Best Performance Basketball Shoes

Best Performance Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a professional game, and it requires a proper gear to play with. There are many techniques to play this game.

Every player tends to perform above all during the game. It is not the case with the basketball; every athlete wants to perform well.

Apart from the stamina and physical strength, basketball players need perfect basketball shoes for enhancing their skills and performance.

Basketball shoes, if selected wisely, can increase the speed of the player, stamina, and jumping distance of the player.

Speed depends on the responsiveness of basketball shoes. Stamina is dependent on the breathability of the basketball shoes because a breathable basketball shoe keeps the feet temperature normal and maintains energy levels.

The vertical jump can be increased with basketball shoes having bouncy heels and midsole. Traction is the factor that deals with the stability of the player and grip of the shoes on the surface.

To increase performance, these things must be kept in mind while purchasing a basketball shoe. The following basketball shoes are the best available ones in the global market to increase the performance of the player.

Best Performance Basketball Shoes 2020 (Top Picks)

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

In terms of ankle support, Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive finds the third position in our ranking. They are incomparable for ankle support and have a distinctive design that increases the overall performance of the player.

These shoes are composed of synthetic fiber and textiles. The covering of synthetic fibers around the shoes gives the shoes their softness, flexibility, and clean appearance.

These shoes also have modified laces, and Xenos, which provide tight grip as well as comfortable support to ankle and they are present at the top of the shoes. The modified laces provided easy, soothing, and smooth movements to players and decreased the knitting pressure on the lace.

What we liked
  • The supplementary insulation of the back and heel in these shoes provide additional protection to the ankle.
  • The shoes are provided with outstanding grip.
  • The imported rubber sole provides advanced traction.
  • Modified laces decrease load and pressure on player’s feet
What We didn't like
  • They are not resilient for prolonged practice hours.
  • The rigidness of the back of the heel portion demands additional time to break-in.


Nike Men’s Hyperdunk

Nike’s Hyperdunk shoes are composed of synthetic fiber and to enhance appearance attraction they come in a diversity of color combinations.  The shoes inhibit temperature rising above the comfortable level and show good durability.

The shoes give protection to the forefoot and heels of the player because of the splendid cushioning.

The high-cut is a significant aspect of these shoes for ankle support. Despite the high-top design, these shoes give appropriate comfort and protection to the ankle.

You can play with twists and turns and high layups all around the court with the surety that the shoes will minimize the potential threat of ankle injury. The efficiency and functioning of a basketball player are increased by freedom of movement.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 is provided with a rubber sole, which increases the accuracy of the skills of the player and enhances a strong grasp. The outstanding breathing potential of shoes makes the shoes durable for any season.

What we liked
  • Despite the high-cut of these shoes, they are very comfortable.
  • They are light weighted and give the player freedom of movement.
  • The supportive feature of this pair of shoes increases its importance.
  • The high-top of these shoes does not limit the movement of the feet.
  • They are provided with a variety of color combinations to satisfy the color combination of customers.
What We didn't like
  • These shoes are not good for wide feet users due to their smart fit.
  • The compact fitness of shoes sometimes causes bumping of ankle support into the ankle.


Adidas Crazylight Boost Basketball Shoe

In our top ten rankings of basketball shoes with respect to performance, Adidas Crazylight Boost comes in third place. They are very appealing with a low cut and are light weighted.

These shoes show remarkable stability. These shoes use 3-D Heel technology. It works by allowing the shoes to take in stress, equally deliver that stress and gives the player the bouncy feedback by amplifying the kinetic energy given by the user.

The effective increase in kinetic energy is the key requirement for the shoes made for jumping.  The Crazylight boost supportiveness and responsiveness enables the player to use the tricks and sharp cuts while playing the game.

These shoes are light weighted, and the grip is also good. The rubber sole gives a firm grip to the surface. This type of grip eliminates the chances of injuries due to slip.

What we liked
  • The shoes have good breathability and good cushioning.
  • 3-D heel and the forefeet cushioning absorb shocks.
  • the performance of the player is enhanced by the midsole.
  • They provide optimum response to the player and are bouncy.
What We didn't like
  • The problem of the size of shoes is encountered in online booking.
  • Ankle protection is absent.


Nike Men’s Kyrie 3

There is a prerequisite of saving the feet from impact and amplifying the initial kinetic energy provided by player, whenever it comes to jumping and increased performance.

While going for a dunk, these shoes are very supportive and match the speed of the player. These shoes deliver essential grip to the surface and have outstanding traction.

The shoes have the composition of TPU skin and engineered blend done by the hyper fuse development technology which allows brilliant support and robustness to the player.

The material becomes more durable with the use of engineered technology, and this, in turn, respects the investment of customers in shoes by meeting their demands.

What we liked
  • The use of Pylon froth provides extra comfort to the player.
  • Kyrie 3 uses Zoom Air technology for bouncy.
  • Sole prevents a player from slipping and is very supportive.
  • They are very durable, stylish, and attractive.
  • the coordinated forefeet ban provides protection to the forefeet.
What We didn't like
  • Lean players feel these shoes very heavy.
  • Extra padding can enhance ankle protection in it.


Adidas Neo Foam Ilation

This product of Adidas is composed of Neo foam and synthetic leather and is the lightest product of the Adidas.

The presence of mini holes in the top portion, in the body and sideways, provides impressive ventilation to these shoes. proper airflow is allowed in these shoes which maintain and keep the temperature within the specified limits.

These shoes have a very important feature that it has very supportive traction and meets the required standard that is set up for playing basketball safely and securely.

Cushioning has bouncy properties, and it is assisted with neo foam. cushioning aids in increasing the vertical jump of the players by providing extra energy to the user, and this type of cushioning is very comfortable and supportive.

What we liked
  • They are light weighted and inexpensive
  • They exhibit excellent breathability.
  • The use of Neo foam cushioning provides bouncy which aids in the high jump and distributes the shock uniformly.
What We didn't like
  • Neo Foam Ilation has limited color combinations.
  • The height of these shoes may make tall players uncomfortable.


Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour curry 3 is composed of high tensile strength modern threads of fine quality. These threads are the trademark of Curry models.

ThreadBorne is a typical thread that is frequently used for the production of this shoe and makes the shoes very supportive.

The herringbone pattern is exercised in these shoes, which provides remarkable traction. These shoes are specially designed for ankle support and are very excellent at it.

The use of Carbon fiber in these shoes permits a hard grip on the arch and forefoot. This carbon fiber shank offers outstanding ankle support to the player during the act of landing and jumping and prevents rollover motion of players as well.

What we liked
  • The stability of these shoes is ensured by the use of a wide base.
  • ThreadBorne is responsible for the supportiveness of these shoes.
  • The shoes exhibit amazing traction and are appreciable, which improves the movement of the user or player all around the court.
  • The use of Carbon fiber is responsible for provides additional safety of the ankle.
  • They exhibit appealing color combinations and impressive style.
What We didn't like
  • They are costlier than Nike or Adidas basketball shoes.
  • They are sensitive to damp places, and a player may slip on such places.
  • The user may encounter a sizing problem in case of online order. It is recommended to choose a number up than the normal size of your shoes.


Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3

UA ClutchFit Drive 3 is one of the best Under Armour’s basketball shoes in terms of enhanced performance. In terms of best basketball shoes for jumping, it occupies ninth position in our top ten rankings for best basketball shoes for jumping.

These shoes use ClutchFit innovation in the construction, which permits appreciable airflow in the shoes, and this keeps the temperature within the desired range. This feature is responsible for the increased durability and flexibility of these shoes.

UA ClutchFit 3 applies Micro G Foam cushioning which supports the feet and is very comfortable for feet. This Foam increases the performance of the player by absorbing energy and provides additional height to the jump.

To prevent any feet injuries, the compressional stresses are uniformly distributed in the sole with the impact of the force on the feet of the player.

What we liked
  • Durability and breathability are enhanced by ClutchFit drive innovation.
  • The stress forces are distributed all over the sole by use of Micro G Foam.
  • good traction is provided by Rubber sole with herringbone pattern.
  • The comfort level of cushioning is increased by Achilles padding
What We didn't like
  • A player may feel rigidity at times due to heels.
  • These shoes are inappropriate for damp places because there are chances of slipping at that place.


Air Jordan Xxxi

Air Jordan XXXI is one of the famous productions of Nike shoes. The shoe, named after the famous basketball player Michael Jordan, is a booster for the player’s performance.

Air Jordan XXXI uses the Flight Speed technology which not only boosts the responsiveness but also the performance of the player. This technology enables the distribution of compression forces evenly in the shoe and provides the player with the spring-back response for explosive movements.

Enhanced cushioning is regarded as the hallmark feature of all Air Jordan shoes. Zoom Air units along with the cushioning, give maximum responsiveness to the movements of players on the court.

The shoe is made up of synthetic leather and mesh. Synthetic leather heel along and fly weave forefoot not only provide excellent coverage to the feet but allow the player to have a comfortable grip as well.

What we liked
  • Flight Speed technology distributes the shock evenly to the feet.
  • Wide feet players feel comfortable in these shoes.
  • Foam pods prevent the heels by absorbing shocks.
  • Allow swift movements and cuts to perform tricks.


  • It takes a little time to get used to it. It is better to use the shoes in practice for some time rather than directly using in the match.
  • They are expensive with a high price tag.
  • It is recommended to order one size up than the normal fitting.


Nike Men’s Lebron Xiii

Lebron XIII is the second Nike’s product in our top ten selection for the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Lebron XIII is a modified version of Nike’s Lebron series which is considered a marvel for basketball shoes using Nike’s zoom L.E.A.P system.

This technology gives durability and shape to this shoe, which is appreciated and admired by most of the users. The sole of this shoe is a combination of hex pods and herringbone patterns.

This mixture results in a superb grip on these shoes. They are remarkable in terms of providing grip on court and dusty spots. Naturally, the dust areas have less grip.

The sole being wide enabled this product wearable for wide feet players. The overall stretch of this shoe is commendable providing wide feet with a proper space to adjust in it.

What we liked
  • Lebron XIII is quite breathable and comfortable.
  • The grip is unmatched and impressive.
  • These shoes are lightweight and can be used for hours.
  • The rubber sole provides good traction and grip on almost all types of surfaces.
  • They are flexible to wear.
What We didn't like
  • Cushioning on the inner sole, heels and the upper part is remarkable, but these shoes lack forefoot cushioning.
  • Some lean players may experience Lebron XIII as heavy shoes.
  • They are of the most expensive shoes of Basketball in the market.


Adidas Dame 4

Dame 4 from Adidas is a proper basketball shoe for the players to boost up their performance.

Basically, the shoe gets its name after a legendary superstar of basketball, Damian Lillard. Although expensive, the performance and comfort featuring these shoes undermine the price tag.

Dame 4 provides an unmatched cushioning to the feet of players. It is the critical reason to recommend these shoes for the players carrying plantar fasciitis problem in the game.

The cushioning provided by these shoes are super soft and bouncy. The bounce technology of Adidas is used in bounce cushioning of these shoes.

What we liked
  • Bounce technology cushioning eradicates the danger of being hurt, providing comfort to the feet.
  • Cushioning is very comfortable.
  • Mesh upper fabric gives the perfect breathing to this shoe, maintaining the comfort level of the player.
What We didn't like
  • Traction is not as impressive as it needs to be on dusty courts.
  • They are quite expensive, having a healthy price tag.
  • These shoes lack in providing ankle support because of the low cut top.



This article was based on the best basketball shoes to enhance the performance of the player. There were certain parameters that took into account for the selection of the shoes and their arrangement in the top ten slots.

For better performance, traction, breathability, responsiveness, and protective factors in basketball shoes are vital.

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive is the best basketball shoe to enhance your performance. It has all the capabilities to fulfill the requirements of a basketball player to outperform during the game.

All the other basketball shoes are also up to the mark in the context of enhanced performance. Selecting any shoe from the list will never disappoint you.

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