Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 [TOP RATED]

Best Traction Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are of great importance to basketball players and act as game-changing elements during the game.

The basketball game demands the active participation of the players. To have a strong grip on your game, you have to keep yourself physically strong and your mind present all the time during the game.

You cannot hinge on merely on your physical strength to have a prominent dominance on the game.

Instead, along with your good physical strength, you need additional features to have a stronghold on your game and these features are provided to you by your shoes.

All the time during the game, you make tricky cuts, instant moves, jump high and run fast. Moreover, it also includes instant acceleration and deceleration along with sudden direction changes.

All these movements are further supported by your shoes by delivering good grades of traction, cushioning, protection, breathability, lockdown, support, and stability so, choose your shoes wisely.

The grip and stability you have on the surface of court throughout the game are attributed to the traction feature of your shoes. The traction pattern might be herringbone, circular, shattered glass-like and many others.

To make successful moves, to have stability during the game and to prevent slippages and falling on the ground while implementing your tricks, you need incredible traction and this traction factor is delivered by your basketball shoes.

Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020


Nike Mens Lebron 16 Black/White/Grey Mesh Basketball Shoes 11 M USCheck Price on Amazon

Nike Lebron 16 is another amazing basketball shoe in the context of traction and it nails the first position in our top picks for best traction basketball shoes.

These shoes are known to have phenomenal traction. This killing traction is attributed to the use of herringbone traction pattern along with the use of rubber outsole.

This traction pattern is aggressive and it is also observed that it allows multidirectional coverage.

This impressive traction retains your balance while you make cuts, jump, run, change direction or make any type of move, as a result, you lose the fear of slippage and perform up to the mark.

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The cushioning system these shoes have come with is full-length Max Zoom technology. If we inspect further, we observe that there is segmentation of the Max zoom units along the entire length in order to make these shoes more flexible.

These max zoom units work to enhance the overall responsiveness of these shoes and also improves bounciness. They also act to deliver you impact protection and hence also acts as a protection setup for your feet.

Nike Lebron 16 has battle knit upper and this extends entirely the length of the shoes. This material is of great speciality that it contributes to increasing the support factor of these shoes and also delivers you tight-fitting like sock-like fit.

An outstanding lockdown setup leads to an impressive game. These shoes have the capability of enhancing your lockdown and this is attributed to the presence of Flywire’s on the tongue of these shoes.

Getting into the support factor of these shoes, it is observed that the battle knit delivers you support and a good fit of these shoes also contributes to this factor.

Moreover, to add more support to the heel region and to provide torsional support, these shoes have featured heel counter and internal shank respectively.


Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Shoe - Men's Basketball 13.5 Onix/White
Check Price on Amazon

Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive is well-recognized basketball shoes in the basketball shoe market.

It shows an outstanding performance and depicts commendable traction on court and is considered a complete package of meritorious features.

It stands on the second position in our top picks for best basketball shoes for traction. Let’s start with the upper composition of these shoes.

Adidas performance men’s crazy explosive is constructed with Primeknit Xeno upper that augments the breathability of this pair of shoes and also makes it light weighted.

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Outstanding traction, outstanding game! Poor traction, poor game! The use of Power coral technology and rubber outsole are what taking the traction of these to the new level.

The boost midsole of these shoes has a tinted TPU wrap that ameliorates the traction factor and comfort level of these shoes.

The cushioning of these shoes is meritorious. These shoes are constructed with the Boost cushioning system that delivers you good bounces and also makes you experience plenty of impact protection.

No player would ever like to experience pressure on the arches of feet. Well, don’t go elsewhere because these shoes meet this demand due to the lacing system.

The lacing system of these shoes is of great importance and bears the capability of wrapping your feet and hence are equipped with the capability of reducing pressure on the arches of your feet.

These shoes meet the taste of customers as they come in diverse colors and are available in different sizes.


Nike Hyperdunk 2017

Nike Mens Hyperdunk 2017 Low Top Lace Up Running Sneaker, Black, Size 11.5
Check Price on Amazon

NIKE HYPERDUNK 2017 is one of the best-selling basketball shoes of the Nike brand due to the unparalleled traction feature incorporated in it. It comes on the third position in our top picks for best traction basketball shoes.

Just imagine, you are performing outclass on the court and suddenly you lose your balance and fall on the court. how would you feel?

Obviously, you would regret a lot about losing hold on your game and would also feel ashamed in front of a large crowd.

This happens due to not taking into consideration the standard of traction feature while opting for basketball shoes. For outstanding performance, you need incredible traction.

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These shoes have incorporated into one of the best traction setups that allow you to play any sort of move with utmost grip on the court surface.

These shoes have used rubber outsole and pressure-mapped traction pattern which create a great traction setup for the users.

I am sure you people would love to have remarkable cushioning from your selected basketball shoes. Well, Hyperdunk 2017 delivers remarkable cushioning due to the react cushioning technology featured in it.

This cushioning is responsible for equipping the customers with outclass responsiveness and appreciable impact protection.

The upper part of Hyperdunk 2017 is comprised of engineered mesh. This composition is known to ameliorate the breathability of these shoes and also contributes to make these shoes light weighted.

These shoes fit true to players’ size, however, wide feet users may need to go up 1/2size. Hyperdunk 2017 is also famous for its impressive lockdown that keeps your feet confined in a specific area and prevents any hindrance in your motion.

These shoes provide appreciable support to the users by the use of TPU torsional plate, external heel counter and external reinforcement piece. Therefore, you play more comfortably your game with the utmost support.

These shoes also focus on the protection of your ankles and have designed a padded ankle collar for this purpose.

Hence, these shoes are a complete parcel of incredible and desirable features that really help in opening the door to victory for you.



This article is based on best traction basketball shoes and we have discussed three basketball shoes with the best traction.

All these shoes are outclassing but based on some differences, we have assigned them different positions. Nike Lebron 16 Basketball shoes have nailed the first position and deliver outstanding features to the users.

These shoes have used herringbone traction pattern that is responsible for such a meritorious traction of these shoes. they are manufactured with battle knit upper which adds to support and the snug-fitting of these shoes.

These shoes have max zoom units for cushioning and also deliver appropriate lockdown, stability, and support to the users.

We strongly recommend these shoes if you are longing for best traction basketball shoes and you would never regret trying our choice.

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