Best Basketball Shoes for Running

Basketball is a game of high energy and high stamina and is being liked and played all over the globe and is considered as a professional game.

In order to maintain a stronghold on your game, you have to make instant cuts, sudden moves, high jumps, fast running and it also involves instant acceleration and deceleration.

This mission of victory can not be accomplished by only depending upon your physical strength, instead, it also depends upon the shoes you are playing with during the game. The shoes equip you with breathability, cushioning, support, comfort, stability, protection, traction, and lockdown.

In the context of running, you should select that pair of shoes that offer you enhanced breathability, outstanding traction, outclass traction, meritorious lockdown, support, and stability.

In this article, we have shortlisted five basketball shoes that suit well for running purpose and this categorization is based on our research and study on these shoes and on the views of different users who have used these shoes.

Best Basketball Shoes for Running 2020

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1-Nike Men’s Air Jordan XXXI

Air Jordan XXXI is an amazing and versatile article from the brand of Nike. It has come in the market with amazing features of cushioning, traction and support and it comes on the first position in our top picks for best basketball shoes for running.

The first thing that any customer observes is the apparent look of the shoes and the material these shoes are composed of. These shoes feature a synthetic leather heel and the rest of the shoe is composed of Flyweave and the overall appearance of the shoes is simple.

Flyweave contributes to the flexibility and breathability of these shoed. You cannot neglect the importance of breathability, breathability ensures proper regulation of air into your shoes to prevent the unwanted experience of sweating and hotness of feet because sweated feet can largely decrease your performance and makes you uncomfortable.

In order to show great performance during the game, you need a great yet comfortable fit and support from your shoes. This great fit is experienced in these shoes and is attributed to the splendid lockdown of these shoes.

The Flyweave is present in the upper part of these shoes and extends from midfoot forward. This Flywire works to offer you a proper lockdown and along with that, the heel region also has a lockdown set up which delivers you seamless lockdown.

A good player always demands an effective cushioning framework from the basketball shoes. These shoes are meeting this criterion of many players in form of full-length zoom air cushioning technology.

You get appropriate and enhanced bounces for jumping from this pair of shoes and you also enjoy good responsiveness. Moreover, these shoes also take into account the safety of users from injuries on impact and hence works to guard your feet from different kinds of injuries.

For implementing your desired tricks during the game, for good running and for making any of your moves successfully, you depend upon traction features of shoes to have ameliorated grip on the court surface.

These shoes use rubber outsole and along with that, have incorporated criss-cross traction patterns for depicting reasonable traction during the game so that any bad experience of slippage and falling be avoided.


2-Adidas Dame 3

Adidas Dame 3 is a very famous basketball shoe that occupies the second position in our top picks and is constructed by focusing on all features that can take your game to the next level.

Adidas Dame 3 is manufactured from fuse mesh in the upper portion. This type of composition is very effective as it makes these shoes flexible, durable and breathable.

The breathability of these shoes prevents excessive build-up of heat into the shoes by properly regulating air into them. As a result, you play more comfortably and confidently with your dry feet.

These shoes fit true to your size and exhibit brilliant lockdown of your feet. Different parts of shoes contribute to add to the lockdown of these shoes.

The Flywire like threads are incorporated in these shoes that hold your feet snugly in place and adds to the lockdown of the shoes. The fuse mesh composition in the upper region also contributes to enhancing the overall lockdown factor of these shoes.

Moreover, these shoes have used internal and external heel counters that are responsible for keeping your heel in place. Lockdown is very essential because it secures your feet and prevents any kind of hindrance in your motion and thereby elevates your confidence and comfort level during the game.

These shoes are very good at providing the players with good grades of support during the ride. The lockdown and fit factors of these shoes provide plenty of support to the users.

Along with that, a TPU shank is used in these shoes which is responsible for equipping the users with torsional support.

Dame 3 is active in giving the users a great cushioning set up in form of bounce cushioning technology. This cushioning technology not only works to give you effective bounces for jumping throughout your game but also takes into consideration your safety factor by guarding your feet from dreadful injuries on impact.

The use of rubber outsole is a very good move in giving you good traction and along with that, blade traction pattern on the rubber outsole takes the traction of these shoes to the new level. So, you can play your moves with impressive grip during the game.

3-Jordan Why Not Zero.2

Jordan Why Not Zero.2 is an incredible product of Jordan brand and it nails the third position in our top picks for best basketball shoes for running

The upper part of shoes is composed of mesh and knit, which work amazingly to make these shoes extremely breathable, durable, light, and comfortable. these shoes have zero breaks in time which is again a plus point.

The shoes are well-known in the market for the incredible lockdown setup they are constructed with. This splendid lockdown is attributed to three individual mesh panels, that are located on each side of Jordan Why Not Zero.2, linked with the standard lacing system present in these shoes.

These panels work in conjugation with the lacing system of the shoes, which means that the panels are also tightened up as soon as you tighten up your laces and as a result, you experience a tight and comfortable lockdown during your game.

These shoes fit true to the size of the users but we would advise the players having wide feet to try the shoes in the respective shop before purchasing them so that any problem in size could be fixed.

If you want to experience great cushioning, don’t go anywhere because you are in the right place.   The forefoot or front areas of these shoes have featured zoom air units to achieve the objective of marvelous cushioning.

This cushioning framework also aims at delivering you protection from injuries and also makes these shoes light in weight along with deliverance of good bounces to the users.

These shoes are very remarkable at delivering you outstanding traction. No one would ever like to face slippages during the game and ruin his game merely by poor traction.

These shoes have worked much on the traction factor and they equip you with good traction due to rubber outsole and circular traction pattern. As a result, you can play the best of your game with a remarkable grip on the court.


Under Armour Curry 6 is a low top basketball shoe that offers you appreciable features for running and stands fourth in our top picks for best basketball shoes for running.

The entire length of the upper part is comprised of knit with high wear areas having additional fuse overlays. These shoes require some time to break in and once break-in, these shoes would deliver you apposite strength and flexibility.

When it comes to stability and support aspects of these shoes, you would never be disappointed by this pair of shoes. These shoes have appeared on the market with a flat and wide base that loads them with good grades of stability.

The flex grooves present in the outsole of Under Armour Curry 6 appreciate the natural motion. These shoes have featured a TPU support plate that works as a full-length outrigger and also supports the motion of players and does not restrict mobility. This TPU support plate is also known as a speed plate.

Every player looks for shoes that offer outstanding cushioning. These shoes depict amazing cushioning due to the use of HOVR cushioning technology and this cushioning is extended the entire length of the shoes.

HOVR cushioning technology is incorporated to deliver you good bounces along with the assurance of protection from injuries on encountering any kind of impact during the whole game.

To outperform in your game, you require remarkable traction from your selected pair of shoes. The traction feature is responsible for maintaining your balance when you make moves during the game and loads you with a quality grip on the court surface.

These shoes provide good and solid traction to their users due to the combination of waffle-like and circular traction patterns on the rubber outsole.

5-Nike Kobe A.D NXT 360

Nike Kobe A.D NXT 360 is a brilliant article from the Nike brand that is designed to suit the running actions of the players. It stands fifth in our top picks for best basketball shoes for running.

The upper part of these shoes is designed with 360 Flyknit and this Flyknit is then infused with some type of plastic to give a plastic-like knit.

The use of plastic in the upper part contributes to the durability of the shoes. The upper part is effectively breathable ensuring good ventilation into the shoes.

If we inspect the cushioning aspect of these shoes, we come across an outstanding cushioning setup. These shoes have utilized, along with Drop-in midsole, the coupling of two cushioning foams i.e. Lunarlon is coupled with REACT.

Such a consolidation of cushioning foams attracts a lot of customers and is very impressive because the two foams are designed for different purposes.

The areas of shoes having Lunarlon offers ample support and impact protection to the users whereas the parts of shoes having REACT make the players experience outstanding responsiveness and splendid court feel.

These shoes are well known for the splendid lockdown system they have incorporated within them. Once you are laced up, the knitted material comes into function.

The knitted material is constructed with the property of wrapping your feet tightly and delivers you a meritorious lockdown with the basic lacing system of the shoes.

These shoes provide you appreciable heel support due to the presence of heel counter in them. Moreover, the drop-in midsole of the shoes has featured a TPU shank in it. This setup is of extreme importance because it provides you an effective heel to toe transition as well as torsional support to the users.

These shoes offer you superb traction and have a rubber outsole. The traction feature present in these shoes does not let you lose your balance while changing directions or making moves and delivers your best grip for every type of movement on the court surface.


In this article, we have focused on basketball shoes for running and made a selection of 5 basketball shoes that suits well to running.

All the articles described here are all very outstanding but, obviously, in this world of competition, everyone and every brand tend to excel the other and so is the case with the brands of shoes.

Due to some differences between these shoes, we have ranked each of these shoes into the category of best basketball shoes for running.

Nike Men’s Air Jordan XXXI comes first in our selected list and has outstanding features incorporated in it. It shows synthetic leather heel construction and Flyweave composition in the rest of the shoes.

Flyweave adds to the breathability, flexibility, and durability of these shoes. These shoes exhibit meritorious lockdown and support. These shoes deliver splendid traction due to the use of rubber outsole and crisscross traction patterns.

At last, we assure you that our selection would never disappoint you in terms of performance so do try these shoes if you are longing for the best basketball shoes for running for better output.

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