Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Good Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

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Today I’ll discuss the top 10 best basketball shoes for ankle support.

The performance of the player depends on the agility of his moves and control over the feet movements.

When the significant chunk of the game relies on the feet tricks, the grievances associated with feet occur with a trivial sloppiness. Ankle injury is likely to occur due to a sprain, tearing of the ligament and the fracture in ankle.

The root cause of ankle injuries is the inappropriate selection of basketball shoes. Not a single player wants to leave the court due to an injury for a day even.

Unfortunately, the span of the injuries usually lasts for months, and sometimes the career of a player is on edge because of the feet injury.

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support (2019 Top Picks)

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Nike Men’s Hyperdunk

Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2017 TB Basketball Shoe Black/Metallic Silver/White Size 10 M US

Nike’s Hyperdunk shoes are made up of synthetic fiber and came in a variety of color combination to add attraction in the look.

The shoes have excellent breathing capability and prevent the inside temperature from rising above the comfortable level.

The cushioning of this product is admirable, providing safety to heel and forefoot of the player.

More Details

The important feature in these shoes for ankle support is the high-cut. This protects the ankle and provides the required comfort despite the high-top design.

You can move all around the court with twists and turns and high layups, knowing that the shoes will protect the ankle from the potential threat of injury.

The freedom of movement enhances the performance of the basketball player. The rubber sole in Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 provides a firm grip and enhances the precision of skills of the player.

These shoes can be used in any season because of the extra-ordinary breathing capability of the shoes.

Laces of the shoes are also designed according to the purpose of the shoes. Laces keep the ankle in tight-fitting and prevent the ligaments from stretching out of the limits.

In our collection, they are the best basketball shoes for ankle support. The herringbone pattern is handy in multidirectional adhesion.

What we Liked
  • These shoes are comfortable despite the high-cut.
  • They are light in weight and provide freedom of movement to the player.
  • This pair of shoes is very supportive, which adds an extra feature in its importance.
  • The movement of the feet is not restricted despite the high-top of these shoes.
  • They are fashion conscious and provide a wide range of color combinations to fulfill the ideal combination in your mind.
What we didn't like
  • These shoes are smart in fit and could be uncomfortable for wide feet players.
  • Sometimes it feels like the ankle support is bumping into the ankle because of the tight fitness of these shoes.


Nike Air Command Force Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Command Force White

The Nike Air Command Force basketball shoes are the 90’s fashioned sneakers.

These shoes are like the old style, but they are extraordinarily capable of dominating on the playing field with the perfect protection to the ankle.

These shoes came up with the softest of the cushioning to prevent the feet from the shocks while running and jumping all over the basketball court.

More Details

The soft cushioning in these shoes are also perfect for the players having flat feet and prevent them from any distress.

Air Command Force is higher than the ordinary high-cut basketball shoes, and that’s why they enabled their ankle protection ability.

With high-cut, the basketball players can move freely with twists and turn arounds on the court with the guaranteed ankle protection. The risk of ankle injury is mitigated when you are wearing this product.

These shoes are made up of the leather material and stitched inside which are the hallmark of their durability and enhanced life span.

Apart from the use of these sneakers on the court, they can easily be used as a casual everyday shoe. The style is of the 90’s era, but the choice of these shoes validates the safety purpose of ankle protection.

What we Liked
  • High-cut is the protection to the ankle.
  • They are light in weight and give soothing comfort for hours.
  • The soft cushioning averts the shocks to hurt the feet of the player.
  • Leather usage in these shoes increase their life and make them robust.
What we didn't like
  • Players may feel that these shoes are very high.
  • Inner Stitching may irritate at times.


 Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 NBA/NCAA Shoe - Men's Basketball 11 Blue/Silver Metallic/White

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive is the third basketball shoes in our rankings in terms of ankle support. These shoes have a unique design and are best fit for ankle support.

They are made up of synthetic fiber and textile. The synthetic fiber covering is running all around the shoes to make it flexible and clean.

These shoes are equipped with modified laces and Xenos, present at the top of the shoes, to give tight yet comfortable support to the ankle.

More Details

The modified and advanced laces reduced the knitting pressure on the lace and kept the player’s movements easy and smooth.

This pair of shoes consists of the supreme cushioning to make the buyer feel comfortable and relaxed.

The imported rubber sole provides a proper grip to the surface and increases the efficiency of moves and control of the player on the feet. This shoe is the best fit for ankle support because of the high-top.

The high-top covers the ankle and restricts the undesired stretch of the ankle, preventing strains and ligaments tear injuries. Jumping and landing are made comfortable due to quality cushioning on heels and toe box.

The shoes are paced up with the energy of the player and provide better performance with the amount of energy that a player is giving to the game. The shoes are light in weight and most importantly, breathable too.

These shoes came with the excellent gripping ability on all corners of the court. The slipping and twisting of ankle problems ran out of the equation due to extraordinary gripping of Crazy Explosive.

What we Liked
  • These shoes provide extra protection to the ankle because of the additional cushioning of the back and heel.
  • The grip of these shoes is excellent.
  • The supreme rubber sole gives enhanced traction.
  • Modified laces exert less pressure on feet of the player
What we didn't like
  • They are not durable for extended practice hours.
  • The back of the heel portion is rigid and requires extra time to break in.


Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Basketball Shoe (10) Black/White

Under armour curry 3 is made up of exceptional quality of modern threads with high tensile strength.

These threads are the trademark of Curry models. ThreadBorne is the thread used in the manufacturing of these shoes to make them supportive.

Impressive traction is provided by the herringbone pattern used in these shoes. These shoes offer quality ankle support because they are specially made for this purpose.

More Details

Carbon fiber enables these shoes to have a firm grip on the arch and forefoot. This carbon fiber shank provides excellent support to an ankle of the player during jumping and landing and restricts the rollover motion as well.

Apart from the traction and support, players are looking for a presentable shoe on the court.

The Under Armour Curry 3 came with a wide range of color spectrums, and the shape of these shoes is eye-catching.

The base of the shoe is wide, and this feature provides enhanced stability on the court. The base is wide, but these shoes are lightweight.

The high top of this shoe is a snug fit to the ankle. These shoes are comfortable to get on even without unlacing them completely.

What we Liked
  • The wide base of these shoes ensures stability.
  • ThreadBorne makes them supportive, a desired quality of buyer.
  • The traction is appreciable and enhances the movement of a player on the court.
  • Carbon fiber provides additional security to the ankle.
  • They are up to the mark in terms of style and color combinations.
What we didn't like
  • They are a bit expensive, even more than Nike or Adidas basketball shoes.
  • They may slip on some damp places.
  • The sizing issue may come when placing an online order. Better choose a number up than your normal shoes size.


Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7

adidas Men's D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes, Blue/Black/Metallic Gold, ((11.5 M US)

Another Adidas basketball shoe in terms of ankle support breaks into the top five of our selection. D Rose 7 is the updated version of D Rose 6 from Adidas.

The shoe has the high-top to support the ankle. As we recommended that high-top shoes are the one that best fit for ankle support.

Because they provide extra coverage to keep the ankle protected without limiting the movements of the player.

More Details

D Rose 7 come with the perfect multi-directional herringbone pattern to add extra traction ability in the shoe.

These shoes lack in the quality of the sole as compared to the herringbone, but the traction ability is still impressive on all kind of tracks.

When we came to the cushioning, D Rose 7 is one of the best shoes in the market in the context of cushioning. The cushioning of these shoes is the reflection of the Adidas cushioning technology.

Neoprene cushioning on the heel prevents the shock to the heels and makes landing comfortable. The tight pattern on the sole provides extra grip, not that much quality grip as compared to the traction.

Ventilation is an essential factor affecting the comfort of a player; the shoe is possessed with a good ventilation system and prolongs the usage for extra hours.

The design of the shoe is matching the modern-day requirements and gives an attractive look to the buyer.

What we Liked
  • This shoe has possibly the best traction among all the competitors.
  • Splendid ankle support keeps the ankles of the player in a position and avoids the risk of an ankle injury.
  • The ventilation system is up to the mark, maintaining the internal temperature under the comfort zone.
  • Neoprene cushioning on the heel and ankle parts gives extra comfort during fly-ups.
What we didn't like
  • These shoes are stretchable, so you have to pick an inch smaller size than the normal.
  • The sole of the shoe is narrow, and it may irritate the players having wide feet.


Nike Men’s Lebron Xiii

Nike Men's Lebron Soldier XII Basketball Shoe (13 D US) Black/White

It seems like Nike is going to nail the contest. Lebron XIII is the third Nike’s product in our top ten selection for the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Nike’s Lebron series is very famous for basketball shoes, and Lebron XIII is the modified version of this series using Nike’s zoom L.E.A.P system.

This technology gives durability and shape to this shoe, admired by most of the users.

Sole of this shoe is made up of the combination of hex pods and herringbone patterns.

More Details

This mixture results in the superb grip of these shoes. They are very impressive in terms of grip on court and dusty spots. Naturally, the dust areas have less grip.

The traction of these shoes is excellent. The shape reflects that they may lack in this category, but they are imposing in this field too.

Cushioning in Lebron XIII is similar to Lebron XII, hex zoom technology is again used for cushioning.

The upper part of these shoes is responsible for the protection of the ankles. This part is flexible yet provides full support to the ankle and keep it away from twisting and stretching.

These shoes are breathable due to zoom air units and hence provide pure comfort to the user.

Apart from ankle protection, the feet protection is also provided in this shoe with the usage of soft foam-lined collars and inside of the sole.

These shoes are lightweight, and you can play freely with these shoes and perform the trickiest of tricks with confidence.

What we Liked
  • No doubt, the Lebron XIII is breathable and comfortable.
  • The grip is unmatched.
  • These shoes are lightweight and can be used for hours.
  • The rubber sole provides excellent traction on almost all types of surfaces.
  • They are flexible.
What we didn't like
  • Cushioning on the heels and the upper part is superb, but these shoes are lacking in forefoot cushion.
  • They may cause trouble to wide feet players due to their slim shape.


Under Armour Men’s Lockdown

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 2 Basketball Shoe Black (003)/Overcast Gray 7

The second product of under armour in our selection is its Lockdown version of men’s basketball shoes.

This shoe is one of the cost-effective shoes in the market. The article is about ankle protection, so these shoes have a mid-high top but still very useful in terms of ankle protection.

The upper portion of these shoes is manufactured with synthetic leather and durable mesh.

More Details

This combination is responsible for providing strong structure around the ankle region hence providing appreciable ankle support.

They are light in weight because of the usage of synthetic leather and rubber material used for the sole. The sole has a fantastic grip and would never let you down.

The rubber material lasts long and increases the life of these shoes. The unique UA multi-directional pattern traction pattern on the sole provides the control and grip you desire on the court.

To avoid the outbound impacts, the Micro G technology is used to make cushioning for heels and forefoot region, absorbing the impacts of jumps and foot striking shocks with other players on the court.

This shoe is an excellent package of protection, durability, and grip at a reasonably low price.

You are considering the ankle protection there so that you can compromise the style and color combination array for this show.

What we Liked
  • They are lightweight and low in cost.
  • Synthetic leather and mesh mixture give enhanced ankle protection without restricting the movements of the player.
  • The sole rubber is of good quality and makes these shoes durable.
What we didn't like
  • Micro G technology heel cushioning may feel a bit rigid at times.
  • There may be an issue of breathability in hot places.


Jordan Why Not Zer0. 1

Nike Jordan Men's Why Not Zer0.1 Low Black/Black White Basketball Shoe 12 Men US

This is the signature product of Russel Westbrook. The shoe is a success story and conquers the market in the nick of time.

This is the second low budget quality basketball shoe for ankle protection in our list. The cost is low, but the performance on the court is commendable.

The upper portion is strong and provides the required stability and protection to the ankle.

The ankle of your feet is fully secured, and you can play freely without having the tension of ankle injury in your mind. There s massive covering to heel region, and this is the trademark of its shape.

The cushioning is very impressive as well. It enables the shoe to be very responsive and stable. This is the best shoe for unstable users, along with the quality of heel and ankle protection.

When we talk about the fashion of the time, this pair of shoes is available in a variety of color schemes and is presentable as well. This is an excellent package in a small budget.

What we Liked
  • The traction of these shoes is up to the mark.
  • Heel and ankle protections are unmatched.
  • Cushioning of these shoes is remarkable and provides stability to the user.
What we didn't like
  • They are heavy for users of normal feet.
  • Breathability is not as good as other shoes in our selected list.


Nike’s Lebron Soldier X

Nike Lebron Soldier X Dunkman Basketball Shoe (11 M US, White/Cool Grey/Electric Green)

The first thing is clear that Nike now covers the 50% of ranking in our ankle support basketball shoe collection.

Nike’s Lebron Soldier is the perfect answer for Nike for ankle support. This edition is manufactured purposely for ankle support.

There are no laces in these shoes, and they are armed with three straps to cover the shoe from the lower, middle, and ankle portion of the feet.

More Details

They are explosive shoes and are made for dangerous players because the normal style player may feel them as bulky.

The ankle strap is the best thing in this shoe to give proper fit and protection to the ankle and restricts the ligament tearing problem by minimizing the risk of extra stretching of the ankle.

Now come to the traction feature, the rubber compound sole with proper pattern provides the required traction and durability to these shoes.

In terms of style, they are also up to the mark. These shoes are made from mesh foam to give the desired comfort to the feet and air to maintain the inside temperature.

What we Liked
  • These shoes are lovely to the eyes.
  • They are durable and have a proper grip on the court.
  • The ankle strap provides the necessary protection to the ankle and keeps it in position.
What we didn't like
  • They are a bit heavy and could be uncomfortable for some players.
  • The price tag is healthy as compared to the product.


Adidas Performance Crazy 8

adidas Men's Crazy 8 Basketball Shoe, White, 10.5 M US

This is the last shoe in our selection list for ankle support. This shoe has a limited choice of colors but is up to the mark when it comes to the performance.

They provide more stability to the middle part of the foot. The middle stability is the indemnity of ankle protection and stability.

The stability of the shoe is the guarantee of the performance of the player. The base of these shoes is very stable and provides confidence in taking each step ahead or back.

They are enabled with the synthetic leather upper, gives durability to the product.

The exciting feature in their design is that they have an outside lining to grip the court even in the tilted positions of the feet.

What we Liked
  • They are stable and provide proper protection to the ankle.
  • The top of the shoe is made up of synthetic leather, gives durability to the shoe.
  • The sole with outward gripping capability increased the traction of the shoe.
What we didn't like
  • They are challenging to wear from the top but then adjusts to the feet.
  • The color array is limited. There are only four-color options for the user.


How to choose the best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes?

Best Ankle Support Shoes

The ankle is the part of the feet that provides sheer control during the basketball game.

The game demands a player to jump and repeatedly land with the diversified feet related tricks and twists.

Selection of an appropriate shoe for the ankle is therefore critical.

The shoe selection in this regard lies in the high-cut basketball shoes that spur the ankle well as compared to mid-cut or low-cut basketball shoes.

To support the ankle, the shoes with tight and cozy fitting is essential and keep the balance of ankle and prevent twisting of the ankle on landing.

Apart from the positioning of cut and fitting, cushioning and gripping of the sole of the basketball shoes with the appealing design are the factors to be considered in the selection of basketball shoe for ankle support.


We have presented ten top-quality Basketball shoes that best fit for ankle support. All the ten shoes on the list are convenient for ankle support. Some are expensive, and others are cost effective. Some are durable and long lasting.

The best basketball shoe for ankle protection is NIKE MEN’S HYPERDUNK. They are durable, light in weight, and colorful. The design is attractive and gives excellent control to the player on the court.

Nike’s Hyperdunk came has the durable traction and stability and suits to all the types of the users.

There is freedom of movement and total protection to ankle in this shoe, and that’s why it is above all of the shoes in our top choice list for the Best Basket Shoes for Ankle Protection.

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