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Jason Tatum’s full name is Jason Christopher Tatum Sr. He is a professional National Basketball Association (NBA) player for the team Boston Celtics. His date of birth is 3rd March 1998.

His father, Justin Tatum, was a basketball coach and Gym teacher at the Christian Brothers College High School. His mother is a practicing attorney. He has American nationality. Before entering the NBA draft in 2017, he was a player for the college basketball team Duke Blue Devils.

His position in the team is “Small forward, power guard or Shooting Guard.” Small forwards provide defense and score points, while power guards play offense while defending. His position in the team is evident that his moves are crucial, and he has to show strength and unpredictability.

This is because he is directly in contact with the defense team all the time and has to try to squeeze the ball through any window available to score. He performs his maneuvers very tactically and effortlessly, making him a great player. And this is why he won a gold medal on U.S Olympic Team in Tokyo in 2020.

Jayson Tatum Shoes

For any athlete, a gear or a kit for their sport is equally important as their skill. A player without proper gear won’t reach the potential he has to perform his moves. In a basketball game, the most crucial accessory for a player is his shoes/ sneakers.

If sneakers are less tight, do not have the grip, are heavy, and do not provide comfort or cushion, the game will be off, and the responsiveness will not be what the athlete wants. The choice of sneakers depends solely upon the player’s position in a game.

A point guard will be more concerned with a shoe’s impact resistance, bounce, or flight. As a power guard, Jayson Tatum chooses sneakers with the best traction, grip, and appropriate weight.

This is so that he could hold his position well against defense attacks while moving forward. Here’s a list of shoes Jason Tatum wore in his different matches throughout his basketball career.

Air Jordan 36

air jordan 36

As it is clear from the name, Air Jordan 36 is the 36th iteration of Nike’s Michael Jordan signature sneakers series. These sneakers were rocked by Jason Tatum in Game 2 of the NBA season 2020-2021 Playoffs. These sneakers feature a new and improved version 3.0 of the Eclipse plate.

Eclipse plate 3.0 is a lightweight technology in the mid-sole and out-sole. While the upper is a synthetic textile to provide a strong grip and clenches the foot. Air Jordan 36 came debuted in their heritage of vibrant colorways. But Jason Tatum sported the Team USA colorways in the 2021 Olympics and the NBA season.

Air Jordan 35

air jordan 35

Air Jordan 35 or (AJ XXXV) is the successor of the Air Jordan 34 series. They come with an updated Eclipse Plate 2.0, improving overall stability and balance with much more responsive cushioning.

The holed piece in the mid-sole with its futuristic look provides support and stability and prevents from tipping over. The midsole is curved to hold and lock the foot for perfect grip. These sneakers also feature Zoom Air Units in the forefoot and heel area for cushioning.

Jason Tatum sported these in the 2020-2021 season before AJ 36 was released. Jason Tatum chose a colorway for these pairs, a two-toned black and green colorway to match the uniform of his team Boston Celtics uniform color.

Air Jordan 34

air jordan 34

This model was released in 2019. A revolutionary design sneaker provides responsiveness, control, and explosiveness in any direction. The eclipse plate was introduced. This replaces the heavy material for cushioning.

It is combined with a visible Zoom Air unit which gives the best traction while reducing the weight for added bounce. The upper is made of an advanced and strong woven mesh, increasing breathability and ventilation.

Jason Tatum started wearing the Air Jordan series in the summer of 2019, with AJ XXXIV being the first as they are explicitly made for athletes like Jason Tatum, famous for their responsiveness.

Nike Adapt BB

nike adapt bb

Jayson Tatum was the first player from NBA to wear these self-lacing Nike Adapt BB sneakers in a game since their release in February 2019. These are perfect for athletes as they provide adjustment of the upper controlled electronically via Bluetooth through an app on the phone or through buttons on the shoes.

You can even save your default grip by pressing the two buttons on the shoes, so you won’t need to go through tightening or losing the shoes every time you wear them. Just put these on, and it will tight to your default setting.

These sneakers, despite their improved technology, are lighter than their predecessors. This helps to provide the bounce to the jumps and helps athletes in their flight while jumping.

Nike PG 2

nike pg 2

Nike PG 2 is in line with PG for Paul George’s signature series, designed to keep comfort, cushion, and responsiveness in mind. These sneakers feature the Nike Zoom Air cushioning to increase responsiveness and agility in every direction. For foot-locking, an adaptive forefoot band system clenches the foot.

These sneakers are precisely made, keeping in mind the needs of a small forward like Jayson Tatum. Jason sported these in Game 4 in 2018 against the Milwaukee Bucks team. His worn colorways include a black, gray PlayStation version and a custom colorway of his own NikeID based on a coloring book.

Nike Kyrie 4

nike kyrie 4

Nike Kyrie 4 is made to enhance movements like the ones pulled off by Kyrie Irving. This is the fourth upgrade in the Kyrie line-up with an improved design with a sole zig-zag split into two sections for perfect on-court grip, flexibility, and traction. The foam in the sole is lightweight and soft.

It is replaced by Phylon to provide comfort, cushioning, and responsiveness to the feet. Nike Kyrie 4 are the sneakers that Jayson Tatum has worn the most times. He rocked several colorways, including “Kix,” “Power is Female,” “Equality,” and “Year of the Monkey,” most notably.

Nike Kyrie 3

nike kyrie 3

Nike Kyrie 3 is the successor of Nike Kyrie 2 and 3 in the Kyrie Irving Signature Sneakers line-up. These series are known for their design, biting traction, and gripping court response. These are the first sneakers that Jayson Tatum rocked on a court ever.

The forefoot band helps keep the foot locked. These sneakers are best for their side-stepping feature due to their soles extended to the sides. The Zoom Air units in the sole make the responses quicker and dampen the impact of jumps.

Jayson Tatum wore a simple black and white colorway in his first match, but then thanks to Kyrie Irving, he went on to try “Luck,” “Aqua Lobster,” as well as “Fear” colorways of this lineup.

Nike PG 1

nike pg 1

Nike PG 1 was worn by Jayson Tatum during his early career in a black and green colorway that matched the Celtics Jersey. These were the first model in these PG series, explicitly built for Paul George when he approached Nike to deliver his ideal.

They were all about providing comfort and responsiveness. For convenience, it features a full inner sleeve and sock-liner of plush. While for responsiveness, it has Zoom Air units for multi-directional movement.

Paul George loved fishing, and the pattern on the outsole, which appears as fish scales, attracted him towards these. These scale-like structures are multipurpose and add traction to the shoes as well.

Basketball Career and Stats

Pre-NBA Career

He went to Chaminade College Preparatory School in Missouri. During his High School, he was named 2013 Metro Catholic Conference Co-Player of the year as he helped win his team Red Devils the MCC and Missouri District crown. He joined the Amateur Athletic Union team St. Louis Eagles in 2015.

His team beat Duke Blue Devils and advanced to the championship on 11th July. His senior year scored during 2015-16 averaged 29.6 points with 6 40-point games. He was ranked no. 3 overall and no. 2 small forward in the 2016 High School class. During his college career, he was named ACC freshman of the year.

Professional Career

He made his debut in the 2017-2018 NBA season by becoming the third overall pick in the NBA draft in 2017 by Boston Celtics. The Boston Celtics made it to the 2018 NBA playoffs with his abilities.

With Tatum’s score of 20, Celtics defeated Bucks in Game 7 with a score of 112-96. During this season, he also became the youngest player to score at least 20 in four straight playoffs.

He scored 23 points in the opener of the 2018-2019 season, leading to a 105-87 win against the Philadelphia 76ers. He also won the Skills Challenge competition during NBA All-Star Weekend.

He was named NBA-All-Star for the first time in his career during the 2019-2020 season. Boston Celtics made it to the finals again during Jayson’s three-year career. The games were halted due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

During the 2020-2021 season, Jayson missed multiple games as he tested positive for COVID. He scored a career-high 53 points against Minnesota Timberwolves. He also brought back the team from a 32-point deficit against the Spurs, with the third-largest comeback in the history of the NBA.

Family / Relationship

His father was a gym teacher at a coach in Jayson’s High School. While his mother is a practicing attorney. He is the Godson of former NBA player Larry Hughes and cousin of former NBA player Tyronn Lue. Larry Hughes and his father were college teammates. He has a son Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr., born on 6th December 2017. 

Skills: Shooting, Passing, Defence

Jayson’s swing skill is his 3-point shooting. He has an advantage of size, and his fluidity makes him hard to tackle the opponent. Depending on the team scheme, he always figures out a way to bounce between both forward spots and the players around him. He is ranked 99th percentile ITO efficiency, per synergy sports. 

Physical Attributes

Jason Tatum is 6 ft and 8 inches in height while he weighs 210 lbs. (95 kg). His physical attributes contribute a lot to his skills and his game, as he has the edge over others based on this as his position demands so.

He has a tattoo of the portrait of his mother, Brandy Cole, on his right leg. He also has a quote tattoo saying, “I JUST DID NOT QUIT,” as well as a tattoo of himself holding his son, showing he is a loving father.

Net Worth

Jason Tatum has signed a 5-year contract with the Boston Celtics, guaranteeing $163 million. His annual average salary is $32 million.

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