Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

Best Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

Basketball shoes are of extreme importance in your game, you can not have a stronghold on your game unless you play with stupendous basketball shoes that boost your performance.

The height of basketball players also varies, some are tall, some have medium height and some are short. The taller players can experience more stress on their knees, joints, and ankles if they do not play with appropriate basketball shoes.

The basketball shoes designed for them have exceptional impact protection, terrific cushioning, outstanding traction and deliver commendable support.

In this article, we have made a list of seven basketball shoes best for big guys by reading different materials written on them and with the help of reviews of different customers on different basketball shoes. These shoes are mentioned below with their features.

1-­Air Jordan 34

Air Jordan 34 nails the first position in our top picks for the best basketball shoes for big guys. It is composed of minimalistic upper that makes Air Jordan 34 highly light weighted, breathable, flexible, supportive and also adds quickness in the shoes.

Air Jordan 34 has used zoom air cushioning technology that provides outstanding responsive cushioning, court feel, stability and also tons of safety from impacts. The stability and support of Air Jordan 34 largely come from the wide and stable base and the midfoot’s Eclipse plate.

The herringbone traction pattern is featured on the rubber outsole that provides you an incredible grip on every point of your game and is effective in all conditions.

2-Nike KD 9

The shoe occupying the second number in our ranks is Nike KD 9 and is very versatile in action. It is comprised of Flyknit upper that makes it very durable, breathable and comfortable.

These shoes show commendable support due to the great lockdown system used in them. These shoes fit like a glove and exhibit comfortable fitting.

The use of zoom technology and phylon midsole delivers flexibility, cushioning, impact protection and court feel. These shoes have used inner padding to provide good levels of comfort to the ankle of the players.

KD 9 is introduced with a honeycomb traction pattern on the rubber outsole that supports the multi-dimensional movements of the users by providing them great grip throughout the match or game.

3-Nike LeBron 17

The basketball shoes coming on the third number in our selected list is Nike LeBron 17. It features Knitposite upper composition that makes these shoes comfortable and soft, containment and support.

These shoes fit true to your size and show a fantastic lockdown. The tons of impact protection and impressive responsive cushioning are attributed to the forefoot zoom air unit, phylon midsole, and rear air max unit.

The traction of these shoes is satisfactory and provides you grip on the surface during your play on the court.

4-Under Armour Hover Havoc 2

This pair of shoes comes on the fourth number in our top ranks for best basketball shoes for big guys. Under Armour Hover Havoc 2 features full-length micro molded mesh upper composition and it is of significant importance. It is responsible for making the upper soft, supportive and light weighted and also delivers almost one to one fit to the users.

UA Hover Havoc 2 fits true to your size and provides snug fitting. It is also very supportive because of the outstanding lockdown that is ascribed to the lacing system of the shoes. You enjoy a good mix of impact protection and responsiveness by the use of Hover cushioning technology in these shoes.

The traction of these shoes is attributed to the featuring of herringbone traction pattern on the hard rubber outsole. The traction of these shoes needs some time to break-in, once break-in these shoes provide you apposite grip for making your moves successful.

5-Adidas D. Rose 7

The shoes occupying the fifth position in our list are Adidas D. Rose 7. When it comes to upper composition, Adidas D. Rose 7 shows engineered mesh with fused overlays that makes it impressively breathable and it also features nylon beneath the mesh for adding durability to the shoes.

These shoes are observed to provide true to size fitting mostly. The lace-up system used gives a great yet comfortable lockdown system and the lockdown boosts the support factor of these shoes.

Moreover, stability and support are also enhanced by the torsional plate used in them. The full-length Boost cushioning technology utilized in Adidas D. Rose 7 delivers more court feel, impressive bounciness, excellent responsiveness, and remarkable impact protection.

The rubber outsole’s herringbone traction pattern of these shoes allows multi-directional coverage and provides you more stability and grip during every sort of move.

6-Adidas Dame 3

The shoes occupying the sixth number in our selection are Adidas Dame 3. If we see its upper composition, it is composed of fused mesh that makes it soft, light weight, breathable and also provides a custom fit to the users.

The lacing system and TechFit sock cleated used in Dame 3 introduce outstanding lockdown in the shoes and as a result, your feet experience more comfort and support out of these shoes.

The use of full-length Bounce cushioning technology creates a brilliant cushioning system that gives you more responsiveness, enhanced bounces, and reasonably good impact protection.

Dame 3 has come with a multi-directional blade traction pattern on the shoes’ rubber outsole. This forms a good traction setup that does not let you lose your grip and balance at any point while you are making moves.

7-Adidas Harden Vol. 1

Adidas Harden Vol.1 nails the seventh position in our top picks for best basketball shoes for big men. These shoes show a unique style and have a very attractive appearance.

The knitted mesh backed by nylon makes the upper region of the shoes that gives support, flexibility, and breathability to the users. They also show good ankle support.

These shoes show a good lockdown that is ascribed to the asymmetrical lacing and wraparound tongue featured in them. This lockdown along with the torsional plate and internal heel counter ads much support to the shoes.

Adidas Harden Vol. 1 is introduced with full-length Boost cushioning technology that offers you more responsive cushioning together with high comfort, great court feel and incredible impact protection. You also experience good traction out of these shoes.


This article is based on the best basketball shoes for big men and we have discussed seven basketball shoes in this context. Based on some differences,  Air Jordan 34 leads the list.

Air Jordan 34 shows minimalistic upper that adds breathability, flexibility and support in shoes also make it light-weighted. These shoes enhance stability and also make the shoes supportive.

Zoom Air cushioning technology is responsible for remarkable cushioning and herringbone traction pattern on rubber outsole is responsible for impressive traction.

If you need the best basketball shoes for big men, try our shortlisted shoes. You would find them as game boosting shoes and would like to play with them in the future.

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