Best Cheap Basketball Shoes Review 2020

Best Cheap and Affordable Basketball Shoes

Basketball is one of the most professional and energetic games that is played and watched all over the globe.

It is comprised of instant cuts, high jumps, and sharp twists and turns.

The performance of the player is dependent upon his stamina, physical strength, and agility of his moves.

This game demands active behavior from players.

That is not all, you can not rely merely on yourself. Your performance is largely based on what basketball shoes you are wearing.

No matter, how good you are as a player but if you neglect the importance of basketball shoes in your game, you will suffer a lot.

During the game you need good traction, cushioning, breathability, comfort, support, fit, lockdown and stability to have a stronghold on your game, all these features are provided to you by a good basketball shoe. So, choose your shoes wisely.

Some basketballs are costly and may disturb your budget, but still, you want to have a good basketball shoe.

Don’t worry! There are many basketball shoes available in the market which match the standard of costly basketball shoes and are also cost-friendly.

Here, we have made a selection of top 7 good quality and affordable basketball shoes based on our study and reviews of customers.

Best Cheap and Affordable Basketball Shoes 2020

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1-Adidas D Lillard 2.0

Adidas D Lillard 2.0 is not costly and does not put any burden on your budget and occupies the first position in our top picks of affordable basketball shoes. They are comprised of all desirable features a basketball should have. You would never repent using this cost-friendly shoe.

Signature prime knit of Adidas or synthetic leather are the two categories these shoes are available in. Wide feet players find prime knit category more comfortable because it contributes to additional flexibility in the shoes making it highly reasonable for wide feet players.

These shoes are manufactured with signature Bounce technology that gives you appreciable bounces during the game and keeps your feet safe from shocks during excessive jumping and explosive moves.

The outsole of these shoes is composed of continental rubber, which is also used to make tires, which gifts you with good grades of traction and control on the basketball court preventing you from slipping or falling during the game.

These shoes are loaded with good levels of breathability as it is composed of mesh and either prime knit or synthetic leather. The combination of mesh and prime knit regulates the temperature inside your shoes to keep your feet cool and sweat-free.

Nearly perfect lockdown is something you would definitely like. The shoe features a heel counter which greatly locks your heel in place to guard you against susceptible ankle injuries. Moreover, the top and the middle of your feet are locked down by lacing structure at the collar of these shoes to assure complete ankle support.

The collar padding feature plays a very important role in these shoes. It protects your heel and decreases probabilities of ligament stretch and sprained ankle by minimizing any sort of extended stretch of ankles. Moreover, the rubbing of feet with the sole is avoided due to the seamless tongue present in the shoes.

2-Nike Men’s Air Precision

You might be facing a tight budget but still, want to purchase a good basketball shoe. Don’t worry! Nike men’s air precision is a highly affordable and an incredible basketball shoe that comes on the second number in our top picks and provides you all feature without compromising on its quality.

These shoes use mesh upper with the fused panel that not only contributes to making these shoes lightweight but also makes them reasonably breathable. Breathability property releases excessive heat from shoes during hot and humid games.

The presence of the phylon midsole and Nike air unit in the heel region of these shoes function to deliver appropriate cushioning, responsiveness upfront and very efficient impact protection to the player.

These shoes provide you the right fit as they have featured a half-length inner bootie that delivers you sensation a sock-like fit to make you more comfortable during the game.

This shoe features an internal midfoot shank and dynamic fit webbing system that offers torsional rigidity and midfoot containment. Moreover, it has plush foam that functions as padding to guard your ankles and malleolus.

Never compromise on the traction feature of shoe! Good traction, good game! This shoe has utilized herringbone pattern on the rubber outsole that is highly effective in delivering you good levels of grip on the court surface.

3-Nike Men’s Kyrie 3

Nike Men’s Kyrie 3 is another budget-friendly basketball shoe that has occupied the third position in our top picks and has all desirable features incorporated in it.

If we see the composition of these shoes, we observe that this product of Nike has used hyper fuse development technology which gives us engineered blend. This engineered blend is utilized along with TPU like materials to give the utmost levels of breathability, support, durability, and robustness to the user.

You definitely need responsiveness from your shoes to play up to the mark. This shoe has made use of light-weighted pylon froth which functions to deliver the forefeet of the player with good grades of responsiveness.

If we brief the fit of these shoes, we can say that these shoes are true to fit your size but the wide feet players are recommended to use a shoe half a size more than their original size because from midfoot forward these shoes are designed to run a bit narrow.

Great lockdown is a guarantee of a great game by you. This shoe delivers you superb lockdown due to the use of a standard Nike FlyWire system in these shoes. As a result, you feel enhanced comfort levels during the game and slipping chances on the court surface also diminish.

During the game, you may need to make explosive cuts and move and for that, you require some sort of heel support in your shoes. This heel support is best provided in these shoes by the use of an internal heel counter.

You can not neglect the importance of torsional support if you are a basketball player. This shoe has featured an internal shank for this purpose.

The cushioning system of these shoe runs on zoom air units incorporated in these shoes. This cushioning system is best if you need to get a court feel but, unfortunately, this cushioning system does not work up to the mark for heavier players.

This shoe uses rubber outsole and herringbone traction patterns which delivers you a remarkable grip on the surface while you are playing and making tricky moves during your game.

4-Nike Hyperdunk 2016:

Nike Hyperdunk 2016 comes on the fourth position in our top pick and when it comes to materials, durability, and breathability, Nike never likes to make a compromise on these features. The shoe is composed of mesh and fuse that act to take durability and breathability to new unbeatable levels.

This shoe does not rely on the full-length cushioning system, instead, it has incorporated segmented zoom air cushioning in it.  The zoom air units are present only in the forefoot and the heel region of the shoes which deliver you maximum bounce for your game.

Additionally, this shoe also has a phylon layer that acts in conjugation with zoom air units to provide you with impact protection and bounce.

This shoe is loaded with killer traction. It relies on herringbone pattern on rubber outsole which lets you play extremely well on aggressive court conditions, permitting you instant cuts and moves, and does not let you slip at any moment of the game.

You can not underestimate the comfort level of these shoes. The ankle collars of these shoes are loaded with reasonable large padding in its inner side that delivers you good grades of comfort.

A shoe is almost useless if it fails to provide you with the right fit. This shoe has featured Flywire cables that tightly hold your feet and gift you with an appropriate and right fit for your feet.

5-Adidas Dame 4:

Adidas Dame 4 shoe is named after an eminent basketball player, Damian Lillard and comes on the fifth rank in our top picks of affordable basketball shoes. These shoes never make you run out of your budget and are affordable

The back area of these shoes has incorporated a well-padded neoprene compression collar that works to deliver a snug ride in that area and it acts in conjugation with modified mesh.

The coupling of mesh with the TPU thread layer extends the rest upper part of shoes from midfoot to forefoot and acts to enhance breathability due to which temperature inside the shoe remains in threshold levels and your feet do not get sticky during hot and humid weather.

If we move to inspect further, we come to know that the shoes have incorporated Bounce cushioning technology and it needs little time to break-in.  This type of cushioning delivers satisfactory comfort and impact protection.

These shoes provide quality support to the player. The shoe has fantastic lockdown and the midsole of these shoes surround your feet and keep your feet in the place reducing hindrance in your motion.

The guarantee of the heel support is what that boosts your confidence and this support is delivered by great importance to delivered by internal heel counter. You cannot neglect torsional support during the game, this is delivered by internal shank incorporated in your shoes.

Perfect traction leads to perfect results. The outsole of this shoe is featured with enough traction to reduce falling and slipping of the player on the court and gives you complete freedom about your moves in your game.

6-Jordan Why Not Zero.2

A low-priced shoe comprised of incredible features makes you try it and occupies the sixth number in our top picks. If you are longing for such a shoe, do not go anywhere else, you are in the right place.

If you are getting good grades of impact protection and appropriate bounces, it turns the fate of your game positively. These services are due to cushioning feature of the shoes and this shoe delivers incredible cushioning services because of zoom air units used in the forefeet region of the shoes.

A basketball shoe becomes of zero market value if it fails to provide you traction, no matter what other features it is offering to you. This shoe is gifting you with incredible traction for your good game.

This shoe has incorporated a circular traction pattern and heel padding that loads you with fantastic grip on the court surface and boosts your confidence in implementing your plan in form of any kind of tricky cut, jump and move.

These shoes deliver outstanding support, stability and lockdown features which are very crucial to the performance of the player. This shoe bears the capability to surround your feet at the midpoint, rearfoot and forefeet areas by the application of incorporated overlay straps in the shoes and this system guards your feet against injuries during the game.

These shoes also suit to wide feet users, are very light in weight and provides you with tight-fitting and require no time to break-in.

7-Adidas Harden Vol. 2:

Adidas Harden Vol.2 comes on the seventh rank in our top picks of best cheap and affordable basketball shoes which have all properties of reasonable basketball shoes.

If we see the composition of these shoes, we come across some facts. The base layer of this shoe is constructed by a mesh which makes these shoes awesomely breathable. To add more to the structure, the mesh is covered with synthetic side panels.

These shoes deliver good levels of durability to the users because the forefeet region of these has incorporated Nylon or TPU like strands that extend the life of these shoes.

These shoes have good lockdown and fit because of the inner bootie used in these shoes which function to give you the right fit for your feet. However, it is recommended for wide feet users to try a shoe half size more than their original size.

This shoe has thick and full-length boost cushioning which ensures that you receive maximum and appropriate bounce for your game, and you do not receive excessive shocks thereby ensuring the protection of your feet.

This shoe has used rubber outsole having a random traction pattern that looks very close to shattered glass. This kind of traction pattern works effectively by delivering high levels of grip on the court surface which prevents you from slippage throughout the game.


All the basketball shoes mentioned and discussed above are all very outstanding in their functions and are all affordable. Based on some differences between them, they are classified into ranks.

Adidas D Lillard 2.0 is the top shoe in our picks of best cheap and affordable basketball shoes. These shoes are breathable due to the composition of mesh with either prime knit or synthetic leather.

It depicts incredible traction due to rubber outsole and brilliant cushioning because of Bounce cushioning technology. The use of collar padding keeps your heel and ankle protected from injuries.

It has all the features an outstanding basketball should have. You must try all these shoes and would never be disappointed using them.

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