How Many Rings Does Scottie Pippen Have?

Thinking of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s the two names that pop up are Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen’s athletic build and 6’8” had him crushing his opponents.

He and Michael Jordon made quite the team on the court. Scottie Pippen was truly the king of all trades and was able to maneuver the ball in any way possible.

Back story:

Scottie Pippen was 6’1″ when he finished high school. After that as he went to college his height went up to 6’8″ and has an excellent PPG that was 23 and an RPG of 10. His performance on the court earned him the NAIA All American Honors.

Pippen’s performance in the Chicago Bulls helped them reach 3rd place from the 8th. Michael Jordan and Pippen made a great team and supported each other to help the team win.

How many rings does Scottie Pippen have?

Scottie Pippen has earned 6 championship rings. He won all of his 6 rings while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Which years did Scottie Pippen win his rings?

The years in which Scottie Pippen won his rings are mentioned below:

  • 1991
  • 1992
  • 1993
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 1998
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Let’s take a deeper look at his six title-winning years:

Scottie Pippen 1st Ring (1990 – 1991):

Due to Pippen’s exceptional performance in the final game against LA Lakers, the Chicago Bulls were led to a victory. The stats of Scottie Pippen were amazing as he committed 6 rebounds, 21 points, and 7 assists.

Scottie Pippen 2nd Ring (1991 – 1992):

His performance as a defender landed him the title of the First team all-defense honors. Due to his unique antics, the Bulls had the honor of winning 67 games which is the league-high in a regular season. Again Pippen’s stats were off the charts with RPG 8, PPG 21, and APG 8.

Scottie Pippen 3rd Ring (1992 – 1993):

Pippen’s stats for this season were also fantastic as he hit 23.5 PPG on average. Jordan and Pippen’s performance in the game led them to victory against the toughest teams in the season.

Scottie Pippen 4th Ring (1995 – 1996):

This was the year Chicago Bulls as once again they beat the record and won 72 league-wide games, easily making past the play-offs. After a rocky start in the year 1994 when Jordan was not a part of the team, Chicago Bulls made an amazing comeback in 1995 with both Pippen and Jordan at their very best.

Scottie Pippen 5th Ring (1996 – 1997):

Another year here the Chicago Bulls started with a fabulous 17 – 1 and won 69 games that led them straight to the play-offs. Despite a foot injury, Pippen’s stats were again off the charts with RPG 8 and PP at 20.

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Scottie Pippen 6th Ring (1997 – 1998):

Due to Pippen’s foot surgery, he ended up missing half the season. However, regardless of the surgery, he was able to contribute a lot to the team. He did struggle with shoots but in the end, his struggle and enthusiasm for the sport did not stop him from playing a fabulous game.


Now we know all there is to know about Scottie Pippen. He was a true champion and a great team player. His performance in all the games is off the charts and had left his fans frantic. He still is a hero and always will be remembered as the star player.

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