Lightweight Basketball Shoes

Lightweight Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are of significant importance when it comes to the basketball game.

These shoes are designed with many brilliant aspects that ameliorate the performance of the player in the court.

This article is focusing on lightweight basketball shoes, lets briefly see its importance.

Lightweight is a gift for you because it makes you jump more easily and allows you to make any desired move more conveniently and effectively as you feel no burden on your feet.

We have reviewed many shoes with this property and studied different articles on them and shortlisted six best among them and this selection is also based on the reviews and ratings of persons who have used them.

Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes 2020 (Top Picks)

Nike Kyrie 4

The upper composition of these shoes is simple and quite good as it is composed of engineered mesh that is backed with the nylon so as to extend the lifetime of the shoes and make them more durable, breathable and remarkably light weighted.

The traditional lacing system of Kyrie 4 introduces a tremendous lockdown that is capable of locking your feet down to the footbed of these shoes. These shoes also feature Nike Flywire that is very efficient in enhancing the lockdown and makes overall lockdown setup quite effective.

Nike Kyrie 4 has impressive cushioning that is ascribed to the whole midsole and heel zoom units. The cushioning is very responsive, offers high bounces and delivers substantial protection from impacts.

The use of rubber outsole and multi-directional herringbone traction pattern make the traction of these shoes outclass. The traction equips you with an incredible grip on the court surface and does not let you fall or slip while making any move during the game.


Adidas Harden Vol. 3

These shoes have come with Flyknit upper to give lightweight, comfort, and flexibility and the fuse overlays on the forefoot region of them enhances durability.

These shoes need little break-in time and equip you with snug-fitting. They use a traditional lacing system for providing good lockdown and ultimately enhancing support and comfort.

The full-length Boost cushioning technology is very commendable as it delivers high bounces, brilliant responsiveness, and notable impact protection.

The full-length multi-directional herringbone traction pattern used on the rubber outsole of Harden Vol. 3 provides incredible traction to the users.


Nike PG 3

The inspection of upper construction depicts that the synthetics and mesh are utilized in the region for delivering good support and breathability. This construction also makes the shoes light in weight and ultra-soft.

You get true to size fit and snug-fitting from these shoes. They give good lockdown and are very supportive and also provide ample stability to the players.

Nike PG3 has come with a forefoot zoom air unit that is effective in delivering you appreciable cushioning along with good responsiveness and you get impact protection from the heel region of the shoed.

The circular traction pattern of these shoes provides you awesome grip and stability during the game and also assists in multi-directional coverage.


Nike KD 12

Nike KD 12 presents Quad Axial Flywire, in the upper region, that is deliberately sandwiched by two paper-thin mesh layers to make these shoes pretty much light weighted, breathable and flexible. The use of Flywire contributes to deliver solid support to the players.

These shoes deliver apposite and snug-fitting, fit true to your size and require no time to break-in. If you are a wide feet player, you yourself should go to the store and try the shoes once before buying them. These shoes have impressive lockdown and are also very supportive.

These shoes use full-length zoom air cushioning technology that gives exceptional output in the form of improved and high bounces, super responsiveness and ameliorated protection from trauma on impact.

The traction is also up to the mark by the use of rubber outsole and circular traction pattern. This is a remarkable traction setup that makes the shoe grip well to the ground and allows multidirectional coverage.


Adidas Dame 5

Adidas Dame 5 stands fifth in our list for best lightweight basketball shoes. It is available in two options i.e. leather or mesh, you can choose any matching your requirements. However, there is no large difference in performance between the two.

The upper region composition makes the shoe overall light weighted, breathable, durable and comfortable. These shoes show good fitting and need no break-in time. The TPU panels used in them are responsible for a good lockdown that makes these shoes very supportive.

The full-length Bounce cushioning technology implemented in Dame 5 acts to ameliorate responsiveness, impact protection and also gives you great bounces for your game.

The multi-directional herringbone traction pattern is very stupendous and acts along with the rubber outsole of these shoes to enhance grip and stability on the surface.


Under Armour Curry 6

UA Curry 6 is introduced with knitted material in the upper part and has another feature of additional fuse overlay that is introduced to cover the high wear areas of the shoes.

The upper composition provides these shoes strength, lightweight and flexibility once they are a break-in. The base of these shoes is flat and wide to deliver optimum stability to the players during the game.

UA Curry 6 has incorporated full-length  HOVR cushioning technology. This technology enhances your jumping distance by providing you good bounces and also protects your feet from impact.

The traction of these shoes is exceptional and is accredited to, along with rubber outsole, the combination of the waffle-like and circular traction pattern. This framework makes your movements more successful by equipping you with a reasonable grip throughout the game.



All the six basketball shoes discussed in terms of lightweight are all good but due to some more good features, Nike Kyrie 4 occupies the first position in our top picks.

Engineered mesh backed with nylon is used to construct the upper part of Kyrie 4 and makes these shoe light-weighted, flexibility, breathable and durable. These shoes deliver snug-fitting, tremendous support, and meritorious lockdown.

The cushioning of these shoes is commendable and attributed to the whole midsole and heel zoom units. The herringbone traction pattern featured in these shoes provides you multi-directional coverage and a strong grip on the court surface.

Whenever you wish to buy lightweight basketball shoes,  must consider our selection. We assure you that our selected shoes would never displease you and would meet your expectations.

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