Basketball Shoes for Impact Protection

Best Basketball Shoes for Impact Protection

How would you feel if your shoes fail to give your reasonable impact protection and you fall a victim to dreadful foot injury? Obviously, too painful!

Never ignore impact protection factor while considering any basketball shoes, because your ignorance can lead to such bad injuries that could even terminate your career.

Mostly, the basketball shoes with good cushioning deliver you optimum and exceptional impact protection.

This article is based on best basketball shoes for impact protection and we have shortlisted top seven basketball shoes in this context with the help of different materials available.

Best Basketball Shoes for Impact Protection

Adidas Harden Vol. 2

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 is famous among players for providing notable impact protection and cushioning. It stands first in our top ranks for best basketball shoes for impact protection.

The upper of these shoes is made up of mesh and neoprene to make them supportive, flexible, durable and breathable. The semi-burrito shape of Harden Vol. 2 provides a remarkable lockdown to the users.

The terrific cushioning of these shoes is the outcome of boost cushioning technology that effectively enhances the jumping distance, ameliorates responsiveness, and delivers you incredible impact protection keep your feet guarded throughout the match.

The fractal traction pattern used on the rubber outsole brings an amazing traction framework that supports each of your moves by giving you an adequate grip on the surface during the game.

Nike Kyrie 5

The Nike Kyrie 5 is comprised of a mesh upper that equips these shoes with remarkable breathability and comfort.

The lockdown of these shoes is tremendous and is accredited to the Venus Flytrap used in them. This lockdown prevents the internal slippage of feet and also increases the support and comfort of these shoes.

Kyrie 5 features Zoom Air Turbo Cushioning technology that gives tremendous responsive cushioning together with exceptional impact protection to the users.

The spiral eyes traction pattern on the rounded rubber outsole of these shoes creates a very reasonable traction setup that provides you a strong grip on the surface during every type of move and largely minimizes chances of slippage.


Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

As soon as you put these shoes on, just assure yourself that impact is not going to be your fear anymore.

The prime knit Xeno upper composition is the assurance of lightweight, breathability and comfort from these shoes. these shoes, being light weighted and high-top, ensures high support and pretty much ankle support from Crazy Explosive.

You do not experience any pressure on your arches during the game and come across fabulous lockdown provided by the lacing system and molded heel piece respectively.

The outclass energy return, remarkable impact protection, and great comfort are all gifts of the full-length boost midsole featured in these shoes.

You would always experience a good grip and would not slippages during the game because of a multi-directional power traction pattern on the rubber outsole.

Under Armour Hover Havoc

They are featured with 2-tone mesh upper that makes them exceptionally breathable and comfortable.

These shoes depict good true to size fit and exhibit great support. The support is the result of the excellent lockdown of the shoes that are delivered by the lacing system of these shoes.

For cushioning, these shoes have utilized HOVR cushioning technology that is known to provide you outstanding bounces, amazing impact protection, and high responsiveness.

Hover Havoc is featured with rubber outsole incorporated with herringbone traction pattern, that supports your linear and lateral movements, and is awesome at providing you fantastic grip for all your moves.

Nike PG 3

It comes in different upper composition, you can select any matching your demands and there is no large difference in their performance. The regular version of PG3 comes with synthetic upper. The upper composition makes the shoes soft, supportive and breathable.

These shoes are constructed to run true to your size and provide you snug fitting. The chances of ankle rolling are largely minimized by the midsole. The internal heel counter and internal shank of PG 3 provide incredible support to the users’ feet.

These shoes guard your feet from dreadful impacts along with reasonable cushioning by using the zoom air cushioning technology. The rubber outsole features the moon’s crater traction pattern that introduces an impressive traction setup that supports your moves and shots by providing you adequate grip on the court.

Nike LeBron 16

These shoes are occupying the sixth position on our list. You get sock-like fit, softness, flexibility, breathability and amazing support out of these shoes owing to battleknit 2.0 upper.

The shoes are easy to put on and are constructed to provide you a customized fit. The incredible lockdown provided by Lebron 16 is because of the Flywires featured in it.

The lockdown together with internal shank, external heel counter, padded heel collar, and  Achilles pillows make this pair of shoe ultra-supportive.

The use of full-length max  zoom technology is used to assist the user by delivering incredible cushioning with high responsiveness and also provides exceptional protection from various impacts thereby guarding your feet

The beastly traction of Lebron 16 is attributed to the rubber outsole and multi-directional herringbone traction pattern.

Adidas Dame 4

Adidas Dame 4 comes on the seventh number in our selection and shows impressive performance. It features mesh upper that introduces the factor of breathability in it and breaks-in from no to little time.

Dame 4 is observed to run true the size of the player. Neoprene collar locks down your feet and enhances the support. The support is also enhanced by the internal heel counter and internal shank used in the shoes.

The bounce cushioning technology never lets you feel any sort of impact on your feet and delivers you remarkable responsive cushioning. The rubber outsole’s wave-like traction pattern is what provides you optimum grip and maximum stability to support your movements throughout the game.


The basketball shoes discussed above are very good for impact protection and protect your feet from all sorts of shocks. Adidas Harden Vol. 2 comes on the first position in our list and exhibits phenomenal impact protection.

Harden Vol. 2 features mesh and neoprene upper to make the shoe flexible, breathable, durable and high support. The lockdown, further adds to the support, is provided by the semi-burrito shape of these shoes.

Cushioning and impact protection is delivered by boost cushioning technology whereas the rubber outsole with fractal traction pattern ensures tremendous grip on the court.

Whenever you intend to buy basketball shoes having good impact protection, try our top picks. After using them, you would like to play with them again and we assure you, these shoes would boost your performance and would also give you remarkable impact protection.

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