Best Basketball Shoes for Point, Shooting & Quick Guards

Basketball Shoes for Point, Shooting and Quick Guards

Now if we take a brief view of the role of guards, we come to know that guards play an offensive and defensive game for this team and also have other roles as well.

The guards are of three types in accordance with their roles. The three types are point guards, shooting guards and quick guards.

Point guards are the real playmakers of the game and are good handlers of the ball. They are the best passer and assist in stealing the ball from opponents.

Since these guards stay on the court for a long duration, they would rely on shoes having less firmer cushioning, splendid traction and outstanding support.

After spending lots of hours researching, we have selected the top two basketball shoes for each category of guards.

Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards 2020

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Low

The upper portion of these shoes is constructed using the consolidation of synthetic jacquard and textile comprised of tightly knitted mesh.

The mesh material adds to the breathability of these shoes by allowing proper regulation of air into the shoes and as a consequence, you experience a comfortable ride with dry feet.

These shoes assure proper yet comfortable lockdown of your feet due to the heel collar used in them.

Nike Kyrie 3

It is designed to provide you good breathability,  meritorious cushioning, unparalleled traction, reasonable support, stability, and protection.

The shape of Nike Kyrie 3 resembles more to the Kyrie 2 than to Kyrie 1.

The mesh material forms the main bulk of the upper portion of these shoes, however, the high wear areas of these shoes are covered with the fuse.

The mesh upper contributes to the breathability of these shoes. You would get a true to size fit if you chose this pair of shoes.


Best Basketball Shoes for Shooting Guards 2020

Adidas Harden Vol. 2

Adidas harden volume 2 has been created by the collaboration of well-known basketball player James harden with Adidas brand.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 is manufactured using full-length boost cushioning technology.

This kind of cushioning system is very impressive because it boosts the energy you are investing in your shoes and delivers you excellent bounces in all right places during the game and this largely improves your jumping distance.

Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour Curry 3 is manufactured with all the important factors for a good basketball shoe.

The upper portion of these shoes shows a combination of thread bone and Anafoam. The Anafoam is added to deliver support that the threaded bone is lacking. it is also designed to provide stability and comfort to the players.

The high wear areas of these shoes have utilized fuse layers on them, which enhances the life of these shoes and make them more durable.


Best Basketball Shoes for Quick Guards 2020

Nike Lebron Soldier XII

Nike Lebron Soldier XII stands first in our top list and is observed to deliver you all desirable features that are needed to ameliorate the level of your game.

These shoes fit securely and snugly to your feet, as a result, you experience a soothing ride throughout your game.

These shoes may not be true to size for wide feet players, therefore, they are suggested to try half a size larger shoe and must try the one they are finalizing before purchasing them.

These shoes depict beastly lockdown due to the system of straps present on it. moreover, the inner bootie of the shoes also contributes to apposite lockdown which assures no slippage and no hindrance in motion.

Under Armour Hover Havoc Low

Under Armour Hover Havoc Low is constructed using mesh and the high wear areas of these shoes are covered with fuse, this step works to enhance the durability.

The use of mesh lets the air to allow optimum passage of air into your shoes, which does not allow the inside temperature to exceed the threshold value.

Being breathable, these shoes permit you to play your game comfortably and confidently in hot areas.



In this article, we have discussed best basketball shoes for point guards, shooting guards and quick guards.

All the discussed shoes are of very good features but due to some differences in them, they excel in the other in the list.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight boost low basketball shoes appear first on our top selected list for best basketball shoes for point guards.

These are ultra-Light and composed of synthetic Jacquard and textile of tightly knitted mesh.

They are breathable, depict good lockdown, cushioning and support. They also show good traction on the surface of the court.

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