How to Make Cheap Basketball Court

How to Make Cheap Basketball Court in Backyard

Basketball is the widely played game across the globe.

There are many fans of basketball who want to play the game either professionally or as a hobby.

The basketball court is the dream place to play basketball.

The proper feeling and charisma of the game are in the court.

The majority of the basketball players are playing and practicing the game on mud and rough surfaces. This sometimes causes injuries to the player.

What if we tell you that there is an easy and economical way to make a basketball court at your place?

This article is aided with the steps to make a cheap basketball court.

Steps To Make a Cheap Basketball Court

Given below are the steps to make a cheap basketball court.

Accurate Basketball Court Dimensions:

How to Make Basketball Court Cheap

Before starting to make a basketball court at the backyard or any place.

It is imperative to have proper knowledge of the dimensions of the basketball court.

And, the feasibility of the availability of the place matching up the dimensions criteria.

What are the dimensions of a basketball court?

The regular size of the NBA and NCCA full basketball courts is 94 feet by 50 feet.

For half-court basketball dimensions: divide these dimensions by 2. (for your backyard or wherever you want)

Gather the Required Equipment:

After selecting the place meeting up the dimensions criteria, it is time to collect the required gear to make a basketball court. The necessary materials required to do this job are listed below:

Clear the Court Area & Draw Basketball Court Boundaries:

Clear the Court Area and Mark Boundaries

It’s the time to clear all the garbage from the designated court area, don’t wipe out the mud.

Make the area plane with the help of a manual roller.

Place stakes in each of the corners and mark the boundaries according to the dimensions with the help of the masking tape.

Make a Concrete Surface and Install Basketball Poles:

Make a Concrete Surface

This is the time to make a solid concrete surface.

It should be noticed that this step must be carried out on a dry, sunny day.

If you want to give a color to the concrete mixture, add the surface color in the process of maxing the mixture.

Pour the concrete mixture in the court dimensions and maintain an equilibrium balance of the surface.

Install the basketball poles during the process of pouring concrete to make a court foundation. Poles must be kept 2 to 3 feet under the surface and covered with extra concrete.

The standard height of a basketball pole is 10 feet from the ground level to the top of the rim. Let the foundation dry for at least 36 hours.

Paint the Basketball Court Boundaries:

Paint the Basketball Court Boundaries

Spray paint works well but uses a stencil kit to make straight lines in the court.

The lines must be kept 2.5 or 3 inches thick surrounding the complete court.

Centreline must be in the exact middle of the court that runs horizontally from one side of the basketball court to the other side.

When you are making a free-throw line, it should be kept in mind that this line must be placed at 15 feet from the hoop and should be 12 feet long.

Paint the remaining lines of the court and the center circle on both sides of the full court or on a single side for a half-court. Your cheap basketball is ready when the paint dries up.


Making a playable basketball court is economical and easy. It is the best practice to play basketball on the basketball court to avoid injuries and increase basketball life.

With the help of this article and few materials, making a cheap basketball according to the standard measurements is made easy for the players that have less or no access to the real basketball court.

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