Basketball Shoes for Older Players

Basketball Shoes for Older Players

The basketball game is not restricted to only young players. This game covers every age group, from schoolboys to adults to older players.

If we see older players, they are not that strong physically as adult players are, they are more susceptible to foot injuries and ankle injuries.

They should go for shoes having more ankle protection, superb cushioning, remarkable traction and impact protection for assured safety and better performance during the game.

After spending lots of hours researching, we have shortlisted seven basketball shoes best for older players.

Best Basketball Shoes for Older Players

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

It is a high-top basketball shoe and is constructed with commendable aspects that give you unparalleled performance on the court.

These shoes have come in the market with Primeknit Xeno upper which bears great value by delivering you high comfort and outstanding breathability.

You experience great relief on your arches while these shoes are on your feet because the lacing system used in them is designed to carry out this function. Moreover, being a high-top basketball shoe, it provides reasonable protection to your ankles.


Nike Men’s Lebron XIII

Nike Lebron XIII is a high-top basketball shoe and is a versatile pair of shoes. It comes on the second number in our top selected shoes.

The mesh and fuse upper of LeBron XIII having Flywire cables between them provide breathability, flexibility, and durability and also make this pair of shoe light weighted.

These shoes have shown great ankle support and feature soft foam-lined collar for maximum feet protection.

The cushioning of these shoes is responsive and comes with the use of hex zoom technology. This technology also gives users loads of protection from different kinds of impacts.


Adidas Harden Vol. 2

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 is occupying the third position in our list for best basketball shoes for older players. It features a mesh base layer in the upper region that equips this shoe with high levels of comfort and breathability.

Harden Vol. 2 also uses neoprene in its construction for commendable lockdown and for boosting the comfort of this shoe.

The mesh material in conjugation with TPU coated fibers ameliorates durability, support and comfort aspects.


Nike PG 3

These shoes nail the fourth position in our selection and are made up of synthetic upper in its regular version to provide the players with support, breathability, and softness.

The midsole is featured with the function of minimizing the ankle rolling and these shoes run true to your feet’ size, along with that, also offer tight yet comfortable fitting to the players.

These shoes have used, for cushioning, Zoom Air cushioning technology. This setup also minimizes the possibilities of feet injuries on impact.

The exceptional traction of Kyrie 5 reflects the moon’s crater traction pattern that permits you to make your moves freely without falling on the ground by giving you a great grip for your game.


Nike Kyrie 5

Nike Kyrie 5 is an excellent article that shows remarkable on-court performance.  The inspection of these shoes has told us they are made up of mesh material in the upper region that enhances the comfort and breathability of the shoes.

A proper lockdown provides you more comfort and more support throughout the game, this shoe has utilized Venus Flytrap for this purpose.

Brilliant responsiveness, remarkable bounces, and incredible impact protection accelerate your performance and these shoes are relying on Zoom air turbo cushioning for this purpose. Kyrie 5 has shown a good grip on the court owing to the spiral eye traction pattern.


Nike KD 12

The sandwiching of Quad Axial Flywire, used for upper region construction of KD 12, between two paper-thin mesh delivers you maximum support, outstanding breathability, fantastic lightweight as well as appreciable flexibility.

These shoes are well-recognized for snug-fitting, no break-in time, impressive lockdown and apposite fitting.


Nike Air Visi Pro IV

Nike Air Visi Pro IV is comprised of synthetic and leather upper to make sure comfort, lightweight and breathability out of it.

These shoes have given reasonable protection from all kinds of injuries on impact and also gives great bounces for your game by the usage of Nike Air units. The shoes are also designed to provide you effective ankle support and arch support.

You always need a good grip and good stability on the surface to perform any kinds of moves and tricks with full success, this target is achieved by these shoes by featuring herringbone traction pattern in them.



This article is focusing on the best basketball shoes for older players and has discussed seven basketball shoes in this regard.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is coming on the first position in our top picks in the context of best basketball shoes for older players.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is a high-top shoe that delivers you ample of ankle protection and arch support.

Its Primeknit Xenon upper composition is responsible for the breathability, flexibility, and lightweight of it.

The full-length Boost midsole is used for providing impressive cushioning and power traction pattern for optimum stability and grip on the floor or surface of the court.

If you are an older player and looking for basketball shoes best for you, give our recommended shoes a chance for showing outstanding performance on the court during the game.

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