Old School Basketball Shoes

Old School Basketball Shoes

There is no limitation in fashion. From the mid 90’s up till now, fashion changes a lot with every passing day.

Some old fashioned things make an impact on the customers and came in the market with updated versions.

Basketball shoes are also like the same. Old School type basketball shoes are still in the market and are very comfortable and attractive as well.

This article presents the Best Old School Basketball Shoes from all over the work from the best brands.

Best Old School Basketball Shoes (Top Picks)

Air Jordan VI

The upper part of this shoe is comprised of a combination of genuine and synthetic leather that is responsible for providing comfort, support, and breathability.

These shoes show good lockdown which provides reasonable support. They have also used Achilles pillows for additional comfort and increased protection. The traction of these shoes is good and uses a combination of a translucent and solid rubber outsole for this purpose.

These shoes have used a PU foam midsole and heel and forefoot Nike air unit for delivering you optimum lightweight cushioning with enhanced responsiveness and good impact protection.


Nike Air Zoom Generation

They are constructed using materials that offer incredible breathability, enough stability, great support and brilliant comfort to the users.

The use of phylon midsole makes it much light weighted and also provides reasonable responsiveness to the users. Nike Zoom Generation runs true to your size and depicts reasonable lockdown. The lockdown is attributed to the lacing system and enhances the support of these shoes.

These shoes have come with zoom technology for delivering you light and durable cushioning. It also acts to provide you explosive responsiveness along with good impact protection.

A player enjoys good grip, adequate stability, support for multi-directional movements and enhanced speed out of these shoes by the use of herringbone traction pattern on the rubber outsole.


Adidas KB8 II

These shoes are also known as Adidas Crazy 8. These shoes are introduced with a combination of patent leather and full-grain leather that gives comfort, flexibility, and durability to them.

Crazy 8 are observed to run true to your size but needs little time to break-in. These shoes provide reasonable lockdown, because of the minimalist lacing system, to the users to ameliorate the support factor.

They are featured with EVA cushioning that provides good bounces, promotes agility and also adds impact protection.

These shoes have used flat herringbone traction pattern on their solid rubber outsole for giving ample grip and stability to the users on the court.


Adidas Adizero Rose 2

Adidas Adizero Rose 2 is composed of synthetic leather upper that makes it light-weighted and gives an enhanced performance, comfort, stability, and increased durability.

Adizero Rose 2 delivers a plush fit and comfort. These shoes have good Achilles support and much ankle support. These shoes have used EVA cushioning that provides you apposite cushioning and impact protection.

The rubber outsole of these shoes is very strong and thick as well and is incorporated with a volcanic ash-like Splatter Traction pattern to provide you optimum grip on the surface. These shoes are suitable for both outdoor and indoor courts.


Reebok Question Mid

The upper composition is premium Nubuck that adds more strength, breathability, comfort, and thickness to the shoes.

These shoes are seen to go true to your size and also provide ample support by the lockdown system used in them. The lockdown is the outcome of the thick rope laces used in the shoes. Moreover, your heel is protected all the time by the use firm heel counter in the shoes.

Reebok Question Mid features midsole’s Hexalite cushioning technology that promises impact dissipation, stability, good bounces, and comfort.

These shoes have come with really good traction that makes them highly appropriate for off-and-on court use and this traction is ascribed to the translucent rubber outsole.


Nike Air More Uptempo

These shoes are very stylish and are available in many colors. The perforated synthetic leather upper construction of these shoes is brilliant in providing you appreciable breathability and comfort.

Nike Air More Uptempo is true to your size and provides you one to one fit. It also gives you great lockdown and ample ankle support.

These shoes have used, in the midsole, three air sole units that offer you effective bounces, plush comfort, and high impact protection.

The rubber outsole of these shoes is very durable and is featured with a segmented herringbone traction pattern that offers excellent grip and also supports your multi-directional movements.


Nike Air Garnett III

The upper is made up of leather, suede and mesh nylon that, once break-in, provide you optimum breathability, stability, comfort, and support.

These shoes provide you a very secure fit, good lockdown, and protection from ankle rolling. These shoes provide responsive cushioning to the users by using zoom air technology and it also gives protection from impacts and good comfort.

Nike Air Garnett III delivers you very reliable traction by the use of herringbone traction pattern on its rubber outsole.



All the seven basketball shoes discussed above in the article are very good old school basketball shoes and give good performance on the court. Among them, Air Jordan VI leads our top picks for best old school basketball shoes.

Air Jordan VI features a combination of genuine and synthetic leather for comfort, stability, and breathability. It also shows good lockdown, support, and stability.

These shoes have used a combination of a translucent and solid rubber outsole for traction purposes. The heel and forefoot Nike air units and PU foam midsole deliver outstanding cushioning to the players.

If you want to try old school basketball shoes, use our recommended shoes. Once you use them, you would like their performance and would always want to use them again.

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