
  • The midsole boosts the performance of the player
  • They are bouncy and give a maximum response to the player.
What we didn't like
  • There is the issue of size in online ordering.
  • No ankle protection.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk:

Nike is grabbing the top places and proving the worth of their global market superiority. Nike’s Hyperdunk is made with the help of synthetic leather and is a versatile and multipurpose shoe.

Sole is made up of imported rubber with herringbone pattern on it. It grips the surface inflexibly and provides the required control and safety to the feet.

Cushioning is done with special care in these shoes with a purpose to distribute the shock all over the sole and protect the feet to feel the impact of aggression on the court. Cushioning is very comfortable and responsive.

This shoe is a complete package. The high cut of the Hyperdunk protects the ankle and keep the feet in a comfortable and safe position by limiting the overstretch of ligaments and ankle twisting.

Traction is amazing in hyperdunk. The response to the player’s energy is also plausible because the shoe is designed to give maximum boost to the player and increase the vertical jump and chances to score for a team.

It is important that the feet kept low in degree of hotness. The proper air spaces in this product makes it breathable and comfortable to wear for a long time.

This is a very attractive shoe in the market and one of the best sellers of Nike basketball shoes all over the world. The unique style along with dozens of color combinations is all you required for the fashion compatibility of the basketball shoe.

What we liked
  • These shoes are very responsive and breathable.
  • They are available in a wide range of color schemes.
  • Cushioning is responsible to protect the feet from the shocks.
  • The grip is inflexible on the surface due to herringbone pattern on a rubber sole.
What we didn't like
  • Wide feet players feet that the feet are confined in a tight chamber.
  • The high cut is rigid, but not restricts the required movements.
  • They are expensive.

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive:

Just like Nike’s Men Hyperdunk, Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive is the selling brand of Adidas in the global market. This is the adaptable shoe and can be used in all the different demands.

These shoes are constructed with the two materials, synthetic leather, and fiber. The junction of these two materials made them durable and breathable.

Cushioning is very impressive. The comfort and responsiveness of the cushioning are unmatched. There is full shock protection to the heel region and forefeet because of the excellent cushioning of these shoes.

The positioning of the feet in the shoe is critical. Any displacement in the shoe after the jump of during the aggression causes injury and no one like to sit out of the court.

The Xenos laces along with the high cut give proper protection and tightness to the feet in these shoes.

There is also an added cushioning to the heel region to protect the heel and makes the heel region bouncy to support in the jump.

These lightweight shoes are impressive in matching the pace of the players. You will never get disappointed with the support and response of these shoes. That is why they are named as crazy explosive.

Sole is of supreme importance in the basketball shoes. The rubber sole of Adidas performance crazy explosive grips the surface with efficiency and adheres to it to avoid slip and rollover motion after the layup or during aggressive play.

There is no question on the style and attractiveness of these shoes. They are very attractive and stylish and available in a wide range of colors.

What we liked
  • There is complete protection to feet in these shoes.
  • Adidas performance crazy explosive is responsive and supportive.
  • The bouncy heel adds extra vertical distance to the jump.
  • They are stylish and colorful.
  • Breathability and traction are excellent.
What we didn't like
  • Durability is a little issue as compared to the cost of these shoes.
  • It is difficult to break in with a less flexible nature of the material used in their making.

Jordan Super Fly 5:

In the context of best basketball shoes for jumping, Jordan Super Fly 5 breaks in the top ten. In the reflection of the name of these shoes, they are specially made for high jumps.

The honeycomb pattern is used on the rubber sole to adhere to the surface and gives the control and freedom of free play on the surface to the player.

Cushioning is superlative. Two technologies are used in the cushioning of these shoes.

Forefeet region uses the Zoom Air technology to add responsiveness and bounce while FlightPlate technology is used in the cushioning of the midsole.

The cushioning absorbs the maximum kinetic energy and return it back to the player during dunks and jumps.

Cushioning is also responsible to distribute the stresses evenly to the sole to protect the feet from bad compressional impacts.

They are very comfortable and sung fits the feet. The webbed lacing system is introduced in these shoes to grip the feet properly and avoids any extra displacements and stretches in feet to avoid potential feet injuries.

They are very stylish and available in different color spectrums. The famous jumping man logo is also there to motivate the jumping trait of these shoes.

What we liked
  • Dual technology cushioning is supreme and comfortable.
  • Sung fits the feet.
  • Very responsive and bouncy aids the jumping.
  • Honeycomb pattern on sole gives extra grip to the surface.
What we didn't like
  • There are no zoom air units on the heel region.
  • They are expensive as compared to other shoes with these traits.

Jordan Cp 3 Ix:

What a turn around by Jordan brand in our top picks for best basketball shoes for jumping. Consecutive two spots in the top ten – Impressive.

It is a signature shoe for the legendry NBA player Chris Paul. CP is the short form of his name used to name these shoes. Inspired by Chris Paul, these shoes are brilliant for jumping.

The shoe is very responsive and comfortable. It absorbs the energy given by the player and gives the boost to the energy which is vital for the shoe that best fits for jumping.

The herringbone pattern is used in these shoes to provide superlative grip to all sort of surfaces. The rubber sole is very durable and responsible to absorb the reactive forces to hurt the feet.

Cushioning is done with the help of light foam and Zoom air units. It gives complete comfort to the feet and distributes the shock all over the sole.

Like the Jordan Super Fly 5, this shoe also used Flight Plate technology in the cushioning. This helps to make the shoes responsive and allows perfect transition of the stored energy from heels to toe.

The shoe is good at breathing, have enough air supply to maintain comfortable inside shoe temperature. The general look of these shoes is attractive, but the availability of colors is less.

What we liked
  • They are perfect for jumping due to the superlative cushioning.
  • Herringbone pattern makes them stable and adhesive to the surfaces.
  • They are breathable and stylish.
  • The efficient transition of energy from heel to toe.
What we didn't like
  • There is less availability of colors in these shoes.
  • They are little heavy thank other basketball shoes in the list.

Under Armour Curry 3:

First Under Armour’s product in top ten basketball shoes for jumping. It is a multi-functional shoe designed for complete protection and enhanced performance of the player.

It is named after the famous NBA superstar Stephen Curry. It is the signature shoe of Stephen Curry and helps the basketballer to dunk with ease and maximum safety.

The shoes are light in weight and used Ana foam in the construction. This foam makes them light and comfortable.

Charged padding is provided in this product to maximize the energy and explosiveness of the player.

The herringbone rubber sole is responsible for sheer adhesion to the court surface and avoids slipping and rolling over motion during fast turns and twists and landings.

Traction is appreciable and works on all the surfaces. There is no need to wipe out the dust after every game. These shoes are responsive and bouncy.

It is made with the help of signature Thread borne of Under Armour. This material makes them flexible, durable and supportive. They are also excellent with breathability.

High cut with meta-wing carbon fiber shank is responsible for ankle protection and heel protection respectively.

These shoes are available in a wide range of colors and are one of the attractive shoes in the market. These shoes will never be going to disappoint the player. It’s a signature and purposeful product.

What we liked
  • Thread borne makes them flexible and durable.
  • They are breathable and light in weight.
  • Charged padding provides bonce and the explosive energy to add inches in the jump.
  • They are very attractive and stable.
  • Extra protection is given to the heel and ankle.
What we didn't like
  • They have a healthy price tag.
  • Size issues are there especially for online bookings. It is recommendable to order a size up than the normal size.

Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3:

UA ClutchFit Drive 3 is the second product of the Under Armour basketball shoes. It steals the ninth place in the top ten picks for best basketball shoes for jumping.

ClutchFit innovation is used in the construction of these shoes which allows a fair amount of air to enter in the shoes and maintain the inside temperature within the comfortable degrees. This technology gives flexibility and durability to this shoe.

Micro G Foam cushioning is done in UA ClutchFit 3. This cushioning is very comfortable and supportive to the feet.

Micro G Foam absorbs the energy and boosts the performance of the player and adds extra height to the jump.

Compressional stresses are evenly distributed in the sole to avoid any feet injuries with the impact of the force on the feet of the player.

Achilles padding is an added feature to the cushioning to make it more protective and comfortable. Relief given to the feet is praiseworthy and improves the overall performance of the player.

Herringbone traction is amazing and rubber sole provides the required grip to have sheer control on the feet movements and grip to the surface.

Beartrap laces are provided to hold the feet tight. The high cut of these shoes protects the ankle as well. They are very attractive and available in various color combinations.

What we liked
  • ClutchFit drive innovation makes it durable and breathable.
  • Micro G Foam distributes the stress forces all over the sole.
  • Rubber sole with herringbone pattern provides good traction.
  • Achilles padding increases the comfort level of cushioning.
What we didn't like
  • The heel may feel rigid at times.
  • They may slip at damp surfaces.

Adidas Neo Foam Ilation:

Adidas grabs the last place for the best basketball shoes for jumping in our top ten picks. This is the lightest product of the Adidas and made up of neo foam and synthetic leather.

The ventilation system of these shoes is very impressive because of the presence of mini holes in the top of the body and sideways as well. Proper airflow maintains the temperature within the required range.

One of the endorsed features of this product is that the traction is very supportive and up to the required standards of playing basketball safely.

Cushioning is bouncy and aided with neo foam. The supportive and comfortable cushioning gives extra energy to the player to increase the vertical jump.

Heel bouncing ability is very good and converts most of the energy into the useful work for jumping.

These shoes keep the feet comfortable tight and sung fit to them. The lace-up construction holds the feet firmly and disallows any ligaments stretch or twisting of feet.

They are light on pocket and available in limited colors.

What we liked
  • They are cheap and light in weight.
  • Breathability is excellent.
  • Neo foam cushioning spreads the shock evenly and give bouncy to jump high.
What we didn't like
  • There are limited colors available in Neo Foam Ilation.
  • Tall players may feel uncomfortable with the height of these shoes.


The article is based on the best basketball shoes for jumping. In our ranking, the best basketball shoe in the context of jumping is Nike’s Men Kyrie 3.

Infused pylon makes it supportive and comfy, zoom air units makes it bouncy and the cushioning is commendable. Breathing is also impressive in this shoe.

In the selection of the above-mentioned shoes, their breathability, bouncing ability, cushioning and responsiveness is graded and displayed in the rankings. All ten basketball shoes are the best fit for jumping.

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