How Long Does Weed Stay In The System Of An Athlete?

When you consume weed, it stays in your system for approximately 30 days or more and can directly harm your body. However, many factors should be kept in mind for an athlete to know precisely how long weed stays in your system.

If you are an athlete who consumes weed cannabis, passing a sports league drug test could become quite challenging for you.

You must be known that cannabis is prohibited from consuming, especially for a sportsperson, and you must beat a drug test to play your league. Thus, you must be wondered how long it takes to get rid of THC elements from an athlete’s system.

Well, depending upon some factors, it takes probably 10 to 70 days to thoroughly flush weed out of your system and pass a drug test.

THC is an active substance found in weed that can be easily stored in body fat.  Nevertheless, an athlete has low body fat and high metabolism; that’s why it is easier to eradicate THC substances for an athlete’s body within a short period.

But how weed affects the health and overall performance of an athlete, and how can you eliminate weed elements from the body?

How Long Does Weed Stay In The System Of An Athlete?

how long does weed stay in the system of an athlete

Does Weed Affect an Athlete Performance?

As an athlete, you must be looking forward to improving your execution. Right now, the most updated discussion going on all across the world is how much weed and THC substances affect an athlete’s performance and the consequences.

On one side, where athletes spend their days in the gym to stay fit, but on the other side, when these athletes consume marijuana, it means that all their effort has been in vain.

To comprehend how weed affects your performance, you must identify the impact of weed on your brain first. 

Effect of Weed on Athlete’s Brain

Weed comprises the central element named Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, which is a psychoactive chemical. It generates a feeling of dizziness and exhilaration in a very high manner.

Not only THC but weed cannabis also contains hundreds of chemical compounds which merge and influence human feelings. These cannabinoids help control emotions, memory, pain, and appetite, but their aftereffects could be harsh.

Weed Benefits on Athlete Performance

You must be thinking that weed impacts substantially destructively on an athlete’s performance. Well, you’re right! But, weed also works beneficially on their execution in specific ways. Several advantages of weed are discussed as follow:

  • A high amount of weed reduces an athlete’s distractions and helps him emphasizing a particular thing such as exercising.
  • Weed comprises some substances naturally, which produces similar compounds which are generated while exercising. Thus, consuming weed before a workout boosts the process of endocannabinoid production.
  • While working out, muscles exhaust all effects such as muscular pain after exercise because weed acts as a pain reliever and comforter, which helps you feel relaxed and light even after a laborious exercise.
  • Weed contains some anti-provocative elements, which are also advantageous for athletes. If an athlete smokes weed before initiating his workout, it will help him exercise for an extended period without exhaustion.

Drawbacks of Weed on Athlete Performance

Although athletes may consume weed for several gains to their execution, they might be unaware of some chemicals available in weed can lead them towards a downfall.

  • Weed produces impetuosity which ends up in behavior risk-taking in an athlete. In this condition, the person becomes very vulnerable to a critical risk that may cause harm to his health and performance. For instance, the patient may experience some life-intimidating wounds.
  • Some weed chemicals mix with brain receptors and impact brain functions such as eye-hand corporation and response time. These are the functions that make a person athlete and distinguish in his performance.
  • People primarily consume weed through smoking, but it is not as dangerous as tobacco smoking. However, there are still numerous carcinogens that may trigger severe bronchitis. Therefore, an athlete should avoid consuming weed via smoking; he can take it through a vaporizer or edible form.

Numerous studies have shown that the benefits of weed and marijuana on an athlete’s performance are very least. But an athlete may encounter more hazards if he smokes weed.

It not only affects his executions but his psychological and physical health as well. That’s why according to sports rules and principles, weed and other drug substances are highly discouraging.

Does Weed Show Up in an Athlete’s Sports Physical?

If you are a regular weed consumer and going to get a sports physical, you must be concerned if they drug test you and your cannabis show up in the trial. However, in most sports physical cases, drug tests are not conducted and certainly clear your sports physical.

Typically, drug tests are not being performed; instead, your sugar levels and creatinine levels are being checked. For females, a pregnancy test is also performed. 

Rarely, if they do a drug test, you will get to know before your physical takes place because drug testing without informing a person is illegal. Hence, if you have been notified about a drug test, you may have some time to clear your drug cannabis from the body to beat the test.

How to Smoke Weed and Still be an Athlete?

Although many athletes believe that if they consume weed, they may lose their jobs or athletics, but it’s not like that.

I have seen many athletes smoking weed, and they are still the best in their performances. They believe that smoking weed makes them more vigorous and boosts their execution.

Weed consumption is prevalent in many amateurs and professional athletes who believe that it leads them to accomplish their goals. They struggle to get competitive superiority which results in long-distant running and reduces their cramps after playing.

Besides, the most critical part for athletes is sleep. Weed helps in making their sleeping cycle better and keeps them calm and active before sports.

Not only this, weed has recently been considered as a supplement for some athletes to get extreme stamina and improves their performance.

However, as an athlete, it is essential to notice you should not smoke cannabis during sports because it is strictly forbidden. Although it delivers several performative advantages to an athlete and takes him to higher ranks, the consequences should also be kept in mind.

How Weed Helps You Recover as an Athlete?

There has been extensive research on how weed can positively help an athlete in recovery. Many studies have concluded that weed cannabis could be a great recovery tool for athletes, especially those who are sports pros. 

According to the IHRSA, weed cannabis is meant to deliver numerous valuable uses to consumers, either it is physical release or mental relief.

Many athletes have started consuming cannabis to recover their bodies after hard work out or challenging games. For many athletes and players, weed works as an anti-inflammatory that clams their legs and other body parts and helps them recover fast after a game or exercise.

The increases of cannabis in professional athletes have taken them to prosperity, and this cannabis has become one of the critical secrets of athletes to enter high ranks of sports.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Body from One Hit?

Well, many people consume weed cannabis occasionally in a minimal amount. Notwithstanding, it happens you consume only a single hit of weed and suddenly remember that you have to perform a drug test in a few days.

Anyhow, this is not only the case; many people consume a slight amount of weed and wonder how long its constituents stay in their bodies. 

Nevertheless, the good news is the lesser you consume weed, the faster it leaves your body. However, you still cannot be sure if your system is entirely cleared or not.

Different people comprise distinct body structures; therefore, one cannot be sure how much time it takes to flush weed out of the body.

Hence, several factors should be kept in mind, such as the consumer’s age, gender, body condition, and how frequent and what amount he consumes cannabis. The higher and more frequent the person consumes, the harder it becomes to remove toxins from the body.

Usually, THC remains in their different body parts for onetime users for a different number of days. For instance, THC stays in saliva for 24 hours with one hit. It may not be detected in hair follicle tests, but it lasts up to 3 days in human blood.

How Can an Athlete Flush Weed Out of their Urine System?

A drug test is prevalent in sportsmen and athletes to find their body system and fitness. Thus it is imperative to flush weed out of your system to pass a drug test.

The market is full of detoxification programs that are explicitly meant to clean your whole body through urine and beat a drug test. 

Anyhow, there are several methods for athletes to beat a drug test. Many people adopt home remedies, and some can go up with products available in the market.

However, I would suggest that home remedies may take an extended period to wash your system, and still, some of the toxins remain in your system. So, this method could be hazardous. Therefore, you need to go for an exact product from the detox industry.

However, if you have visited the market to get a reliable detoxification kit but could not find one, I have brought a trustworthy product for you, i.e., a 10-day detox program by Toxin Rid. If you an extreme weed consumer, then this course is the best option for you.

This treatment is only specified to remove a heavy amount of toxins from your body. The 10-day detox program is made with some natural ingredients that remove toxins from the body and boost the internal body system.

Many people consider 10-day detox treatment one of the most influential and best programs to remove toxins from the body.

This treatment includes three packages; toxin rid tablets, detox liquid, and dietary fiber, which enter your body and powerfully eradicate all poisonous substances from your system so that you could pass a drug test effortlessly.

How 10-Day Detox Program Works?

The 10-day detox treatment efficiently works because it holds some natural substances like minerals, herbs, and vitamins, combining and forcing these contaminants to leave your system via urine.

This treatment includes some particular substances such as alfalfa leaf abstracts, psyllium husk, and electrolytes, making a powerful combination and effective weed extracts to eliminate from the body.

The alfalfa leaf abstracts spot these components in your kidneys and liver. The electrolytes comprise potassium, chloride, and magnesium, which help keep your urine natural.

Finally, the psyllium husk works as a broom that gathers all components from different body organs and flushes out these toxins through urination.

When these three components combine, they made an influential mixture and works outstandingly for various drug toxins such as:

  • Benzodiazepine
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Nicotine
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opiate
  • Oxycodone
  • Weed

Not only weed, but this product also works exceptionally for numerous drugs. As the name depicts, you have to use this treatment for ten days by following its instructions. Once you have completed the course, your body would be cleansed, and you’re ready to beat a drug test.

How to Use 10-Day Detox

Now that you’ve got to know about the efficiency of this treatment, you must know how to use this product. When you have adopted this program, you must stop consuming weed a few days before initiating this plan for better results.

Moreover, you must take your meals watchfully as per the guidelines. below is a stepwise procedure to guide you about how to use a 10-day detox program:

  • On the first day, take three toxin tablets five times after an hour. On this day, it would be a sum of fifteen tablets. You cannot reduce or increase the number of pills per day.
  • Follow the first-day schedule for the next nine days and take pills the same way. 

Pro Tip: if you start consuming pills with an empty stomach in the morning, the process would be faster and better.

  • You must drink a lot of water daily to prevent dehydration and take natural food such as fruits, vegetables, and meat that contain fiber and proteins to avoid deficiency.
  • As an athlete, you must not leave your work out. You have to exercise regularly to remain active.
  • Once you have completed nine days, after taking the last session of pills on the 10th day, it’s time to take detox liquid.
  • Take half amount of liquid detox and consume it two hours after consuming pills. Remember, mix this liquid with distilled water.
  • After another two hours, consume the remaining half detox liquid the same way with distilled water. 

Keep in mind that you should not eat or drink anything but water between pills and detox liquid.

  • When you’ve consumed all liquid detox, wait for a couple of hours and now you can eat or drink anything you want.
  • On the day of the drug test, consume dietary fiber two hours before executing the test. Combine dietary fiber with an amount of purified water and consume it in one to two quarrels.
  • Wait for 15 minutes and drink loads of water.
  • Urinate twice or thrice before a drug test. 
  • All weed toxins would be eliminated through urination, and you are ready to beat the test.

10-Day Detox Kit Pros and Cons

If you are looking for a fast, accurate, and natural detoxification treatment, there could be a no better option than a 10-day detox kit by toxin rid. This product delivers plentiful benefits to your body without harming your system.


  • This product does not just mask toxins but detoxifies them out of your body.
  • It contains the most effective tablets which genuinely help your body recovering.
  • It not only works for weed but against multiple drug metabolites.
  • The natural substances in this product combine and act as a broom to sweep toxin elements out of your body.
  • There are three packages in this kit that merges and powerfully eradicate all substances from the body.
  • As compared to detox treatments, it impacts your body very speedily, within ten days only.
  • The toxin rid 10-day detox kit helps your body work properly and keeps your system improved.


  • You may find this product pretty expensive.
  • You have to follow each step according to the instructions for good results.
  • You must stop consuming all types of cannabis before starting this treatment and eat healthily.

Factors Affecting The Length Of Time Weed Remains In The System Of An Athlete

The most common THC type is weed or marijuana drug which is conducted through a urine drug test. In the urine of an athlete, the byproducts of THC are detectable for a longer time, which means that the urine drug test can reveal the presence of toxins in your system.

Notwithstanding, THC can be easily noticeable in urine with a large number of toxins.  If an athlete has been consuming weed for once only, the THC elements remain in his urine for approximately 5 to 8 days.

If the consumer is consuming weed for 2 or 4 days a week, it may stay in his urinary system for 15 to 18 days. In contrast, a regular consumer is at high risk of containing its elements for 35 to 50 days in his system. 

However, the stay of weed substances in your system depends upon some factors such as:

Body Weight is the most contributing method which influences a lot in the extension of THC elements in your system. When weed enters the body, its THC substances are attached to fat cells, which becomes harder to expel. Though the more your body weight is, the longer it takes to remove it from the system.

Consumption Frequency is another crucial factor upon which the THC elimination depends. THC is a lipid-soluble component that means the more THC you consume, the longer it would stay in your body fats and take more time to eradicate.

Dosage of cannabis that athletes consume impacts the extension of cannabinoids in the system. It depends on how much amount of weed you consume per session in a day. However, if you consume THC once a day, but the dosage is high, it still affects the length of weed stay in your body.

Last but not least, the Consumption Method impacts a lot in the time-taking of weed to leave your body. As I have discussed earlier, for athletes, consuming weed through smoking is the most dangerous method. However, you can take it via vaporizer or edible tablets.

Whatever the factor is, the THC compounds must be removed from the body within 30 days. Otherwise, it may harm your body severely, which you may encounter several diseases in your coming days. 

What makes weed stay in my body for several days?

There are some factors that make weed stay in your system. While consuming weed or any other cannabis, such aspects must be borne in mind. These factors include consumption method, frequency, dosage, and consumer’s body weight. 

How long does it take to wash weed out of the system entirely?

With the help of toxin rid 10-day detox treatment, it would take only ten days to remove weed toxins out of your body effectively and makes you ready to pass a drug test.

Where can I find toxin rid 10-day detox program?

You can easily find a 10-day detox kit from at a competitive price. This website is renowned for delivering 100% genuine products to its customers. 

Final Verdict

So, when it comes to how long does weed stays in an athlete’s system, the answer is it depends on various aspects. Although weed has been considered somehow beneficial to enhance athlete performance, it conveys some enduring adverse effects.

As an athlete, you may consume weed to get a boost for your execution and relaxation after working out, but you also must be aware of its consequences. Head to our FAQs for more information.

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