Best Rated Basketball Shoes Review 2020 [Latest]

Best Rated Basketball Shoes

The basketball game is played all around the globe and has a huge fan following. This game is full of professionalism and needs present mindedness of the players.

This game involves two teams with five players in each team and involves high jumps, sharp cuts, instant direction changes, and many other such moves.

To outperform in the game, you can not rely simply on your physical strength and stamina.

You have to choose your basketball shoes wisely that could support your game by delivering you good traction, fit, lockdown, support, stability, cushioning and stability.

The shoes appreciated well by users are composed of outstanding features and are well rated by the customers.

By checking the rating of different users on different basketball shoes on different websites, we have created a list of top six best rated basketball shoes for you.

Best Rated Basketball Shoes [Top Picks]

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

These shoes are available in two options in terms of upper material i.e. primeknit Xeno upper and neoprene option. Whatever option you are availing, the performance of these shoes remains commendable.

The breathability varies with the upper material, the ventilation in case of neoprene version is pretty good and the ventilation point in this version is its tongue whereas the breathability of the prime knit version is outstanding.

This pair of shoes shows tremendous support due to the presence of a TPU cage and high collar. Moreover, the bootie construction, lockdown, and fit of these shoes also contribute to make these shoes ultra-supportive.

Adidas Crazy Explosive shows very impressively cushioning and is constructed with full-length Boost cushioning technology. This technology equips the users with good bounces, incredible responsiveness, reasonably good heel to toe transitions, impact protection and comfort.

The traction of these shoes is meritorious and gives you a pretty awesome grip and does not let you lose your balance during the game. The shoes have used coral traction patterns on rubber outsole which creates a very amazing traction setup for the users.


Nike PG 3 – Top Rated

These shoes feature many options in the context of material used to compose the upper part, of which, the regular version comes with synthetic material upper. All versions work effectively well and almost show the same performance.

These shoes are supportive and have incorporated features to ameliorate this factor. PG 3 supports your heel and this task is accomplished by internal heel counter, in addition to that, these shoes do not lag in torsional support due to the presence of internal shank.

These shoes are featured with zoom air cushioning in the forefeet to gift you with utmost cushioning in the form of improved bounces and responsiveness. The cushioning also saves your feet from impacts and injuries.

Nike PG 3 has appeared with outclass traction and has used rubber outsole along with a very innovative traction pattern in form of moon’s crater traction pattern.


Adidas Harden Vol. 3 – Top Rated

Adidas Harden Vol. 3 comes on the third rank in our top picks and is available in two upper options i.e. the upper part may be composed of primeknit or it may be available in mesh upper.

The upper part is seen to add more flexibility and support to these shoes and also contributes to make these shoes ultra-breathable.

These shoes give incredible lockdown that is attributed to the lacing system of these shoes. This lockdown removes slippage inside shoes and also contributes to the support and comfort of these shoes.

Plush cushioning! More fan following! These shoes are composed of full-length boost cushioning technology that offers plush cushioning due to high bounces and splendid responsiveness and also provides reasonable protection from impacts.

These shoes have used rubber outsole for good traction and to add take traction to the new levels, these shoes have used herringbone traction pattern on their rubber outsole.


Nike Lebron 16 – Top Rated

The upper part of these shoes is comprised of battle knit 2.0 that gives lightweight, breathability, ultra-strong support, flexibility and strength.

These shoes are very supportive and have many elements to ameliorate the support like commendable lockdown setup, external heel counter, Achilles pillows, and padded heel collar.

They have features full-length max zoom cushioning technology that gives ultra-responsive cushioning along with high flexibility and ample impact protection.

Lebron 16 give beastly traction on the surface by having used the finger-like traction pattern on its rubber outsole


Nike KD 12 – Top Rated

Its upper part is constructed by utilizing materials like textiles, screen mesh, and fuse that significantly provide breathability, lightweight, strength, comfort, and flexibility to the players.

When selecting these shoes, you are suggested to go true to your size. They also offer tremendous lockdown, by using the Flywire cables in them, that largely boosts the support.

The cushioning aspect of these shoes is commendable and has used full-length zoom air cushioning technology that is very responsive, super bouncy and largely absorbs impacts.

The traction is outstanding and is ascribed to the finger-like traction pattern used on the outsole of these shoes.


Adidas Dame 5 – Top Rated

The featuring of leather upper either with mesh or suede combo (two options are available for upper with no notable difference in performance between the two) makes these shoes impressively comfortable, supportive and breathable.

Dame 5 provides good lockdown by using the TPU panel and also prevents ankle rolling by the wide outriggers featured in it.

The cushioning of these shoes is commendable owing to the full-length Bounce cushioning technology that gives great bounces, terrific responsiveness along with remarkable impact protection.

The traction of these shoes is brilliant and relies on the herringbone traction pattern that allows multidirectional movements and delivers the utmost grip and optimum stability throughout the game.



This article is discussing the top six best rated basketball shoes and all these shoes are very famous among players and are composed of terrific features.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive comes on the first position in our picks and let’s briefly review its features.

These shoes are available in two upper compositions i.e. neoprene and primeknit Xeno but the overall performance remains the same with the difference that shoes having primeknit upper are comparatively more breathable than those with neoprene upper.

These shoes show snug-fitting, amazing lockdown, and are reasonably supportive.  These shoes have awesome cushioning due to full-length boost cushioning technology. The traction of these shoes is outstanding and these shoes have featured coral traction pattern that delivers you strong grip during the game for your movements.

Keep in mind our selection whenever you go to market, we assure you that you would never face disappointment and will become a fan of these shoes

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