Basketball Shoes for Bad Weak Ankles

Basketball Shoes for Bad Weak Ankles

The basketball game is full of professionalism and involves sharp twists, turns, high jumps, sudden direction changes, and many other such moves.

This game largely relies on the feet tricks to create a visible dominance in the game.

Ankles are the most sensitive part of your feet and are more prone to injuries during the game.

You have no margin to comprise the protection of your ankles especially if you are suffering from bad and weak ankles.

The ankle injuries mostly occur because of inappropriate selection of basketball shoes and such injuries last for many months.

So, you must carefully select your basketball shoes. The basketball shoes designed to support ankle mostly come with a high-top construction.

After spending lots of hours researching, we have shortlisted the top seven best basketball shoes for weak and bad ankles for you and have discussed them below.

Best Basketball Shoes for Bad and Weak Ankles

Air Jordan 34

The upper is minimalistic that equips it with flexibility, quickness, lightweight, breathability, and supportiveness.

These shoes fit true to your size and the lacing system gives you appreciable lockdown to make them supportive. The wide and stable base of air Jordan 34 largely ameliorates the stability and support.

The high top of these shoes is a blessing for persons with bad and weak ankles as it delivers much protection to ankles.

You get good cushioning and impact protection from Jordan 34 in response to the zoom air cushioning technology.

You can play any shot, and move and change direction with more confidence by having an awesome grip on the surface because of the herringbone traction pattern on the outsole of these shoes.


Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

The upper region of Crazy Explosive is comprised of Primeknit Xeno upper that adds flexibility, lightweight and breathability in the shoes.

The high-top and upper material collectively enhance the ankle support by minimizing unwanted stretch of the ankle to support the game of the person with bad ankles.

Crazy Explosive has used molded heel piece, to give reasonable lockdown, in order to ameliorate the support and the lacing system used in them minimizes pressure on the player’s arches.

You can make good and high jumps with exceptional impact protection in response to the full-length boost midsole. The traction is also reasonable due to the power traction pattern utilized in this pair of shoes


Nike Men’s LeBron XIII

The shoes standing on the third number on our list is Lebron XIII. It features Nike’s Zoom L.E.A.P system that makes it durable and gives the shoe its shape.

These upper of these shoe feature mesh and fuse having in between them Flywire cables. This construction leads to breathability, lightweight, flexibility, and durability.

Being flexible and high-top, they prevent stretching and twisting of ankles hence exposing maximum ankle support to the users.

These shoes have come with hexagonal zoom air technology to take the cushioning and impact protection of the shoes to the new levels.

The incredible grip of Lebron 13 is the outcome of the incorporation of hexagonal pods and herringbone traction patterns on the shoes’ rubber outsole.


Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5

UA Curry 2.5 occupies the fourth position in our selection. It exhibits molded synthetic, full-length mesh, along with PU rubber overlays and these overlays are thicker on the high wear areas.

This composition enhances breathability, stability, and comfort to the users. These shoes show snug fitting and brilliant lockdown to increase support and comfort.

The sturdier upper of the shoes together with the lockdown system act to provide you ample ankle support.

UA Curry 2.5 features charged cushioning technology that focuses to give you appreciable bounces and save your feet from all kinds of impacts.

The traction setup of these shoes relies on the multi-directional organic herringbone traction pattern on the shoes’ rubber outsole that delivers you a remarkable grip for making your cuts and moves more successful during the entire game.


Adidas Performance Men’s D. Rose 7

The engineered mesh with fuse overlays is what making the upper composition of these shoes to show fabulous breathability and the durability is also given by the nylon used beneath the mesh.

The lockdown is the outcome of the lace-up system of the use and boosts the support out of these shoes.

Being high-top basketball shoes, these shoes are designed to provide an extra covering to your ankle thereby boosting ankle support.

Adidas D. Rose 7 reflects Adidas cushioning technology that not only assists you by delivering incredible bounces but also guards your feet from dangerous impacts.

The multi-directional herringbone traction pattern on the rubber outsole is used with the objective of giving you a beastly grip on the surface throughout the game.


Adidas Dame 5

It comes in two uppers i.e. leather or mesh, with no difference in performance. The upper supports the feet and adds flexibility, comfortable, lightweight and breathability to the shoes.

The lacing system is supportive by providing you appreciable lockdown. The Dame 5 features ankle collar and the tongue to enhance comfort and support.

The outriggers featured on the side of the shoes to ameliorate stability to minimize ankle rolls.

The stupendous cushioning of Dame 5 is delivered by the full-length Bounce cushioning technology and the multi-directional herringbone traction pattern gives you unparalleled grip on the court surface during the game


Under Armour Hover Havoc

It is made up of two-tone mesh upper that makes it breathable and comfortable. UA hover havoc depicts true to size fitting and the lacing system provides it with fantastic lockdown that ameliorates the support. Being high top shoes, it is very effective at providing you apposite ankle support.

The hover cushioning technology provides you pretty much protection from impacts along with reasonable bounces for your game.

These shoes are made up of solid rubber outsole with a multi-directional herringbone traction pattern that provides you exceptional traction for your game.



This article is focusing on the best basketball shoes for weak and bad ankles and we have presented the top seven basketball shoes that show great ankle support.

Air Jordan 34 is the basketball shoe that is leading our list. It is flexible, breathable, supportive,  light weighted and runs true to ‏the users’ size.

The high-top of these shoes is what makes the ankles protected from injuries. The air Jordan 34 reflects zoom air cushioning technology and herringbone traction pattern.

You are suggested to try our selected shoes whenever you need to use basketball shoes for bad and weak ankles. We assure you outstanding ankle protection along with great performance.

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