Best Basketball Shoes for Point, Shooting and Quick Guards

The basketball game is a high energy game that demands high performance from the players. The game is full of fast ruining, tricky cuts and moves, sharp twists and turns.

Each team of the basketball game is comprised of five players and the role of each player is crucial to the victory of the game.

The three basic positions involved in this game are forwards, center and guards. Now if we take a brief view of the role of guards, we come to know that guards play an offensive and defensive game for this team and also have other roles as well.

The guards are of three types in accordance with their roles. The three types are point guards, shooting guards and quick guards.

Point guards are the real playmakers of the game and are good handlers of the ball. They are the best passer and assist in stealing the ball from opponents. Since these guards stay on the court for a long duration, they would rely on shoes having less firmer cushioning, splendid traction and outstanding support.

A shooting guard is very talented in handling the basketball and is very good at making precise stops. A shooting guard is trained to explode forward quickly and drive to the basket during the game whenever it becomes necessary.

He jumps more than other players, so he requires a little more cushioning along with good support and traction from the basketball shoes.

A quick guard is very quick in making any required move and is trained to beat the opposition to the ball. Mid-top and low-top basketball shoes suit them and they need responsive cushioning, good lockdown and support, and traction from their basketball shoes.

In this article, we have selected the top two basketball shoes for each category of guards and this selection is based on our study on varieties of shoes.


1-Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Low

This product from Adidas brand is ultra-light and conquers the first position in our top picks for best basketball shoes for point guards.

The upper portion of these shoes is constructed using the consolidation of synthetic jacquard and textile comprised of tightly knitted mesh.

The mesh material adds to the breathability of these shoes by allowing proper regulation of air into the shoes and as a consequence, you experience a comfortable ride with dry feet.

These shoes assure proper yet comfortable lockdown of your feet due to the heel collar used in them. The heel collar is featured with a mold that strongly wraps your feet, thereby depicting a good lockdown set up for you and enhanced support and comfort for you.

The light weight of these shoes makes them even more appealing to users. This property makes you move, jump and land more easily and safely without straining your feet.

The crazylight boost is featured with full-length boost cushioning technology and has more boost pellets compared to other basketball shoes. This cushioning technology enhances your jumping by providing you apposite boosts and also serves to save your feet from impacts.

These shoes are loaded with a specialty that they need no time to break in and deliver their function impressively from the time they are worn.

If you need basketball shoes with impressive traction, don’t miss this pair of shoes. Adidas crazylight has used a rubber outsole which is very good in giving good traction to the user.

Along with the rubber sole, the traction patterns incorporated on it are also of significant value. It uses multi-directional traction patterns that provide the utmost grip to the players and retains the balance of the player during jumping and other moves in order to avoid bad experiences of slippage on the court surface.

2-Nike Kyrie 3:

Nike Kyrie 3 conquers the second rank in our top picks for best basketball shoes for point guards.  It is designed to provide you good breathability,  meritorious cushioning, unparalleled traction, reasonable support, stability, and protection.

The shape of Nike Kyrie 3 resembles more to the Kyrie 2 than to Kyrie 1. The mesh material forms the main bulk of the upper portion of these shoes, however, the high wear areas of these shoes are covered with the fuse. The mesh upper contributes to the breathability of these shoes.

You would get a true to size fit if you chose this pair of shoes. These shoes run a little bit narrow at the midfoot area and forward, so if you are wide feet user you must check the size before purchasing them because the size that would suit you maybe half a size up your original size.

These shoes use Nike Flywire for such a splendid lockdown. The lockdown of these shoes equips you with good levels of support. For more support, these shoes have featured internal shank and internal heel counter.

Kyrie 3 delivers amazing cushioning and it is provided by zoom air cushioning technology. As a result of cushioning, you receive good bounces for jumping and also your feet do not fall prey to injuries on encountering any type of impact.

The traction is a powerful aspect of these shoes. The rubber outsole together with a multi-directional herringbone traction pattern acts as an impressive and aggressive traction setup that keeps you in balance throughout and provides you a good grip on the surface of the court throughout the game.


1-Adidas Harden Vol. 2

Adidas harden volume 2 has been created by the collaboration of well-known basketball player James harden with Adidas brand. This comes on the first rank in our top picks for best basketball shoes for shooting guards.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 is manufactured using full-length boost cushioning technology. This kind of cushioning system is very impressive because it boosts the energy you are investing in your shoes and delivers you excellent bounces in all right places during the game and this largely improves your jumping distance.

If we see a little more about cushioning, we realize that it is also acting to serve as a protective unit by nullifying the dreadful effect of impacts and guards your feet from various kinds of injuries.

The right amount of cushioning and good deliverance of impact protection ultimately contribute to ameliorate the comfort level of the users.

These shoes have introduced into the market with multi-material upper construction. The mesh material forms the base layer of these shoes and it is also seen to be responsible for the breathability of these shoes.

A breathable upper diminishes the probability of any inconvenient experience of sweaty and hot feet and manages the inside temperature in comfortable ranges to keep your feet cool and dry.

The use of inner bootie in shoes and nylon or TPU like materials in front of the forefoot region of these shoes function to deliver you snug fitting and durability respectively.

Harden Vol. 2 features a rubber outsole and the traction pattern it is incorporating on it largely resembles a shattered glass.

This kind of setup for traction equips you with the strongest grip on the surface you are playing and does not let you lose your balance during tricky moves, running and landing. So, you play a more confident game with a reasonable traction factor of these shoes.

2-Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour Curry 3 nails second position in our top two picks for best basketball shoes for shooting guards and is manufactured with all the important factors for a good basketball shoe.

The upper portion of these shoes shows a combination of threadbone and Anafoam. The Anafoam is added to deliver support that the threadbone is lacking. it is also designed to provide stability and comfort to the players.

The high wear areas of these shoes have utilized fuse layers on them, which enhances the life of these shoes and make them more durable.

Under Armour Curry 3 fits true to the size of the player but can also be larger than your true size, so try them in the store before purchasing them.

These shoes are well known for their snug fitting and lockdown, which are very essential to add to the stability and support factors of these shoes.

The solid lockdown factor of UA curry 3 is attributed to the slight asymmetrical lacing system used in them which tightly holds the midfoot.

These shoes aim at impressive cushioning set up by the use of ortholite insole and charged cushion. As a result of these, you get soft and bouncy cushioning along with protection from injuries on impact.

You require good traction to have your game in your fist because it ensures that you would not lose balance while making any sort of move like making cuts, jumping, running, etc. As a result, it boosts your performance as well as confidence in your game.

The traction of these shoes is due to the stronger rubber outsole and use of herringbone traction pattern, which make them highly suitable for all types of court surface.


1-Nike Lebron Soldier XII

Nike Lebron Soldier XII stands first in our top list and is observed to deliver you all desirable features that are needed to ameliorate the level of your game.

These shoes fit securely and snugly to your feet, as a result, you experience a soothing ride throughout your game. These shoes may not be true to size for wide feet players, therefore, they are suggested to try half a size larger shoe and must try the one they are finalizing before purchasing them.

These shoes depict beastly lockdown due to the system of straps present on it. moreover, the inner bootie of the shoes also contributes to apposite lockdown which assures no slippage and no hindrance in motion.

These shoes also contribute to delivering outstanding support to the users. The midsole of the shoes is designed to wrap your feet and its midfoot section is featured to act as an additional torsional plate.

The midsole of these shoes has also incorporated the TPU plate which along with the additional torsional plate has been observed to deliver a safe and very effective support setup for this pair of shoes.

These shoes give you an appreciable cushioning system because of zoom air cushioning technology and the zoom air units are located in the phylon midsole.

Such a cushioning system not only provides you with good cushioning during your jumps but also has the capability to rescue your feet from impact while you are taking turns, jumping, running or any kind of move.

The cushioning system of these shoes also retains the momentum of your game by effectively contributing to the comfort of these shoes.

Another positive point of these shoes is that they are very easy to put in and take off and this quality is because of the laceless design of these shoes. These shoes depict lightweight and good flexibility.

The traction of Nike Lebron Soldier XII delivers an impressive output to the users. It has a rubber outsole with a simple series of lines that work to maintain a meritorious traction setup.

As a result, you obtain maximum grip on the court surface and can easily and safely play any of your desired tricks and move more securely, comfortably and confidently without the danger of falling or slipping.

2-Under Armour Hover Havoc Low

These shoes stand second in our top picks for best basketball shoes for quick guards and have a really sporty look.

Under Armour Hover Havoc Low is constructed using mesh and the high wear areas of these shoes are covered with fuse, this step works to enhance the durability.

The use of mesh lets the air to allow optimum passage of air into your shoes, which does not allow the inside temperature to exceed the threshold value. Being breathable, these shoes permit you to play your game comfortably and confidently in hot areas.

Under Armour Hover Havoc Low is very excellent at fitting and fits true to the player’s size, however, players with wide feet should try their desired size once before buying them.

Along with that, the use of the heel counter in these shoes is constructed with the feature to hold your heel in place. All these perform the function to deliver you a good fit and also provide you a comfortable experience.

A proper lockdown of your feet is essential for a good output. These shoes rely on the regular lacing system used in them which keeps your feet confined in a definite area of the shoes in an attempt to avoid any sort of hindrance in your motion while you are struggling hard to take your game at the desired level.

Some basic support is supplied by the lockdown system of the shoes and the support is more heightened by the midsole that is designed to provide you lateral support. For more support, external heel counter and TPU shank are also incorporated in these shoes.

If we see the cushioning aspect of Under Armour Hover Havoc Low, we observe hover cushioning extending from the heel to midfoot and this cushioning requires some time to break in.

This cushioning is responsive as well as bouncy which improves your jumping, delivers you good court feel and plenty of protection from dangerous impacts.

Under Armour Hover Havoc Low uses rubber for construction of the outsole with multi-directional herringbone traction pattern present on them and this combination is what the traction of these shoes is depending upon.

Such type of arrangement provides you a remarkable grip in your game and prevents you from losing your balance and falling on the court during your moves in the game. As a result, you can enjoy a reasonably safe. supportive. stable, well-cushioned game from these shoes.


In this article, we have discussed best basketball shoes for point guards, shooting guards and quick guards. All the discussed shoes are of very good features but due to some differences in them, they excel the other in the list.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight boost low basketball shoes appear first on our top selected list for best basketball shoes for point guards. These are ultra-Light and composed of synthetic Jacquard and textile of tightly knitted mesh.

They are breathable, depict good lockdown, cushioning and support. They also show good traction on the surface of the court.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 comes on the first number in the list of top selected basketball shoes for shooting guards. They are composed of full-length boost cushioning technology which provides responsiveness. They are breathable, composed of the rubber outsole and exhibit good traction pattern

Nike Lebron Soldier XII comes on the first position in the list of best basketball shoes for quick guards. They are true to size, have beastly lockdown and show impressive support.

The zoom air cushioning technology delivers impressive cushioning and are very easy to put in and take off due to their laceless design. These shoes have a meritorious traction setup that equips you with an outstanding grip on the court surface.

We always work hard to deliver the best information we can to our customers and selecting any shoes from our top picks will definitely satisfy you.

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