Best Basketball Shoes for Girls

The 21st century is characterized by the equality of males and females in all disciplines of life. Females are very motivated and work with full passion to make themselves recognized in the entire world.

This race is not just restricted to technology and studies but it is also being observed in games like cricket, badminton, marathon, swimming, basketball, cycling, etc.

You can not underestimate the potential of females in any race of life. They are working hard to make their place in every discipline of life.

If we get into the discussion of basketball, then there are many women with eminent places in the field of basketball like Maya Moore, Candace Parker, Lisa Leslie, Becky Hammond, and many others.

If girls are playing basketball, they must need basketball shoes specifically designed for them. Well, many brands are working to manufacture basketball shoes for girls.

Still, you cannot select your shoes blindly simply by liking the outlook of the shoes. During the game, you make high jumps, fast running, instant cuts, and tricky moves and such acts demand much more from basketball shoes then its appearance and colors.

You must opt for the basketball shoes that provide you outstanding traction, incredible cushioning, appreciable breathability, meritorious support, stability, and protection.

You can fall a victim to different injuries if you do not choose your shoes wisely. Therefore, must consider all essential parameters while selecting any pair of basketball shoes for yourself.

We have made a search on different basketball shoes for girls and have shortlisted seven best basketball shoes for you.

Best Basketball Shoes for Girls

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1-Adidas Women Pro Model Zero:

Adidas Women Pro Model Zero is an outstanding article from the Adidas brand for basketball shoes. It stands first in our top picks for best basketball shoes for girls.

These shoes are constructed using leather material, which is of significant importance because it enhances the durability of the shoes.

Moreover, the leather material is featured with small holes which function to allow passage of air inside these shoes and this setup not only keeps the temperature inside within comfortable ranges but also keeps your feet protected from sweat and hotness and this ultimately brings increased comfort to you.

The rubber toe box of these shoes contributes largely to the protection of feet by covering your toe region. There may arise some situation when someone accidentally stands on your feet, this rubber toe box will provide you adequate protection even in that case also.

These shoes are very well reputed in the market for supporting arches of the feet. This function is carried out by the torsion system which not only works to boost comfort and cushioning of the shoes but also allows your feet to move independently without any hindrance in the motion during the game.

The shoes are constructed with rubber outsole which has a multi-directional traction pattern. This type of combination makes the shoes to have a stronghold and grip on the surface.

Moreover, such a traction setup also provides you stability and control when you jump, make tricky moves and cuts and prevents you from losing balance during the game.

The interior bed of the shoes is manufactured from PU. This type of construction is very supportive to your feet and it bears the capability to absorb excessive shocks and pressure and as a result, protects your feet various injuries. However, these shoes need some time to break in.

These shoes have a presentable design and come in different colors to meet the taste of different users.

2-Nike Women’s Hyperdunk 2017

Nike brand is one of the most eminent brands of basketball shoes and its women Hyperdunk 2017 article has captured great market attention. These shoes stand on the second position in our top picks of best basketball shoes for girls.

Women Hyperdunk 2017 is composed of a combination of synthetic mesh and nylon. This consolidation adds to the durability of these shoes and results in the lightweight of these shoes. This lightweight aids the users to jump and land more easily and more comfortably.

Synthetic mesh utilized in these shoes forms the base layer and this base layer is then backed with nylon layer. The mesh material introduces the concept of breathability in these shoes by regulating inside temperature within a comfortable range and prevents your feet from stinking from sweat.

A good breathable keeps your feet relaxed and comfortable, as a result, you can play your game and tricks more comfortably and confidently.

The heel region and forefoot region of women Hyperdunk 201 have good cushioning features. The cushioning technology used is very comfortable, outstanding and responsive.

Getting more into the details of cushioning, you get appreciable energy for your jumps from cushioning technology used in this pair of shoes and also it protects your feet from injuries by dispersing the unwanted and excessive shocks uniformly towards the rest of feet, and as a result, the dreadful effect of the shock gets diminished.

This shoe protects your feet from all dimensions and this quality is attributed to the use of Flywire technology featured in these shoes, due to which the feet of the users remain well gripped at a specific position inside the shoes.

The traction of these shoes is very meritorious. The rubber outsole of these shoes delivers a good quality grip on the court surface for all your moves.

This shoe has a high cut and designed to protect your feet from various injuries of ankles. It is available in a number of color ranges to meet the color demands of different users.

3-Nike Women Air Visi Pro V:

Nike Women Air Visi Pro V is an excellent article from the Nike brand that never disappoints you while you are in the game and helps you to take your game at the next level and comes on the third position in our top picks.

These shoes depict appreciable cushioning. This factor is attributed to the use of phylon foam in these shoes, which not only delivers you good cushioning but also makes these shoes light in weight. Along with these functions, it also nullifies the harmful nature of encountered shocks during the game.

The heel region of these shoes is constructed by the incorporation of Nike air technology. Now the question is what does this technology do? Well, as a consequence of this technology, the heel part gets capable of absorbing a variety of pressures and also gives you good grades of jumps and bounces for your game which is very critical for having a good grip on your game.

These shoes have appeared in the market with impressive lockdown property. This pair of shoes have cross directional laces that have the ability to tightly hold your feet and ensure proper lockdown of your feet so that your feet may not rub against the inner sole of your shoes and a hindered free motion is assured during the game.

You can also play in hot and humid conditions with these shoes. This is because the upper region of these shoes uses mesh lining which has gifted you with breathable upper.

Being breathable, these shoes assure appreciable air circulation inside your shoes which largely eradicates the chances of sweating of your feet. So, you can play your game with dry feet which also boosts your comfort level while you are playing your game on the court.

Nike Air Visi Pro V has a very attractive design and shape. It is available in the market in many colors, you can choose the one matching your demand.

4-Nike Girl’s Air Max Stutter Step:

When it comes to shoes of even more younger girls, this pair of shoes must be your shoes of interest. It is full of comfort, traction, and breathability and available in the market in four different colors and stands fourth in our top picks.

These shoes have used the air-sole unit in the heel region for the purpose of delivering you exceptional quality comfort and lightweightness.

These shoes have featured mesh upper and a conventional tongue, which is linked with articulated upper, and these ensure reasonable circulation of air into these shoes.

Due to the proper air regulation, the temperature inside the shoes never exceeds the threshold value and your feet remain cool and dry which in turn boosts your comfort level also.

The traction property of these shoes never disappoints you. You enjoy maximum traction form these shoes due to the use of rubber outsole and multi-directional herringbone traction pattern.

This deliverance of optimum traction largely diminishes the chances of your slippage and make you play any trick you need to have a stronghold in your game.

These shoes are not only designed for playing basketball but are also suitable for running and jogging purposes.

5-Beita Athletic Sneakers:

This pair of shoes is very outstanding due to the efficiency it depicts while you are in the game in form of incredible traction, breathability, and comfort and occupies the fifth rank in our top picks of best basketball shoes for girls.

These shoes are manufactured using rubber outsole that has incorporated X traction patterns, this type of formation is very quick and effective in delivering you reasonably good levels of grip and traction on your court.

You can enjoy and play freely any sort of tricky move without facing the fear of slippage and falling. You do not lose your balance because of such an amazing traction feature of these shoes.

The rubber outsole of these shoes is specifically constructed keeping in mind the importance of breathability feature in the game. This outsole has a decentralized venting hole design which bears significant importance.

These decentralized venting holes maintain the temperature within your shows in the optimum range and prevent the temperature rising inside the shoes by allowing apposite air circulation and thereby providing you an experience a good ride with your cool and dry feet.

This pair of shoes has EVA cushioning and high rebound in the midsole, both of which contribute to enhance the quality and distance of your jumps and also work to boost the comfort level of your shoes.

Along with good jumping, the cushioning technology also focuses on saving your feet from dreadful injuries so that you may not suffer while making moves during the game.

Moreover, the cushioning system also absorbs excessive shock and distributes them uniformly towards other areas of your feet in order to reduce the intensity of the shock and providing you with reasonable impact protection.

These shoes can be worn for long games due to horizontal flex grooves and rounded forefoot. along with that, they also provide you a natural feel during the game.

6-Under Armour Girl’s Grade School Jet

If you are longing for good basketball shoes with impressive style and colors, do go for these shoes. They are very outstanding in functions and available in the market in three colors. Under Armour Girls Grade School Jet stands in the sixth position in our top pick.

These shoes are constructed with a mesh upper which largely contributes to making these shoes amazingly breathable. This property of effective breathability keeps you prevented from the hot and sweaty experience of your feet and gives you a very soothing and pleasant feel during your ride.

The rubber sole featured in these shoes enhances traction, which keeps your balance while you are making your moves and prevents any unhappy experience of falling and slippage. These pair of shoes also depict excellent durability.

These shoes are very good in terms of the sizing they offer to the customers. The midtop shaft of these shoes provides you with the appropriate size for your feet.

7-Nike Mercurial Victory II IC

It is also one of the good basketball shoes that feature in it all the desirable properties that impress a user and wins his confidence. It occupies the seventh position in our top selected basketball shoes for girls.

The midsole of these shoes is constructed using a molded sockliner that provides a very comfortable design to the user which keeps your feet relaxed and exhaust-free during the entire game.

This shoe largely focuses on the parameters that dismiss the chances of pain and discomfort. The feature of a phylon heel wedge present in these shoes assures that the user will not suffer from any sort of pain while he is running and moving around the court during the game.

The upper part of these shoes is manufactured from a synthetic material that makes these shoes very light in weight and this property is very appealing to many users. moreover, the use of synthetic material makes these shoes very soft to touch.

This pair of shoes delivers very outstanding traction that plays an important role in taking your game to the next level.

This traction is attributed to the rubber outsole and vapor tractor pattern that delivers you a reasonable grip while you are making moves struggling to have a good hold on your game.


As a conclusory remark, we have selected seven best basketball shoes for girls based on our studies and customer reviews. Still, all of them are not equal because of some existing differences between them.

Adidas women pro model zero basketball shoes are our first choice in our list in the category of best basketball shoes for girls. The leather material along with holes in it constructs the upper part of these shoes and this improves the breathability of Adidas women pro model zero.

These shoes support your feet’ arches aby the help of the torsion system and this system also adds to cushioning of these shoes. the interior bed composition of PU makes this pair of shoes very supportive.

These shoes deliver you outstanding traction, stability, and support. These shoes are very appealing and available in different colors.

If you want outstanding performance in the game, do try our selected shoes present in our selected list. You would never repent using them because we always try and focus on delivering our users the right information.

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