Basketball Shoes for Speed

Best Basketball Shoes for Speed

The basketball game is a highly energetic and professional game that requires high stamina and great physical strength of the players and it involves high jumps, tricky cuts, instant stop, twists and turns, fast running, etc.

You need basketball shoes to perform brilliantly in the game as they have features like cushioning, breathability, traction, flexibility, lockdown, lightweight, and support that boost your performance.

Here, we will discuss basketball shoes that provide you a greater speed for running and most commonly such shoes have a commendable lockdown, good traction and are reasonably light weighted.

We have made a study on different basketball shoes for speed and with the help of different articles on them and by reading the reviews of customers on them we have shortlisted best seven among them. These shoes are discussed below.

1-Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

Whenever you intend to buy basketball shoes offering terrific speed, you must check put performance crazy Explosive. These shoes are extremely light weighted, comfortable and breathable by the Prime knit Xeno upper.

The lightweight, flexibility and high ankle support of this high-top basketball allow the players to run at greater speed and these shoes are also very supportive.

These shoes have shown good lockdown by the feature of molded heel piece and the lacing system in them commendably relieves the pressure on the users’ arches.

The full-length Boost midsole featured in them targets to deliver you ameliorated energy return, incredible comfort, and reasonable impact protection.

The rubber outsole has multi-directional power traction pattern for increased stability and grip on the court surface.

2-Adidas Dame 3

These shoes nail the second number in our selection. They are composed of fused mesh in the upper region that ensures lightweight, breathability, custom fit, and softness. The lightweight largely assists in fast running.

The lockdown is ascribed to the TechFit sock cleatie and the lacing system. The lockdown impressively increases the support and comfort of these shoes.

The full-length Bounce cushioning technology is responsible for enhanced comfort, brilliant bounces and ample protection from different kinds of impacts.

These shoes have come with a multi-directional blade traction pattern on the rubber outsole that works effectively in equipping you with a commendable grip on the surface and prevents you from losing your balance while making quick movements.

3-Nike LeBron 16

These shoes come on the third number in our top picks and provide you a well-balanced ride with good speed. These shoes exhibit battleknit 2.0 upper that makes them very light weighted, flexible, strong and ultra-supportive.

The Flywire cables deliver locked-in support and these cables together with Achilles pillows, external heel counter and padded collar notably ameliorate the support factor of these shoes.

The utilization of full-length Max Zoom technology shows commendable impact protection together with outstanding responsive cushioning.

The modified herringbone traction pattern on the rubber outsole takes the traction of these shoes to the new levels and keeps you stable through the game by providing a beastly grip on the court surface.

4-Nike Kyrie 4

The article standing fifth in our list of best basketball shoes for speed is Nike Kyrie 4. It is comprised of mesh and synthetic leather that are also integrated with Flywire cables. This upper composition makes these shoes breathable, light, comfortable, durable and supportive.

These shoes show good flexibility and also deliver you maximum speed. These shoes deliver one to one fit to the users and also exhibit good lockdown that further increases the support and comfort of these shoes.

The Cushlon and heel zoom air unit exhibit more responsive cushioning and also largely guard your feet from impacts.

The incredible traction of Kyrie 4 is the outcome of a multi-directional herringbone traction pattern on the rubber outsole.

5-Kobe AD NXT 360

These shoes come on the fifth position in our top picks. The use of 360 Flyknit gives a plastic-like knit in the upper region when it is infused with plastic and this kind of infusion makes these shoes exceptionally durable.

This 360-degree Flyknit increases breathability, support, flexibility and also enhances the agility and speed of the users. It also makes Kobe AD NXT light weighted. These shoes also show outclass support and outstanding lockdown.

The coupling of two cushioning foams, i.e. Lunarlon and REACT,  is featured along with Drop-in midsole. Lunarlon ameliorates impact protection and support whereas REACT foam offers tremendous responsiveness and great court feel to the users.

These shoes deliver admirable traction and this property is attributed to the use of translucent nubby traction pattern on the rubber outsole. As a consequence, you do not lose balance or fall on the surface during the game.

6-Jordan Why Not Zero.2

Jordan Why not zero 2 is the signature model of Russell Westbrook and provides you good speed during the game. It holds the sixth position in our top picks.

You enjoy durability, lightweight,  comfort, and breathability out of these shoes due to the upper composition of knit and mesh.

These shoes show true to size fitting, show no break-in time, deliver exceptional lockdown and are ultra-supportive.

The great bounces and enhanced impact protection are the outcomes of the zoom air units in the forefoot area of the shoes. The remarkable grip of these shoes is due to the rubber outsole and circular traction pattern.

7-Nike Men’s Air Jordan XXXI

It is a very versatile pair of shoes and supports running at a good speed. It comes on the seventh number in our top picks for best basketball shoes for speed.

These shoes are comprised of Flyweave and synthetic leather heel. This composition is responsible for making them breathable, flexible and comfortable.

They offer great fir to the users. The Fly wires used in these shoes ensure splendid lockdown and this lockdown assures outstanding support to the users.

The full-length zoom cushioning technology fulfills the amazing cushioning demands of the users and also provides pretty much impact protection.

The crisscross traction pattern on the rubber outsole lets you play with optimum stability and an appreciable grip on the surface during the game.


All the seven basketball shoes discussed in the category of speed are amazing, yet Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive manages to stand on the first number due to its notable features.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is light weighted, breathable and comfortable pair of shoes due to prime knit xenon upper. It shows excellent lockdown and also relieves the pressure on arches.

The full-length Boost midsole is responsible for outstanding and multi-directional power traction pattern on rubber outsole provides reasonable traction.

If you want great speed from your basketball shoes, try these shoes. You would love to use them again in the future.

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