Best High Top and Low Top Basketball Shoes

The basketball game needs no introduction.  A game well-characterized by high jumps, instant cuts, sharp turns, fast running, high energy, meritorious stamina is what describes this game best.

You can not enjoy your victory by merely relying on your physical strength and planning, you have to focus on the basketball shoes you are opting for your game.

Basketball shoes have incorporated features that greatly boost your game by delivering you cushioning, breathability, protection, stability, support, and traction.

All basketball shoes have not the same quality of features. Some use the best technologies to equip you best of these features, some lack in quality of these features and some lack some of these features. Hence a difference is created in basketball shoes and you must look for the best one to take your game to a new level.

The basketball shoe you need depends largely on your category of playing. Some players are the center or power players they need high-top and some are playing as guard they need low-top basketball shoes.

In this article, we have discussed the top four high-top and top four low-top basketball shoes. This selection is based on our study upon these products and reviews of different customers using them.

Best High Top and Low Top Basketball Shoes

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High-Top Basketball Shoes

Before getting into the details, you must know what actually high-top means. The High-top basketball shoes are those shoes that are designed to extend over the ankle of the user and weigh comparatively more than the mid-top and low-top basketball shoes.

This category of shoes is largely liked by center or power forward players. Power players tend to jump a lot to create a reasonable dominance in the game, which makes their lower legs and ankles susceptible to injuries.

These shoes are featured largely with padding and enormous lower leg support to assure the protection of the player.

Moreover,  these shoes are very incredible at delivering your outstanding stability and support to maintain the momentum of your game.

We have made a selection of top four high top basketball shoes based on our study and opinions of different customers.

1-Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoes are first in our top four picks of best high-top basketball shoes.  These shoes offer your best cushioning, traction, protection, breathability, support and stability.

This shoe is introduced in the market with an upper composition of modified laces and Xenos which work really well in delivering you high grades of ankle support and tight fit. The use of prime knit xenon upper contributes to enhancing the breathability of these shoes.

During the game, you need to make instant and high jumps. For that, you need a good boost and protection from your shoes and rely on cushioning technology of your shoes.

This shoe is very brilliant at delivering you the right amount of cushioning and it absorbs explosive shock, distributes it evenly to other parts of shoes to minimize risks of injuries.

This shoe is introduced in the market with a high-top which makes it highly appropriate and suitable for ankle support by prevents unnecessary ankle stretch.

No one ever wants to experience pressure at his arches. The lacing system of these shoes is very incredible, it has the property to diminish the additional pressure at your arches by completely surrounding your feet.

The shoe features an incorporated molded heel piece, for the purpose of the good lockdown of the user’s feet, with the heel lace system of the shoes to provide the player a stable and comfortable ride and prevents his slippage chances.

Good traction is an indication of a good game. The shoe’s boost midsole is wrapped by tinted TPU which function to load you with exceptional grip on every corner of the court.

2-Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5

This shoe comes second in our top pick and is offering you valuable features that open the door of success for you.

Charged cushioning technology is focussed in this game to guard your feet from unessential shocks and provide you appreciable bounces for your game.

You can never achieve your goal with uncomfortable shoes. A micro G foam is incorporated in these shoes, which extends well the length of these shoes and provides you a very soothing and comfortable experience.

This shoe is also introduced with molded synthetic wraps in the market, which basically focuses to enhance the stability and comfort factors of these shoes.

You cannot underestimate the traction feature of these shoes. They have appeared with a multi-directional organic herringbone traction pattern that works to make your cuts and moves more successful by delivering you the apposite grip for your game.

You get high levels of stability and ankle support from this pair of shoes. This is due to the external heel counter and shank, which function to lock down your feet which in turn bring to your stability, guard your ankle and deliver you much ankle support.

The breathability of these is attributed to the ETC anti-friction top cloth that keeps the temperature inside your shoes within optimum range and allows proper air circulation into your shoes to keep your feet guarded against sweat and hotness during the humid and hot environment.

3-Nike Men’s Lebron XIII

Nike Men’s Lebron XIII uses Nike’s zoom L.E.A.P system which works to give these shoes durability and shape and is considered as an advanced version of the Nike Lebron series. This product comes in the third position in our top four best high-top basketball shoes.

If you need an impressive grip, do not miss these shoes. These shoes exhibit incredible traction due to the mixture of hex pods and herringbone patterns used in the outsole of these shoes.

You may infer front the design of these shoes that they are not good in traction category, but do not go with this thought, they are very good in delivering you outstanding traction.

The use of hex zoom technology takes these shoes to impressive levels of cushioning which not only aids you during jumping but also saves your feet from additional unnecessary shocks.

This shoe is designed to have a very flexible upper part. It is of great importance because it guards your ankle against twisting and stretching and as a result, you are gifted with apposite ankle support.

This shoe has incorporated soft foam-lined collar, which along with sole inside functions to provides you with optimum feet protection.

4-Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose is the modified version of Adidas D Rose 6. This pair of shoe nails fourth position in our top four picks of best high-top basketball shoes.

These shoes reflect Adidas cushioning technology to have a great market value in terms of cushioning also. This also distributes explosive shocks to other parts of the feet to protect a specific part of the feet from severe injuries.

This shoe has a very good traction feature due to the use of a multi-directional herringbone traction pattern which has the property of delivering you awesome grip on all surfaces. The sole of these shoes is featured with the tight pattern which also acts to enhance the grip of these shoes but the grip provided by this feature is less in comparison to the traction.

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7is a high-top basketball shoe which is designed to support and protect your ankle by delivering extra covering to your ankle. The heel region of these shoes has neoprene cushioning to save your heel from dangerous shocks and also has the role of making the safe landing of your feet during the game.

This shoe possesses good grades of breathability and has also very appealing appearance.

Low-Top Basketball Shoes

It is good for you to have some familiarity with the basic term of this heading i.e. low-top. Low top basketball shoes do not extend much above your ankle like high-top shoes and sit below your ankle and are light in weight in comparison to high-top basketball shoes.

This style offers your greater range of motion and allows more flexibility, agility, and sharper and quick movements of players and is very suitable for players playing the game as guards.

It offers you more speed and comfort during the game. However, it offers less ankle protection and support in comparison to high-top basketball shoes.

We have made a selection top four low-top basketball shoes and this selection is based on user reviews and our study on these products.

1-Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Low Basketball Shoes

If you are longing for a basketball shoe that delivers you maximum energy and boosts your game, you must try this product from Adidas. This shoe occupies the first rank in our top for picks of best low-top basketball shoes.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight boost low basketball shoe features a Jacquard upper which has dual functions. On one side it is adding to the looks of the making it more attractive. On the other side, it is making these shoes extremely comfortable and breathable.

The textile lining and the back collar insert introduced in these shoes work together to equip you with high levels of comfort so that you may play at your desired level to have your game in your fist.

You can never neglect the importance of stability for victory in the game. The molded TPU eyestay piece, the enhanced missile and the heel cup of these shoes aim at equipping you with the best lockdown and stability so that your success may not be hindered by lack of proper stability.

This shoe has a rubber sole that acts to enhance traction factors of these shoes and make you play your move and cuts more confidently by delivering to you a remarkable grip on the court surface.

These shoes are also very light in weight which makes you play your moves and cuts more conveniently and more effectively.

2-Adidas harden volume 2

Adidas harden volume 2 occupies the second position in our top four ranks and is very impressive with its outstanding features.

This shoe has a meritorious composition by making the base layer of these shoes with a mesh that effectively regulates temperature and air circulation inside the shoes and as result, these shoes have appeared with good grades of breathability.

This shoe offers you a very tight fit because of the material used in its manufacturing. This shoe also uses neoprene as its material which tightly holds your feet in place for proper lockdown and gives you a very snug fit.

The TPU coated fibers and meshwork in conjugation to depict enhanced comfort, durability and support factors of these shoes. This shoe also holds your feet firmly upon lateral movements due to the use of a custom lacing system in the midfoot area.

These shoes are introduced in the market with the lowest boost cushioning technology that extends the entire length of your shoes and it bears the capability to give the best of responsiveness and impact protection during the game.

The use of rubber sole equips you with incredible traction which makes your grip stronger on the court and allows you to make your cuts, turns, jumps and moves without any fear of slipping or falling.

3-Nike Kobe mamba instinct

This occupies the third rank in our top four picks. These shoes are very admirable in the context of durability, stability, and comfort it offers to its customers. The durability and stability factors of these shoes are largely enhanced by the use of TPU yarn.

You will never experience this product of Nike compromising on its appearance. These shoes are very stylish and attractive. They are available in a vast range of color combinations.

Breathable upper is one of the most eminent features of these shoes. The breathability of these shoes is attributed to Fly weave technology that is featured in these shoes. Alongside this, this technology also aids in making these shoes ultra-supportive.

Being low-top shoes, they are specially designed to permit instant and rapid directional changes which in turn assists you in carrying your game forward with more natural movements.

The multi-directional grip is something that would definitely make you try these shoes. These shoes use rubber sole and are very famous for their traction feature. You can easily make any sort of move, cut, jumps and with more confident due to the apposite grip offered by this pair of shoes.

These shoes are somewhat smaller and narrower in comparison to the other models of this brand, so, you are advised to try the size, you are buying, before purchasing it.

Nike Kobe XI EM Low

Nike Kobe XI EM low is a low top basketball shoe that has gathered much public attention and comes on the fourth rank in our top picks.

These shoes depict ultra-light in weight and show high responsiveness and support. It also meets and coordinates the speed of the player.

Lunarlon cushioning technology is used in the shoes, which works to assure good and high jumps from the player and also protects your feet from acute injuries.

These shoes have shown good breathability due to the use of engineered mesh in the upper part. This material also greatly extends the life of these shoes making them very durable.

The low-top of these shoes allows your feet movement freely in any direction. The extra padding around the heel area not only saves your heel by absorbing ranges of shock but also tends to enhance the jumping distance of the player.

Traction of these shoes is another plus point of these shoes. These shoes are really outstanding at providing you amazing traction which is due to the use of rubber outsole. Hence, you play with the best of your momentum because of having a strong grip on the court’s surface.


All the basketball shoes discussed above, whether high-top of low-top, are very good in their function and equip the best of features. Yet, based on some differences, they have been differentiated into ranks.

In high-top category, Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoe nails top position. The implementation of modified laces and primeknit xenon give ankle support, snug fit, and breathability. The lacing system decreases additional pressure on your arches. It also shows good traction and remarkable cushioning.

In low-top category, Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight boost low basketball shoes is our top choice. These are breathable and comfortable due to the Jacquard upper of these shoes. Pretty much comfort is delivered by these shoes due to the back collar and textile lining of these shoes. It shows good levels of support, stability, cushioning and traction.

You are highly recommended to use these shoes if you are in search of high-top and low-top basketball shoes. You would never regret opting for them for your game because we take care of our customers and aim at delivering them with the best information, we can for them.

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