Best Basketball Shoes for Indoor and Outdoor

Best Basketball Shoes for Indoor and Outdoor

Basketball is a very eminent game and is played and watched all around the globe with a reasonable interest.

This game is a complete package of full professional techniques, sharp turns, quick and tricky moves.

You can not rely only on your stamina and physical strength during the game, no doubt, they matter a lot but the shoes you choose for your game can be game-changing.

Selecting best basketball shoes can enhance your speed, stamina and jumping distance and take your game at the next level. Never make a compromise on your shoes!

The basketball courts can be located indoor and outdoor, so, this game can be played indoor and outdoor.

Basketball shoes are also made according to the nature of the court. Some basketball shoes are only for indoors, some are for outdoors and some are for both courts. Indoor and outdoor basketball shoes differ in some of their features.

The common difference between both shoes lies in the toughness of the rubber sole. The rubber sole used in outdoor basketball shoes is harder as compared to that used in indoor basketball shoes.

The size and pattern of the tread are the factors that create major difference between the outdoor and indoor basketball shoes. Outdoor basketball shoes have a larger tread pattern and are going to all over the bottom of the shoe.

The indoor basketball shoes have smaller tread pattern and are likely to have blank spaces that tend to give you benefits depending on the style you choose to play with.

Here are the top three picks of indoor basketball shoes and top three picks of outdoor basketball shoes in accordance with the study we conducted on different indoor and outdoor basketball shoes and different reviews of customers using these shoes.

Best Basketball Shoes For Indoor 2020

We have categorized three indoor basketball shoes into the top three ranks and these shoes are discussed below

Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoes

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is one of the most demanding indoor basketball shoes and has exceptional cushioning, energy, performance and comfort that possesses large market value.

Poor cushioning, poor game! Good cushioning, good game! This shoe has an outstanding boost cushioning system which gives you additional bounce and comfort. It  not only guards your feet from injuries on impact but also makes you jump more safely

Breathability and lightweight in one shoe highly make that shoe attractive for users. This shoe has featured Primeknit Xeno upper which makes these shoes light weighted, comfortable and very breathable.

This shoe is well known for its exceptional traction. It uses Power Coral Traction technology for this purpose for giving you the utmost grip on all surfaces and has a tinted TPU wrap around the shoe’s boost midsole for maximum traction and comfort.

It works well on a clean court making it appropriate for indoor courts. If you use it on a dusty court then you may need a couple of wipes making it unsuitable for outdoor games.

The lacing system of this shoe is very important because it holds the capability to relieve the pressure on the arches by completely wrapping your feet.

The presence of a molded heel piece with the heel lace system locks the user’s feet down into the shoes, which eradicates slipping probability.

It is available in many different colors and comes in a variety of sizes. You can move to any matching your choice.

Nike Kyrie 5

Nike kyrie is one of the most demanding indoor basketball shoes in the market and occupies the second position in our top three picks for best indoor basketball shoes. It offers good cushioning, traction, breathability, support and stability to its users.

Breathability is a key factor in playing a comfortable game. This shoe is made breathable by using engineered mesh which enhances air circulation in the shoe and keeps the feet of the players dry and sweat-free so that one could play the game more comfortably.

No one would want to have a loose or extra tight fit in shoes. This shoe fits true to your size because of the Flytrap midfoot cage which locks you in and lets you find the fit true to your size simply by loosing or tightening the shoelaces.

These shoes offer remarkable cushioning due to featured zoom Air Turbo in the forefoot region of the midsole which delivers you cushioning and possesses the property of returning that energy very quickly without making you sink in too much.

The rest part of the midsole has phylon foam composition which is very effective in absorbing any kind of shock from impact minimizing the risks of feet injuries.

This shoe is very famous for its remarkable traction. It has featured an intricate, multidirectional traction pattern that delivers you a fantastic grip for quick, multi-directional movement which allows you to have a stronghold on your game by providing you stability and preventing you from slipping.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5 basketball shoes

This shoe comes at the third position in our top picks of best basketball shoes for indoor and the Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5 comforts you with reasonable cushioning, traction, support and protection.

You are in the loss if you neglect breathability property in any basketball shoe because playing with sweaty feet has serious negative effects on your game. An ETC anti-friction top cloth is utilized in these shoes which keeps your feet dry resulting in fantastic breathability of these shoes.

This shoe has used charged cushioning which is highly effective in-game and is responsible for giving you protection from impact by absorbing different types of shocks. Moreover, it also gives speed and responsiveness to the player during the game.

Nothing is worse in a game than using an uncomfortable shoe. This shoe features a full-length Micro G foam that improves the comfort level of these shoes delivering you a soothing effect.

Never compromise on traction property of a shoe! The multi-directional organic herringbone traction pattern featured in these shoes delivers you a remarkable grip on the court surface permitting you to cut your way and play freely.

These shoes offer good levels of light weightiness, stability, and comfort because of molded synthetic wraps on these shoes and also has a die-cut, anti-microbial ortholite sockliner that increases stability and support by molding around your foot

If you need a shoe with great ankle support, do not miss this one. Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5 features an external heel counter and shank which lock your feet adding to overall ankle support and stability of these shoes.

This shoe delivers you a good fit. You can relate its fit to like that of a glove, the more you wear it the better it becomes.

Best Basketball Shoes For Outdoor 2020

We are discussing here the top three picks of best outdoor basketball shoes according to our study and different reviews of customers. These shoes are detailed below.

Nike Air Versitile NUBUK:

Nike Air Versitile NUBUK comes in the first position in our top three picks of best basketball shoes. This pair of shoes is well suited for outdoor basketball courts and is a complete package of versatility as indicated by its name.

This shoe has an upper composition of Nubuk and a mesh material that regulates the temperature inside the shoes and prevents your feet from sweating and keeps them cool and also enhances the comfort level of these shoes.

While play outdoor you may place your feet on a rock or an uneven surface, in that case, you need extra protection. This shoe is loaded with Achilles protection which acts as extra padding around your ankle safeguarding it from all sorts of injuries.

This shoe is comprised of a half bootie made of a breathable sandwich mesh that integrates with the tongue to deliver you a comfortable and appropriate sock-like fit.

This shoe has a durable rubber outsole resulting in amazing traction in these shoes and provides a remarkable grip on the court’s surface. This shoe also has very good cushioning properties.

Don’t worry! Hard cuts are no more a danger to your feet. This shoe has a webbing pattern mesh that has the property of encompassing the foot eradicating the chances of foot injuries due to hard cuts.

This shoe is featured with an air-sole compartment that is positioned beneath the heel and as a result, you get extra support. This shoe also has a phylon midsole which is responsible for a stable ride and lightweight comfort.

This shoe is a combination of boldness and sleekness and has many color variations. You can opt for any meeting with your taste.

Nike Men’s Lebron IX

The Nike Men’s Lebrun soldier IX comes on the second rank in our top 3 picks for best outdoor basketball shoes and is a complete package of all desirable features which include cushioning traction, breathability, high performance, and stability.

Exceptional cushioning is a feature that appeals to many users. Lunarlon cushioning strategy is used in these shoes to deliver you outstanding cushioning which allows you to play at any speed all around the court and guards you from injuries.

The exceptional durability and performance of these shoes make them even more appealing to users. It has decoupled rubber pods that are responsible for the outstanding durability of these shoes and these pods also allow a great range of motion.

This shoe use nylon upper and synthetic mesh that makes these shoes flexible and extremely breathable so that you could play your game with cool and dry with high levels of comfort.

The Lebron Soldier IX is capable of locking down your feet down 360 degrees for facilitating you with outstanding stability, support, and comfort with its strap system.

The Flywire cables used in these shoes hold the capacity to deliver you lightweight lateral support by integrating with a strap of midfoot.

While playing outdoor, you are more suspected of feet and ankle injuries. This shoe features a full inner sleeve that wraps your feet very strongly and also has wedge carrier foam support to deliver support and protect your ankle to avoid pronation.

This shoe provides you amazing traction as it features a rubber sole in hexagonal patterning and multi-directional traction delivering you outstanding grip on different surfaces and prevents you from slipping.

Under Armour Men’s UA Clutchfit Drive II

Under Armour Men’s UA Clutchfit Drive II comes on the second number in our top 3 picks of best outdoor basketball shoes. If you are longing for basketball shoes offering you everything in terms of traction, cushioning, comfort and support, you must use these shoes.

This shoe has made use of  UA ClutchFit technology which is very effective in providing you incredibly light weighted basketball shoes it also surrounds your foot a comfortable and supportive zone.

It is the wish of every player to have perfect shoes for a good game. This shoe is providing you a perfect fit because it has featured 3D molded tongue that wraps your ankle and foot to verify and assure the best fit for you.

Poor stability, worst game! Don’t worry, this shoe has worked and focused on stability property. A full length molded Micro G sock liner is featured to ensure the appropriate lockdown of your feet into the shoes to deliver you good levels of stability.

These shoes are using charged cushioning which delivers you high levels of cushioning and delivers you more effective bounces, absorbs shocks and makes these shoes ultra-responsive.

While playing outdoors, you can encounter rocks or other unbalanced objects, therefore, a strong grip is highly essential for your game. It has used rubber sole and multi-directional herringbone pattern outsole which not only gifts you with the perfect grip on the court but also provides you with complete control over all your sharp cuts and moves.


All the basketball shoes discussed above are very outstanding and it is very tough to rank them. There exist some differences in them which provide us the basis to rank them in three positions.

The best indoor basketball shoe is Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive which is very outstanding for indoor courts having high levels of traction due to power coral traction, remarkable cushioning due to boost cushioning system and extreme breathability and light weightiness due to primeknit Xeno upper.

In our ranks of best outdoor basketball shoes, Nike Air Versitile NUBUK comes on the first number. It is very breathable and comfortable due to the upper composition of Nubuk and mesh material. It also prevents ankle pronation due to Achilles protection. It provides you a strong grip, support, and stability on outdoor courts.

You would never regret trying these shoes because of the incredible features they offer to their customers. So, go to the market and buy them for brilliant results.


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