Best Grip Basketball Shoes 2020 [TOP RATED]

Best Grip Basketball Shoes

The world is full of research and innovation these days to manufacture basketball shoes with excellent traction, comfort, & durability.

The basketball playing and winning require players not only be talented, but during the game, their positioning, comfort, & grip on the court plays a vital role in winning or losing the game.

This article is based on our detailed research to let you know about the best grip basketball shoes available in the market so you may choose the one that suits you at your convenience.

Best Grip Basketball Shoes 2020

Under Armour Men’s UA Clutch Fit Drive II 

Under Armour Men's Drive 5 Basketball Shoe, Black (002)/Black, 10
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The Under Armour Men’s UA Clutch Fit Drive II is one of the best basketball shoes of the year and is known for its excellent grip, comfort, durability. It nails the first position in our top picks for best grip basketball shoes.

The best thing about Clutch Fit Drive II is that its traction is multidirectional which helps you to have sound grip on the court during your quick moves in all directions which makes it popular among players for its best performance and grip.

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The traction of Clutch Fit Drive II is multidirectional, so it helps you navigate freely in all directions without any problem during quick and sharp moves.

These shoes have charge foam technology used for cushioning makes it very comfortable for players.

The cushioning will help your feet and back to avoid being sore and results in a better and consistent performance throughout the game.

The materials used in Clutch Fit Drive II might not be of the highest quality, but the vital point is that they don’t result in hurt or injury and fulfill the purpose of being stable, comfortable, and fit during and after the game.

The fitting of the shoes is perfect and comfortable. It provides excellent support to your feet and lockdown, but it’s not suitable for massive players, and hence we can’t recommend it for more prominent players.

It is lightweight and carries you very well, but if the physique of a player is stronger, then it’s not suitable to handle them well.

Clutch Fit Drive II is suitable for players who are looking for lightweight sneakers with excellent grip, comfort, durability, & affordable price.


Nike Hyperdunk 2017

Nike Mens Hyperdunk 2017 Low Top Lace Up Running Sneaker, Black, Size 11.5Check Price on Amazon

Nike is a world-famous brand and has manufactured the world’s best basketball shoes with perfect traction, comfort, and support.

Nike Hyperdunk 2017 is one of the best articles in the market when it comes to grip & support.

The NIKE Hyperdunk is a result of research and development by a very professional team of NIKE in their sports research lab and it occupies the second position in our top picks for best grip basketball shoes.

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The Hyperdunk is the best article in the market if you are looking for perfect traction. It keeps your feet comfortable and has breathable Flyknit which provides excellent support to your feet where needed.

The outsole is very impressive with extended outriggers and provides proper responsiveness.

NIKE used react foam for cushioning in Hyperdunk, which is quite firm and bounces back quickly resulting in perfect responsiveness based on impact.

The use of flyknit, & react foam makes it perfect for professional use and give players incredible grip, comfort, fit to size, stability, and perfect balance to perform like a champ.

These shoes have used pressure-mapped traction patterns to make your experience outclass grip on the court surface and equip you with the confidence to implement any sort of trick, without the fear of losing the balance, during the game.


Adidas Crazy Explosive 

Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Core Black/Silver 10
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The next article we have is Adidas Crazy Explosive which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor due to its unique classic full-length traction pattern.

This article from Adidas brand occupies the third position in our top picks for best grip basketball shoes.

The outsole is of an outstanding quality which makes it slip-resistant on cleaner courts but outdoor courts dirt needs to be wiped off.

But other than that its traction is very good and delivers you maximum grip all time during your game.

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The fantastic thing about Crazy explosive is that its lightweight has good cushioning and fits your feet very well which results in good speed, comfort, & responsiveness during play.

The lacing system is perfect providing customized fittings and does not put any pressure on feet. The rubber sole used provides good traction.

The boost midsole results in proper responsiveness based on impact. Its broad base supports in quick moves during play. The shoe is best for those who are looking for good grip, responsiveness, & comfort while playing the game.


Under Armour Team Drive 4

Under Armour Men's Drive 4 Basketball Shoe, Graphite (040)/Graphite, 8
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The last article we will discuss is from Under Armour, named Under Armour Team Drive 4. It nails the fourth position in our top picks.

The brand is known for manufacturing high-quality basketball shoes with perfect fitting.

This article belongs to the ClutchFit Drive family, but it doesn’t have ClutchFit upper as compared to previous articles of the same family.

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The shoe has a textile mesh that covers the external forefoot and toes whereas the inner side and ankle color are made up of neoprene.

Which makes it relatively cheaper and gives comfort under all conditions. The use of fuse overlay makes it more durable and keeps the shoe firm at all times.

The Under Armour used Microg for cushioning to make it perfect for bulky players, and now it’s suitable to be used by all types of players whether bulky or lightweight.

The responsiveness is also up to the mark as enough heel protection is provided to set aside the impact.

The traction pattern of Drive 4 is herringbone which gifts you with tremendous grip and this outstanding grip allows successful navigation in all directions.

The outsole comes with sharp and deep grooves that will have a good life and copes with dust very well, but still, you have to wipe it one or two times during play, so these features make it perfect for outdoor playing conditions.



We have shortlisted four basketball shoes with incredible grip and discussed their features in this article.

Under Armour Men’s UA Clutch Fit Drive II is the article that stands first in our list for best grip basketball shoes. It bears a multi-directional traction pattern that is responsible for the grip of these shoes.

It uses charged foam cushioning technology which not only aids in jumping but also depicts reasonable impact protection. These shoes also provide support, stability and appreciable lockdown to the users.

If you happen to go to the market for buying best grip basketball shoes, you must keep in consideration our selected pairs of shoes and you would never be disappointed by our selection.

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