Best Basketball Shoes for Men

Basketball is one of the most interesting, professional and energetic games and is being played and watched all around the globe.

The victory of this game relies on the active participation of the player. This game includes fast running, sharp twists and turns, high jumps, tricky cuts, instant acceleration and deceleration, high stamina and active mindedness from the players.

While you are struggling for your game, a variety of spontaneous and significant forces act on different parts of your feet and lower leg, as a result, these parts get exposed to, simple to dreadful injuries, some of which can be too harsh that they can act as a full stop to the professional career of a player.

Apart from protection, a player cannot win his game solely by relying on his physical strength and stamina, he needs good basketball shoes to have cushioning, traction, support, breathability, comfort, stability, and protection from these shoes.

All basketball shoes are not of the same standard, they vary largely from each other in their technologies and features. Therefore, you need to look for one that offers you the best features.

We have made a list of top five basketball shoes for men and this selection is based on customers’ reviews and on the study we made on different basketball shoes.

Best Basketball Shoes for Men 2020

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

When it comes to high performance and terrific features, Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive must be your shoes and this pair of shoes stands first in our top picks of best basketball shoes for men.

A stupendous composition is featured in the upper part of these shoes in the form of Primeknit Xeno. It not only acts to augment the breathability of these shoes but also tends to boost the comfort level of these shoes and impressively contribute to making these shoes light in weight.

The shoes are overall formed with the consolidation of textile and synthetic fibres, which contributes to the flexibility and neat appearance of these shoes. The incorporation of the textile inner lining is for the purpose of augmenting the comfort level these shoes are providing to their users.

You can never reject these shoes once you get familiar with its cushioning system. These shoes have utilized boost cushioning technology which is very meritorious in its function and it is spread the entire length of these shoes.

As the name indicates, this boost cushioning enhances your jumping distance by delivering you good grades of bounces and it also functions to guard your feet from any sort of harmful shock that you encounter in your play.

It is obvious that you would never want to come across pressure on arches. Well, you would never experience such a case in these shoes as the pressure is relieved by the use of the lacing system which is featured with the ability to drape your feet completely and securely.

Your dream of an apposite lockdown and minimal slippage is turned true by this outstanding pair of shoes and the use of heel lace system with a molded heel piece in these shoes is attributed to these services.

The boost midsole is wrapped by tinted TPU which along with rubber outsole tends to offer you maximum traction on the playing court so that you may not come across any awkward situation like slippage or falling while making your moves.

Nike Men’s Lebron XIII:

Nike men’s Lebron XIII is a complete parcel of incredible qualities along with a very captivating look and it nails the second rank in our top picks for best basketball shoes for men.

These shoes are light weighted and are composed of fuse and mesh upper. Such composition leads to good ventilation and a very reasonable breathable upper, which does not let your feet sweat during harsh and humid environment and keeps them cool and dry.

Snug and apposite yet comfortable fitting is something that makes these shoes reasonably appealing to the users.  As soon as you wear these shoes, you will feel your feet settling on the footbed of these shoes, this is because of the Nike Flywire which responds very actively when you place your feet inside your shoes.

The true fitting and lockdown are largely attributed to the Hyperposite panels that are very deliberately incorporated in these shoes. These panels are loaded with the function to wrap your feet slowly after some time when you place your foot in the shoes, delivering you a very good lockdown and one to one tight fit.

You must be looking for support aspects of these shoes. Well, you need not worry about the support factor of these shoes. The internal heel counter, the Hyperposite panels, and the Nike Flywire work to provide you good grades of support in any type movement around the court.

To add more to support of these shoes, these shoes are introduced with a TPU shank plate and a slight outrigger that act to enhance torsional support and decreases events like ankle rolling respectively.

These shoes are well-reputed in the market with a remarkable and captivating cushioning system. These have featured hexagonal zoom units that not only act to aid you in jumping by delivering you quality bounces but also provide you with the heel to toe transitions, flexibility and impact protection.

The traction of these shoes is extremely commendable and is attributed to the rubber outsole, and hex pods and herringbone traction patterns on the outsole. As a consequence, you are gifted with an impressive grip on the playing court and slippage probabilities are minimized so that you could play your natural game more effectively, confidently and at your desired level.

Nike Kyrie 4

This pair of basketball shoes come on the third position in our top picks for best basketball shoes and is well equipped with desirable features in forms of incredible cushioning, traction, breathability and support.

These shoes are constructed using a combination of engineered mesh and suede which is responsible for such an eminent market place of these shoes. This type of construction not only serves to deliver 1:1 fit to the players but also tends to deliver you reasonably impressive breathability, comfort, and support.

Everyone loves to use matching the size of his feet. well, these shoes are fulfilling this demand of users to a large extent of players not having wide feet. Wide feet players need not be upset about size as they are advised to try a size that is about half a size more than their real one.

These shoes have depicted commendable lockdown of the user’s feet due to the traditional lacing system introduced in these shoes, which has the ability to give you a hindrance free, comfortable, stable and supportive ride while you are making energetic moved during your game.

An energetic player always opts for shoes that are capable of amplifying the energy he is providing to his shoes and these shoes are very incredible at this function. This is due to the presence of zoom air cushioning technology which is incorporated by considering the highly amplified bounces demand and impact protection.

Along with that, the torsional support, as well as a smooth heel to toe transition, are also considered very seriously in these shoes. These shoes are constructed using an internal shank plate that satisfies these parameters and also adds to the support and comfort of these shoes.

The consolidation of modern and traditional traction is what making the traction of these shoes remarkable and very outstanding. These shoes have a rubber outsole and also feature a multi-directional herringbone traction pattern.

Such traction elements work to deliver you utmost grip on the basketball court and also act to diminish any probability of unlikely experience in form of slippage and falling and also provide you stable moves.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2

This article from Adidas brand largely meets the dynamic demands of the players and therefore is very well reputed in the market and it stands fourth in our top picks.

These shoes have very excellent and deliberately designed upper in the form of a multi-material upper. If we inspect further, the mesh material is used in the formation of the base layer of the upper part.

This mesh composition has pores that allow passage of air into these shoes that keep the temperature within shoes in optimum keeping your feet cool and protected from sweat. this serves to enhances the breathability of the shoes as well as contribute to retaining the momentum with which you are tackling your game.

That is not all about upper composition, synthetic side panels are then utilized and overlayed by this mesh structure for adding more to the structure of these shoes. The remarkable durability of these shoes is attributed to the nylon or TPU like strands and these structures are very safely placed in the forefoot area of Harden Vol. 2.

These shoes are gifted with the tight fit and true to size because of the inner bootie used inside them. It is suitable for all players, but we recommend wide feet players to try at least once the shoes they are thinking to purchase because they might feel the need of half a size larger size than their true size.

Harden Vol. 2 has a very carefully constructed lacing system that provides you a very great yet comfortable lockdown of your feet and you can adjust the degree of lockdown according to your comfort level. The lockdown is very essential because it ensures smooth and stable motion of your feet.

These shoes have incorporated full-length boost cushioning technology. such a cushioning technology is very effective and efficient in delivering you good experiences of responsiveness and impact protection during your game.

These shoes have a rubber outsole with shattered glass like traction patterns which serve to deliver the players with best of grip on the court surface enabling them to play their planned tricks and moves more confidently.

Air Jordan XXXI:

Air Jordan XXXI is another amazing basketball shoe and has occupied a very prominent place in this competitive market. This pair of shoes come on the fifth rank in our top ranks.

A close inspection of these shoes has disclosed that the Flyweave technology introduced into the forefoot region of these shoes and the heel portion of these shoes have manufactured from synthetic leather.

The introduction of Flyweave has an efficient contribution to the breathability and flexibility of these shoes. This shoe is also designed to provide you true to size fitting and works on every feature that can take your game to a next level.

This shoe has full-length zoom cushioning that exposes you to good cushioning during your play in the form of good responsiveness and bounces that greatly enhances your jumping distance. Along with that, this cushioning system saves your feet from impacts and also delivers you good court feel.

This shoe has another good feature in the form of flight speed technology that is used in Air Jordan XXXI which focuses on providing you balanced steps for your game. The use of Flywire assists in a reasonable lockdown of your feet so that your motion may not be hindered, and you experience a stable ride.

If we consider its traction feature, we come across that these shoes have used rubber outsole and crisscross traction pattern that delivers you almost satisfactory grip on the court you are playing on and itis not too much suitable for outdoor game.


We have discussed the top 5 basketball shoes, which are all very good in their functions. On the basis of some differences that exist among them, we have categorized them into five ranks. But still, you would never regret choosing our choice.

The basketball shoes leading in this contest of best basketball shoes for men are Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoes. This shoe has many specialties in terms of incredible features.

These shoes show amazing breathability and are reasonably light weighted which is because of the use of Primeknit Xeno upper. It delivers incredible cushioning experience and the lacing system of these shoes contributes to decreasing pressure at arches.

Moreover, it provides a good lockdown of players’ feet and also delivers good traction on the court surface. We always work to deliver the as best information to our users as we can.

We have ranked five shoes into five categories, go to the market and check them. You would definitely enjoy the experience of these shoes and would never be disappointed by our selected basketball shoes.

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