Best Comfortable Basketball Shoes [TOP RATED]

Best Comfortable Basketball Shoes

How would you feel if you play with uncomfortable basketball shoes? Obviously, you would be disgruntled and get irritated.

No matter how good features your shoes are offering you, if it is not meeting the comfort demand of the users it is almost useless.

The comfort factor is as important as other factors in the game. So, never neglect this factor while selecting the shoes.

A player can never show terrific performance if his feet do not feel relaxed and comfortable inside the shoes.

Because a comfortable player can play a remarkable game and mostly the shoes having good cushioning and breathability are more comfortable.

Here, with the help of users’ reviews and article on various websites, we have made a list of top seven comfortable basketball shoes for you and they are discussed below.

Best Comfortable Basketball Shoes

Nike Kyrie 5

Nike Kyrie 5 is constructed with brilliant features and shows commendable performance.

These shoes are available in attractive color combinations and have very good quality. They are comprised of a mesh upper of Kyrie 5 that ameliorates breathability and also contributes to the comfort of these shoes.

This pair of shoes depicts incredible lockdown setup in the form of Venus flytrap lockdown that tightly holds your feet and eradicates chances of internal slipping.

Zoom air turbo cushioning technology is used in Nike Kyrie 5 that delivers noteworthy output in the form of excellent bounces and also plays another role in protecting your feet from impacts and ameliorating the comfort level.

The stupendous traction framework is attributed to the rounded rubber outsole and spiral eyes traction pattern incorporated in them. As a consequence, you play with optimum grip and maximum stability on the surface.

Under Armour Hover Havoc Low

The second most comfortable basketball shoe in our selected list is Under Armour Hover Havoc Low. It is a low top basketball shoe and is extremely comfortable.

The feature of  2-tone mesh upper is admirable and introduces breathability in these shoes thereby preventing sweating of feet.

You get great lockdown out of this pair of shoes by the lacing system that allows you to adjust lockdown to your comfort zone.

The Hover havoc cushioning technology makes these shoes outclass and comfortable. You enjoy good bounces and ample protection from shocks in response to this cushioning framework.

The herringbone traction pattern is very remarkable and is incorporated in the rubber outsole, that provides you an awesome grip for your shots and moves during the game.


Adidas Harden Vol. 2

The third position in our list is nailed by Adidas Harden Vol. 2 which is well appreciated by the users for its brilliant cushioning and comfort.

Harden Vol. 2 is remarkably breathable, flexibility, comfortable, durable and supportive and all these qualities are the gifts of its composition i.e. it has used neoprene and mesh and shows synthetic material construction.

These shoes provide an ideal lockdown due to the semi-burrito shape of these shoes. The terrific cushioning of these shoes is the result of Boost cushioning technology featured in these shoes.

This technology not only increases your jumping distance but also makes these shoes comfortable and also equips you with tons of safety from dreadful injuries.

The use of shattered glass like a traction pattern, in a random manner, on the rubber outsole does not let you lose your grip on the court surface while making any move.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

This is a complete package of desirable aspects that makes it appealing to the players. Lightweight plus breathability is a very eminent aspect of these shoes that are enjoyed by the use of Prime knit Xeno upper.

Crazy Explosive is designed to be suitable for fast running. The shoes have used Bounce cushioning technology to deliver you maximum impact protection, incredible bounces and also play a role to make these shoes more comfortable.

The traction of these shoes is great and lets you play any trick and move with reasonable stability and maximum grip.

Nike Lebron XIII

Nike Lebron XIII  cones on the fifth position in our selection in the race of comfortable basketball shoes. These shoes are light in weight and highly breathable with the hyperposite, fuse and mesh upper composition.

The snug-fitting, meritorious lockdown, good support and true to size fitting makes this pair of shoes tremendously attractive. The traction of Lebron XIII is good and does not let you slip on the ground during the game.

The hexagonal zoom units are featured in these shoes that act to enhance cushioning and responsiveness of these shoes and also keep your feet guarded against injuries in case of any shock.

Nike KD 12

Another comfortable and amazing pair of shoes with outstanding features is Nike KD  12 and it stands on the sixth number in our shortlisted shoes.

It is very light weighted, breathable, supportive and flexible shoe due to Quad Axial Flywire and mesh upper. These shoes do not require any time to break-in and fit your size and exhibit splendid lockdown.

The high responsiveness, incredible bounces, and ample impact protection are all ascribed to the full-length zoom air cushioning technology. This setup makes these shoes extremely comfortable and also suits to individuals facing bad knee.

The rubber outsole and circular traction pattern allow multi-directional coverage along with an enhanced grip on the surface.

Adidas Dame 4

The article standing on the seventh position is Adidas Dame 4 that shows good performance and is also very comfortable and supportive.

The upper region makes Dame 4 breathable by using mesh in the construction and this material also adds a premium touch in the shoes. The traction of these shoes is good and is the result of the rubber outsole and wave-like traction pattern.

These shoes are observed to fit true to your feet size and have little to no break-in time. The lockdown is provided by the neoprene compression collar and it contributes to making these shoes supportive along with internal shank and internal heel counter.

Dame 4 features bounce cushioning technology for delivering good bounces for jumping, adequate responsiveness, protection from impacts and also makes these shoes extremely comfortable.


This article focuses on the best comfortable basketball shoes and we have shortlisted 7 basketball shoes in this context and all of them show good performance.

Nike Kyrie 5 nails first position in our selection, let’s briefly see its aspects. It shows good quality and available in different color combinations. The mesh upper contributes to the breathability and comfort of these shoes.

The zoom air turbo cushioning technology effectively ameliorates cushioning and enhances impact protection and also makes Kyrie 5 very comfortable.

These shoes show significant lockdown by the use of Venus Flytrap lockdown setup that also plays a role to make these shoes supportive.

The traction of these shoes is amazing and is accredited to the use of spiral eye traction pattern and rounded rubber outsole.

After reading this article, you would have got a good idea of comfortable basketball shoes.

Give our selection a chance, do not forget our selected shoes while out in market for this purpose, we assure you that you would never regret using our selected shoes and would enjoy their good performance.

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